Valentine’s day prediction

Valentines day The most prominent alignment of planets this month, although not an exact one, is between the two slower moving planets Saturn and Uranus. Because of their gradual pace, the alignment lasts for a couple of weeks, but really gets close around Valentines day. Saturn and Uranus come to within two degrees of a trine aspect. The reason why the alignment doesn’t eventually become exact, is because Saturn, although the faster moving planet, is slowing down on its way to becoming stationary and retrograde. Then Uranus will pull away in the night skies, leaving Saturn behind.

Even though there is a two degree orb or gap in the alignment, anything within five degrees could be considered already beginning to have influence. Of course the attempt at conjunction is close but stopped within a hair’s breadth. Not indefinitely though, for Saturn does eventually catch up and align with Uranus exactly to the minute and second of arc time on Christmas day curiously enough. So we may have to wait until then for the full effect of what we are attempting now to really take effect. That’s Ok. Patience can be a theme for the year. Everything comes to those who wait. Our is it those who want it badly enough?

As to the Saturn – Uranus trine, we are talking about two very conflicting planets archetypally speaking. Saturn was the stern old father god of the Roman pantheon who was so serious and restrictive that he even devoured his own two children, of whom Uranus was one (and Neptune the other.) With Saturn being synonymous with the stern father or headmaster figure, Uranus paradoxically is the Awakener, the archetype of innovation, revolution. He is the “lightning fast” compared to Saturn’s “old Father Time”. So they are not the most familiar relatives, despite actually being family – in a cosmic sense. Fortunately the alignment is a more harmonious trine, where both planets are in mutual fire signs. So for a change we can potentially see some sort of harmonious interplay between these planets. What that means astrologically is that we could actually find a window of opportunity for stability or creative balance between the old and the new in our lives. We should feel the ability to engage in new and stimulating experiences and ideas, even while obliged to do it within a structure of sorts. For example new tech or activity at work could be creatively fruitful for you. The fire signs involved – Sagittarius and Aries – facilitate new, spirited, creative projects, visionary ideas, even educational opportunities, things that can expand the horizons or the mindset. Besides that, orderly change can occur. Superiors, like the boss or landlords could be appreciative of your creative output or technical input, as well as a disciplined approach to work, and original ideas will be welcomed too. Any projects that require long and disciplined application, like learning and applying a new skill, or simply putting in overtime, should be favoured or rewarded. Even if it means waiting until Christmas until really reaping the rewards.

Besides that it would do us well now not to fall into a rut. Even change can actually become routine if we merely go around in circles. Then when even more challenging alignments between Saturn and Uranus occur in years to come, the forced changes may be more inconvenient or challenging. In other words now is a good time to make harmonious shifts, by the end of this month. Otherwise we will have to wait until Christmas, as I mentioned earlier for the same – and in fact improved – favourable winds.