My Secret Ghost Story

I thought it would be illuminating to share my own ghost stories with you, if you had shared my experiences I believe you too would be fascinated by our true spiritual nature and energetic form. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, your relationships and interactions with others are what count. When you do leave this life your impact on the life of others and their impact on you will be all that you are. Unconditional love of others and an acceptance of that fact is what will lift you to the light and propel you forward on your journey to the next step. My understanding of our true healing potential and energetic form started very early, I did for a short while put my early spiritual experience in a box marked ‘childish things’ and moved forward looking for more experience of such phenomena, I was never disappointed.

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Author: Stephen Rose

Stephen has been developing his system of energy psychology for over 25 years.

From childhood experiences with spirit and healing it became his life’s passion to develop a clear understanding of how our busy modern lives are connected to a supportive spirit world with our energy fields holding the key to all our relationships, experiences and life’s path.