Untold history of United States - If we do not know our history, we are doomed to repeat it. Nowhere is this more evident than in Film director and historian Oliver Stone’s 10 part documentary series “The Untold History of the United Sates”. It was that great American and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Martin Luther King Jr who said “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – my own government.” This was during the Vietnam war in the sixties, but nothing has changed. He also said that when there is more spent on war than social upliftment programmes, it is approaching “spiritual death”. And history shows that in America stability for their investments overrides human rights. In other words the luxurious quality of life enjoyed by Americans is derived on the backs of the oppressed globally, but perhaps we are unwilling to see that, to face up to the fact that our life is built on criminality, inhumanity. Let’s look at the history. JFK actually wanted to end the Vietnam war, but was assassinated, many conclude by his own CIA. That tells you a lot. Two days later LBJ stepped up the attack on Vietnam because “Americans hate to lose”. Winning an illegal immoral war was more important for those men with more brawn than brains, more important than humanity, than wisdom. Might makes right seems to be the way of America then and now. It was not about the threat of communism but rather 1st world versus 3rd world. Besides Vietnam, in the sixties all Latin American countries were also targets. Brazil was the first. In 1964 Brazil’s president recognised Cuba, was basically socialist. USA overthrew their government and installed an oppressor as their puppet leader. More South American countries fell soon after. Dominican Republic was next. (Read “Confessions of an economic hit man” by John Perkins to find out the history of CIA destruction of South America.) And not only South America. Greece supported a right wing government for years but Greeks wanted them out. Their military took over in ‘67, bringing even more torture and cruelty. The newly installed prime minister, a former captain in a Nazi battalion in WW2, became the first CIA agent to become premier of a European country. Let’s look at America’s history in Asia: Indonesia had the 3rd largest communist party in the world. Their leader threatened to nationalise US oil companies so in October 1965 CIA supported and backed a military takeover, killed 1 million innocents suspected of being communist, all the time backed by Australian and British intelligence services. USA installed another puppet leader that enriched himself and America for decades until overthrown by the people in 1998. USA personally admitted in 1968 that the Indonesian massacre was one of the worst mass murders of the twentieth century. Then came Vietnam. American leaders thought that if they wreaked enough havoc, killed enough people, Vietnam would submit. That was their first mistake. Two months after JFK’s death in 1964 a covert war in Vietnam began. President LBJ, who followed JFK was a pathological liar, much like the Bush administration in their search for WMDs. It would take years for the American people to discover the false origins of the Vietnam war, namely the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident. It took the government 40 minutes to decide to launch the Vietnam war. Around then LBJ was re-elected on a campaign for peace, but then he began an escalation where anything that moved was a legitimate target. That began the use of cluster bombs, napalm and white phosphorous that burned the skin to the bone and caused horrific deaths. These are currently banned chemical weapons which were used en masse by America in Vietnam. You remember the phrase from the movie Apocalypse Now: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”. USA basically dropped 3 times as many bombs on tiny Vietnam as it did in the entire WW2. Between 5 and 7 million peasants were forcibly resettled in barbed wire camps. Murder of civilians became commonplace. In October 1967 student protests began against the Vietnam war. They were blamed on communists but failed to ever prove that. Even Dr Martin Luther King Jr was targeted as communist. In the Summer of 1967, about 75 major riots, some lasting 2 days broke out. CIA fake front groups were discovered, like the Ford Foundation. During the Oct ‘67 march to Pentagon, people chanted. “Hey hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today?” McNamara (then minister of defence who later went on to become head of the world bank) tried to advise LBJ that more bombing would not work but he was the typical American bully – his immature ego did not allow him to walk away from a fight without being an outright winner, he did not have the wisdom to negotiate peace, did not have the spiritual or moral depth to rise above a useless fight, was unable to hear his conscience as he sent more ad more innocent men to their deaths. A monster basically, a psychopath, and that is still America in a nutshell today. The psyche of America is a tyrannical bully who thinks might is right and they will gorge themselves on cheap products at the death, torture and abuse of poorer countries. Here is the evidence. Here is the proof. History speaks for itself, before being rewritten by the victors that is. USA is a nation bred to think themselves exceptional, better, and the winner at all costs, where the life of another human being is worth less than their own. That is the moral bankruptcy of America. Welcome to the world of the real. After dropping more than all of the bombs in all of Europe in WW2 America had achieved nothing in Vietnam. LBJ’s ego was wounded by 1968 and he did not seek second term. Ultimately by denying his compassion, he suffered from the true American disease – the fear of weakness. The FBI was trying to disrupt the antiwar movement. They pursued Martin Luther King Jr until his assassination in 1968. Academics spoke out, as well as the recently deceased Mohammed Ali, who stood against the military draft, saying “I ain’t going ten thousand miles to go murder and kill other poor people...you’re my enemy...you’re my opposer when I want freedom, justice, equality. You want me to go fight for you when you won’t fight for me right here in America.” Then Bobby Kennedy (brother of JFK) ran for president on a platform of “dealing with our own problems in our own country and peace in Vietnam” but he was also strangely gunned down, a blow to the heart of the reform movement. However peace activism then went global as students throughout Europe and Mexico protested, upset with their parents’ conformist choices. The summer of 1968 showed America what they had never seen before - their country as aggressor both at home via police brutality as well as abroad, and the gulf between left wing and right was seen as an internal civil war. Nixon then won on the fear of blacks, communists and rising unrest. He waged more war however, along with that war criminal Henry Kissinger. Systematic and ruthless bombing continued in Vietnam, and secretly into neighbouring Cambodia, hiding it from his own congress. In other words not only were most of the people kept in the dark about the degree of war being waged by their politicians, but even most of the politicians were unaware of the degree of murderous maniacal war being waged by their own leader. It seeped out in November 1969 as journalists revealed how soldiers had massacred an entire village of 500, babies, pregnant women and old people scalped without a single shot ever being fired at the American forces. The dehumanisation akin to the war crime in Japan in WW2 arose. Ultimately Vietnam was fighting for their own land and so were never going to lose against the foreign invading enemy from a distant land. John Quincy Adams, America’s 6th president warned in the 1820s already that a nation should not go “abroad in search of monsters to destroy”. And that is what distinguishes the wars of countries like Russia, Iran and others with those of America. Seldom if ever do the former have any interest in fighting any further than their own neighbours, when on the other hand America is constantly going to other ends of the planet to destroy civilizations, nations and generations of people in their quest for world domination, planetary exploitation and blatant inhumanity, which some would call outright evil. Americans, in the mould of US General Patton, cannot tolerate being a loser and play to win all the time, believing they will never lose a war. But they have already lost the moral war decades ago, they have already lost their moral compass, have lost the moral high ground, have lost their very humanity and right to claim leadership or domination over planet Earth and all her people. They have lost their soul and are breeding soulless, inhumane people, for by supporting the inhumanity of your nation you are either totally ignorant, or you are complicit in its evils which support your life of luxury. Ignorance is no excuse, therefore America and Americans and those who run to take shelter of America, will always be the moral degenerate, the spiritually bankrupt, the oppressor and the tyrant, the imperialist and the coloniser. Its just that now the colony is this entire planet. Kill your own people who protest for peace, deny them the very rights that your forefathers gave you. Abandon the UN human rights and rules of war. Wage war on any who oppose your desire to take their resources for your lust, like Palestine and many others. And by so doing fuel the fever of hatred towards you that simply increases the very system you try to crush, and simultaneously indirectly justifies those who become the Khmer Rouge despots, the Muslim terrorists, who become your own enemy, all trying to oppose your invasion. You breed your own enemies by your very strategy of “diplomacy by the stick”. And you have created and engineered some of the worst right wing despots in South America, East Asia and the world. American CIA-backed tyrants who have sold out to your materialistic allures at the expense of the millions oppressed, at the expense of their own countries. So whether you are a big sell-out or a little sell-out, as long as you take shelter of the American hand that feeds you, you are siding with the enemy, with the corrupt, and you have joined them in your moral bankruptcy, your spiritual decrepitude. Learn your history and look at yourself people, this is who we are. How do you feel about who we have become? Besides Vietnam, millions of Cambodians died because of Americas involvement there, along with their direct support of the dictator Pol Pott. Eventually mutinies amongst US troops in Vietnam became the biggest in 100 years of war on the planet because young soldiers were morally simply unable to perform the crimes demanded by their military generals in Vietnam. That is what helped to end the war – moral conscience of the masses, not the wise policy of the leaders. But Nixon continued, even bombing Laos, where civilian casualties soared, and still people re-elected Nixon who bombed still more. The world cried out in horror until finally peace was signed in Paris, with America agreeing before the world to pay $750 million to Vietnam. But they never paid. They reneged. Nor have they ever apologised. Eventually Nixon was forced to resign due to his Watergate scandal, but he avoided prison while 40 of his staff went to jail for him. Kissinger, who helped run the Vietnam war, was given a shared Nobel Peace prize (the other man turned it down showing his moral superiority) and was promoted to Secretary of State. What a farce. Much like the Nobel peace prize given to Obama recently, despite him being the president who has ordered more drone attacks than any other before him. Are the American people really that stupid? I don’t think so. I think that they have been raised on an illusion of “exceptionalism” and have been cheated, deluded and blinded to the truth by a controlled media as to the crimes of their leaders. For Nixon’s fear that communism would spread never appeared. That was the very reason why USA went to war in Vietnam in the first place. It was an illusion. Even McNamara the general behind Nixon, LBJ and the Vietnam war, was shocked when he went to Vietnam in 1995 and found out that not 2 million but almost 4 million Vietnamese had been killed by America in their war, (along with their 58 000 American dead), the country ruined, unexploded bombs littering the lands, 19 million gallons of herbicide poisoned swathes of countryside, so that the effects of chemical warfare are still felt today, just like Iraq. And all of it was glorified in movies like Rambo. History has been distorted in the psyche of Americans. PTSD has damaged an entire generation of forced combatants from Vietnam, as the truth is erased from the American psyche, taught not to feel guilty, that it was not shameful, that it was actually noble, disguised and sanitised lies that it is for freedom and democracy. What a farce. What an atrocity. What hubris; history must be remembered otherwise it will be repeated, as it has in Iraq. In Vietnam there are no forests left, agent orange is all about, with horrid birth defects occurring, and no apology, although in 1995 Clinton at least recognised Vietnam, but the details are being erased from consciousness, whitewashed with sanitised lies. Lamenting the 58 000 American dead but showing no value or concern for the 3.8 million Vietnamese dead is the epitome of hubris – pure arrogance. You think you are doing God’s service while actually violating all His laws. American history, it seems, boils down to America against the poor of the earth, with collateral damage, in the name of fighting communism. For America has 6.3% of the world population, but has 50% of the wealth, in a land where power dictates over human rights. Vietnam may have ended but America then turned on Chile, trying to oust Allende, the most popular leader of his people in a generation. When he made his case at the UN about American abuses, he was met with wild appreciation. Still the CIA went in on September 11 1973 and took him out. Pinochet took power as a puppet for America, bringing tyranny to his people. Argentina followed suit from 1976 to 1983 with thousands being killed by the American-installed right wing puppet leader, a story repeated numerous times right up to today in current Ukraine. Who benefits from this? The American citizens of course, and perhaps the family of a few tyrants and despots who sell out to America. And who suffers? Entire nations under the yolk of America’s puppet dictators in South America and East Asia, for generations. The military industrial complex makes millions of dollars in defence contracts boosting the American economy, and fattens the American citizen, citizens fattened on the blood and death of the rest of the world. Thus reveals our history. And if that is not enough of a blight on the earth, in 1971 Nixon repealed the gold standard and the Bretton Woods economic treaty to keep America flush, but as history reveals, it ultimately caused the gradual destruction of the entire global capitalist financial system. The 2007 global financial crash is a result, as well as the systematic ease with which elite bankers and traders can exploit and defraud the financial system from within, by for example rigging the LIBOR rates and rigging the gold price. Regulations were there for a reason – to prevent corruption, exploitation and melt down. By removing the regulations to save America’s belly, Nixon and America engineered the economic disaster and human poverty seen today by most while a few elite wallow like pigs. America is, it now turns out, the Paper Tiger that China once thought it was, as it lives on borrowed money and borrowed time, getting fat by drinking the blood of the world’s poor. But then they simply learned it from their forefathers, the UK and European colonisers, against the poor of the earth, the most vulnerable, under the excuse of “collateral damage”. In this way 6% of the worlds population enjoys 50% of the wealth. Such disparity will continue as long as might is right and morality is suppressed by barbaric greed.
In this God we trust?

Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone – Vietnam

In Vietnam there are no forests left, agent orange is all about, with horrid birth defects occurring, and no apology, although in 1995 Clinton at least recognised Vietnam, but the details are being erased from consciousness, whitewashed with sanitised lies. Lamenting the 58 000 American dead but showing no value or concern for the 3.8 million Vietnamese dead is the epitome of hubris – pure arrogance. You think you are doing God’s service while actually violating all His laws.

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