Reiki Level 3 – Usui Shiki Ryoho Method


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Reiki Level 3 module introduces you to the master symbols and teaches you how to attune others to practice.

Once you reach Reiki Level 3 your journey has only just begun. You will go down roads and make decisions that you never thought possible. Your life will be changed forever.

During the Master attunement, the Symbols are placed into the hands whilst in prayer position. They are also placed in the palms. Once complete, you will be able to activate the Master Symbol.

There is only one attunement at Master Level. After receiving the attunement you are able to give Reiki I, II and Master Level Attunements.

No-one ever masters the system of Reiki, and entering the Master level is just the beginning of your own personal relationship with this beautiful healing art. The more you incorporate the practice into your daily life the easier you will progress and open up to your true potential.

You will pass on the goodness that is LOVE to as many people as you can.

What you will learn about during the Reiki 3 course:

  • Introduction
  • Receive a Reiki Master Attunement
  • Health history and referrals
  • Professional Appearance
  • Master Symbol
  • Communication and Confidentiality
  • Intention and Trust
  • Respects of Clients
  • Professional Integrity
  • Awareness
  • Professional Excellence
  • Equality
  • Students Rights
  • The Reiki Master Symbols
  • The Karmic Treatment
  • Usui Reiki Attunements
  • Hui Yin Point
  • Distant Attunements
  • What to teach in Reiki classes
  • Energy exchange
  • Consultation/Treatment Record forms

Certificate issued on completion

For a Reiki overview click here.

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