Abundance of Water practical – Alosha Lynov

Alosha Lynov has travelled extensively around the world and has been exposed to some great ways of using water filtration, wetlands and natural systems, which don’t use any chemicals. Plants, biology and zoology are the water treatment mechanisms. Here is a breakdown of his ‘Water Treatment Workshop’

Here it is in a nutshell:

1. We will make a mini wetland for under R1000, that will treat all you bath and shower water

2. creating a swale for unlimited hydration of your garden

3. I will show you how I converted my pool into drinking water with a wetland paradise

4. We will create a grease trap to channel kitchen water into the garden

5. We will divert washing machine water to a garden

As an extra feature, for this workshop I am including
the international accredited system of
Bio-Char Slow Sand Filtration
*now for the first time available in South Africa

We will burn the wattle in a non polluting DIY
gassier oven and then make the actual filter from start to finish.
This workshop cost me R35000 and will be adding
it to the workshop as part of the deal.

Source: youtube.com