The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn December 2020

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Every 20 years or so there is a well known planetary alignment that Medieval astronomers around the world used to observe with the naked eye. It is the alignment together in the night sky of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, known historically as The Great Conjunction. And it is due to happen again on 21 December 2020 at the end of this year, coincidentally on the Solstice. Now when an event gets called “The Great” anything, it suggests that our ancestors took it to be of major significance. And so it was. So perhaps it will be this year, as we see it gradually moving into alignment once again, signifying a generational juncture point in history.

Astronomy before the telescope

When the telescope came into use during the mid seventeenth century, astronomers were able to observe more closely the alignment of the two biggest planets in the solar system with more accuracy. Naturally many legends have arisen over the centuries regarding the correlation of this alignment with historic events on the earth. Correlation does not imply causation of course, but it is interesting to observe patterns and cycles to see if there is any meaning to them. The Great Conjunction of 7BC is sometimes alluded to as the possible Star of Bethlehem mentioned in the Bible, since it is so noticeable to the naked eye.

The cycles of the great cosmic wheels of time

Now like clockwork, the past several Great Conjunctions have coincidentally been on the start of decades, like 1961, 1980, 2000, 2020, 2040, 2060. Thus it ushers in new generations with each occurrence. Curiously some researchers have noted how the USA president inaugurated on a year of the Great Conjunction usually dies in office, mostly from assassination, except for some from health, and then the last two, who had assassination attempts that they survived. For example President Reagan survived a gun shot and Bush an unexploded grenade apparently. The other presidents weren’t as lucky. This time President Trump runs again and this year’s election will be as historic as ever.

Here is a list from this astrologer which I found while researching the subject:

1840William Henry HarrisonYes4 April 1841Pneumonia
1860Abraham LincolnYes15 April 1865Assassination
1880James A. GarfieldYes19 September 1881Assassination
1900William McKinleyYes14 September 1901Assassination
1920Warren G. HardingYes2 August 1923Heart attack
1940Franklin D. RooseveltYes12 April 1945Cerebral hemorrhage
1960John F. KennedyYes22 November 1963Assassination
1980Ronald ReaganNo30 March 1981Shot but survived.
2000George W. BushNo10 May 2005Thrown a live grenade which did not detonate.
USA Presidents elected on Great Conjunction years

The Great Reset

Overall it seems to concur that this year of 2020 does seem to feel like a “Great Reset”, or a historic juncture on the planet among the affairs of humanity. As a result, the world is entering a new era, a new normal, as a post-covid new world arises from the old. The current financial systems are still in a process of decay now as the next chapter arises in society.

These are the two biggest planets in our solar system so definitely have some gravitational pull and significant visibility in the sky. Therefore they were markers in history for past cultures. There is no doubt that this year our own planet is shaking at the arrival of a shift in normality. The redesigning of our legacy structures of global finance and politics may be taking place as I write this. The date will from hence forth be remembered as the Great Pandemic and financial collapse of 2020. With the emphasis on Great. So this planetary conjunction of the largest solar system bodies orbiting the sun certainly correlates to a significant marker in history.

A tense and pensive year

Astrologers attribute much to the alignment of conjunction now and so this year may be something of interest to observe. I am not making any speculations either way suffice to say the events playing out right now speak for themselves. And the election year is naturally a tense one for the entire planet as it affects relationships with other world superpowers in our new multi-polar world.

Rarest Conjunction in 400 years

An interesting fact is that this particular year’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is the tightest or most exact of any for the past 400 years. Thus the last time the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn was this close to exact, was in 1623. So this is a big year but it appears to be significantly more so based on these other observations. Add to that a solar minimum of sun spot activity, which often correlates to economically difficult years, and you have some kind of perfect galactic storm of solar winds and more all converging upon us in the form we see playing out today. And there will be more to come.

Coinciding with the December Solstice

The further coincidence of this era’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn falling on the winter solstice for the north, could not be more amazing. I will let that fact speak for itself. It certainly places the majority of the world who are up north, in the time of weakest solar strength, but it also makes it just seven weeks after the election day in USA. All these alignments seem to be building up to a momentous finale to 2020. I would recommend this significant event as a time for us to perform rituals of our own. It’s a perfect time to activate a inner “reset”.

The rise of the Maverick

There is no doubt that this year is the start of a decade of uncertainty and change. And it may require the maverick or the outsider to really rise to the occasion if we wish to survive. They are out there and they will be able to see the decay in the collapsing system from the outside of that system, and they will be unsentimental about the past failed states, while remaining self-sufficient on the most important levels of their being. They will usher in the new generation of distant yet interconnected society. This appears to be something we are entering into this year as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn arrives.