Revitalising Hoogland Health Hydro

The Hoogland Health Hydro was established in 1977Ā andĀ is located just outsideĀ Pretoria on a private 400h game reserve.

Hoogland Health HydroThe Spa boastsĀ hundreds of wild animals such as 17 species of bird life, impala, caracal, zebra and wildebeest.

As a guest you have access to all the hydro therapies, which include a water jet pool, swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms and baths.

There are also an array of tantalising treatments for the mind and body. Heath lectures on diet programmes, exercise and health are also available if you areĀ looking for a weight management retreat.

You’ll be guided by the likes of Dr Heinz Meier who consults at the hydro three times a week,Ā Dr Andre Kruger and one of the Directors of Hoogland.

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