Venus and Mars enter Libra

marsVenus and Mars are still close together in the night sky, and both enter Libra in the tropical zodiac this week, Venus on 8th and Mars on 12th November.

Venus moves faster than Mars now, so will linger only about a month in her own sign of Libra, while Mars will stay closer to two.

In her own sign Venus will be at her best, facilitating what she knows best, all the time harmoniously helped by Mars, who is in the same mood. The archetypal lovers thus blossom now, and as we know, when Krishna smiles, all the flowers bloom. In other words even we mortals will feel the benedicting rays of Venus beautifying our lives and our person.

Looking appealing, while dressing fashionably should come more naturally to even the humblest wallflower amongst us now so take the opportunity to spruce up your appeal if you want to attract that significant other into your life. Venus in Libra is a lady’s best friend, an artists muse and a socialite’s VIP ticket to the ball. Of course Mars is not quite as graceful as Venus at the ball, even in his flashy “notice me” suit. He will want to be seen and his social libra scales womannetworking urge will be energised on all platforms, so don’t be shy, but do follow etiquette for boorish behaviour will not be tolerated during this phase. Neither will injustice, even if to someone else, so expect the marches for social justice to continue. At least they should be peaceful enough. The scales of Libra demand balance and fairness.

Remember you can’t fake style, at least not for long, no matter how you dress or speak. Culture is something that is cultivated over time. A pig in silk retains his slovenly mindset, invariably leading him back to the mud hole. So work on your real style – the one that gives you the higher taste for subjects and objects of real value and worth. They may be right before you like pearls, yet without the cultivated taste, they may lie unnoticed in the mud so loved by the majority all around us.