Louise Hay passes peacefully

Louise Hay passes peacefully today at the age of 90 - considered to have been one of the pioneers of the modern self-care revolution

News broke out on her Facebook page, Louise Hay passes away peacefully. She died due to natural causes and was lovingly surrounded by her loved ones.

Louise Hay is renowned for her best-seller book You Can Heal Your Life,” which sold over 50 million copies.

Affirmations and intuitive self-healing were he forte. Having used these methods herself as healing tools, while battling cervical cancer.

Her own inner healing inspired her to share her experiences. Paving the way forward for many who have gone on to heal themselves and others.

Louise Hay passes

I first came across her books in the late 80’s while doing an Aromatherapy course. Little did I know that her teachings would assist me on my own personal healing journey.

Ultimately I owe my journey to this amazing woman! In turn she inspired me to share and use her tools to assist others. Dealing with the ultimate basis of all healing – your emotions and mental state of being.

Even in her death she inspires… A woman of virtue who stood the test of time. We will miss her beautiful presence on this planet, but we will not forget. 🙂

Louise Hay, your legacy lives on… <3

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