Venus trines Neptune but is it love?

Astrology sacred loveWith Venus, the planet of love, trine transpersonal Neptune over the next few days, we can expect diverse expressions of love to fill the air. Love may be in the air, and beauty in the subjective eye of the beholder, but whether it is real or not will be wide open to interpretation.

The more mundane expressions of the current archetype under discussion are likely to present themselves to the unsuspecting majority as the all-too-easily misunderstood, yet equally bewildering allures of Maya, the illusory energy, or Shakti expansion of Vishnu deputed to keep us under her foggy influence. In other words, falling in love or falling under that spell weaved by the mystique of “the other” as she seduces us with her allure, may be hard to resist now. Some simply fall in love with the concept of love, wishing to feel its intoxicating chemicals of dopamine or oxytocin throb through their veins. Here we find ourselves lifted up on clouds of fancy at even a hint thereof in the media around us, vicariously even wallowing in the affairs of others, particularly celebrities, or in Hollywood screenplays – the modern day fairy tales that enchant the multitudes. In actuality such dreamers are more than not so caught up in ego identification that they actually become enamoured by themselves, and thus by their reflections, whether in the mirror as in the myth of Narcissus, or in their own anima projections onto some apparently significant other. The age of the “selfie” has truly empowered every wannabe to find their 15 minutes of fame. These are all themes symbolised by Venus linked with Neptune.

Ask any adult who it is that symbolises the top movie sex symbol of the twentieth century and they will more than likely say Marilyn Monroe. Curiously she was born with this very Venus trine Neptune aspect in her horoscope, and it is she who personifies this type of attraction and mystique, so easily expanded by the big screen. The mundane or lower octave expression of Venus trine Neptune that we feel this week, is that of something alluring that is larger than life, yet also unattainable in reality. Monroe, like any Hollywood starlet, was so glamourised and made up that every woman wanted to be like her, while every man wanted her, while in reality off screen she was nothing like the hyped illusion created by the big screen and the advertising. Such is the illusory power of Maya. Ultimately she died a premature and tragic death, for she was never able to live up to the overinflated persona demanded of her by the producers or by the public. In other words, on the lower level of expression, we become bewildered by our own preoccupation with our external façade – the body – or we long to be something illusory, puffed up by the ego’s desire for name and fame. Take a selfie and upload it; there you are, on the cyber screen, up in lights before the entire world, even if only to yourself. Still the illusion and the attraction to that illusion is irresistible. Certainly, there are gains available under this planetary influence, for it favours modelling, photography, cinema, fashion, other visual arts, as well as music, so anyone involved in those spheres may benefit in their artistic expression. Still the imaginary value of much of it may be intangible, even while the imagination is being greatly inspired. Despite the inspiration though, practical follow through is not always as readily available, and visions may never leave the subtle realm of mind unless there is willpower and active work to ground the flights of fancy now.

Besides the usual sentimental romantic expression of this planetary trend, a higher manifestation will incline some to become more selfless in their love or care for the other, to a point where the love can become a sense of compassion for those suffering in any way, where the urge to assist the world at large arises, or at least the ability to empathise with those other than our selves or our immediate circle. Such compassion is truly a higher expression of love for it sees all life as worthy of love and compassion and even concern, particularly if it is being exploited in some unjust way. Taken still further up the ladder of love, this theme may express itself as a divine love, a love of God spoken of by mystics of all ages and all religious cultures. Again we are entering an ethereal realm, where intangible states of consciousness may be glimpsed, perhaps only in the psyche of the aspirant. This is another expression of the Neptune archetype in western astrology, though it has been alluded to not only by Catholic or Sufi mystics but even further back in history by mystics of India in the Vedas, where divine love is a science. Obviously a divine love extends to become a love for all life – life being a symptom of the divine spark present within every creature.

So whether you express your love in the allure of glamour-filled fashion magazines with their seductive models, or on the silver screen, or in the arts, or ultimately in the divine, now is the time to tap in to the more subtle expressions of that which makes the world go round. Depending on your level of realization, you will hear the call and become entranced as you hear every word as a song and feel every step as a dance, or you will find that the woman in the red dress is merely the prison warden of your own imagined dream world. The beauty is undoubtedly there and the beholder is invariably you.