The Mutable T-square between the Eclipses

Mutable T-square Look at Jupiter, currently retrograde, in mutable Virgo, not moving very fast now, and having been close to North Node /Rahu for quite some weeks, and all during this two week period between the solar eclipse just passed and the lunar eclipse to come. Jupiter, now in Virgo resonates with health, purification, cleaning up, refining, perhaps even specialising in some field. All these are favoured for the next few months, until Jupiter moves into Libra later this year in September. And while Jupiter is in retrograde our focus is turned more inward, on ourselves, on finding answers within ourselves, and healing or purification if required. There is so much that can be said about health and healing from various sources – as to which doctor or therapy might work for you, which philosophy; well during a retrograde the opportunity to look within to find that Jupiter archetype arises. The Rahu influence, with the North Node being so close to Jupiter, may occlude or somehow hide the beneficial Jupiter influence from us.
And remember that all this week Jupiter is tightly opposed to Mercury in Pisces while Saturn squres both of them perfectly from Sagittarius. That’s Mercury conjunct Ketu or the South Node,  and this triangle in the zodiac constellations is called a mutable T-square, a challenging allignment which demands or forces action. Being in mutable signs it also facilitates change.

This tough square alignment between Saturn and Mercury really implies a seriously reserved mind set, with reluctance to change, a desire for the established, and even a mood of pessimism. It’s as if tough decisions need to be made. There can be a preoccupation with unnecessary details, and Mercury in Pisces can fog the mind or incline the thoughts to become overly sentimental, nostalgic, romanticised, sometimes even carried away by hopeless dreams. Not that all dreams are hopeless. No. One can meet Mercury the muse in Pisces. And inspiration can be found, as well as hope, perchance to dream,  as Newtown or Einstein did, of insights. While opposed to Jupiter, Mercury can facilitate business meetings, client interaction, tutoring, any situation where Mercury and Jupiter can play themselves out in your personal dealings with the other.

Remember that Jupiter opposite  Mercury can tend to inflate the  thoughts this week so that one could become over-confident, offer or promise too much,  go to extremes or perhaps demand too much attention to details. Of course, in time it apparently helps to specialise, but it needs to be the right ladder before one begins to climb it, lest we find at the top it was against the wrong wall. This is a great opportunity to blog erudite info, and pursue literary interests, as long as you don’t expect to get rich by them. The square from Saturn will require a lot of hard work to publish anything you can patent or profit from by attracting mass sales. The real problem may not be the work required, but more the inner feelings of insecurity or lack of worth that were instilled earlier in life by some Saturn archetype played out in your life like an elder, authority figure or societal norm. That can often scuttle the ship before even setting sail. Times like the current Jupiter retrograde allow us to look within for the healing required, particularly as the mutable T-square obliges us to make a change, confront a problem, even just adapt with the changing times. Rediscovering our gifts that we can offer to society will really be possible as we allow our imagination to stretch further than the blinkers imposed by authority allow. Even the Third Eye is just a click away. Envision the goal, then ground the vision. It all begins in the imagination. Einstein vouched for it.

Another illusion is the one we create when we put ourselves down. Mandela quoted the idiom of being willing to let our light shine as opposed to hiding it under a bush. We are allowed to shine in our own unique way. The negative self -criticism from the monkey mind is really illusory, and positive self-affirmations do wonders to restoring dignity. Parents forget how impressionable their young children are to impressions and opinions, which often later need to be unlearned in ourselves. All these issues can be dealt with now as we move between the eclipses over the coming weeks.