Woman Combines Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil

Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil

Coconut Oil and Cannabis OilWoman Combines Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil (You won’t believe what happened to her body).

What would you do if you were diagnosed with advanced terminal lung cancer that our modern society has no cure for? Some people that have been given a diagnosis similar to this have had the wherewithal to seek out and obtain cannabis oil, which has mounting evidence that it help with treating diseases. Yet this brings up yet another question. What if the country you live in doesn’t support medical marijuana? Australia is one of these countries.

Luckily the United States has had multiple states approving the use of medical marijuana, making it easier for their populous to receive the benefits of medical marijuana. Yet it took great persistence and tenacity of this inspirational woman, she was able to obtain and use cannabis to heal herself. After receiving her pretty much death sentence of just 6 months, Sharon’s daughter suggested that she look into the benefits of cannabis use.

This amazing woman, through extreme perseverance, she was able to cure her stage 4 lung cancer just within 3 months of using a special way of utilizing a new found technique for cannabis oil and was even able to post an outspoken youtube testimonial about her success.

Despite all use of cannabis is illegal in Australia, she and her family both appeared in her youtube testimonial and really stuck their necks out. Luckily their video has gone viral now, to show just how amazing the benefits of cannabis use. This woman and her family chose not to disclose any of their names in the video as to help protect those involved. I have chosen to respect their wishes in the video and honor them by not using their names as well.

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