The grand trine emerges

Jupiter trine PlutoThe current fiery grand trine between Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto has been active for a while now, with Jupiter trine Pluto since the former slowed down to exact alignment in mid March. Since then Jupiter has been slowing to his eventual station in early May 2016. From then onward until late June he will build up to another exact trine with Pluto. So from now until late June this healthy alignment will prevail in waves of opportunity.

Primarily the trine aspect facilitates smooth interaction between the planetary archetypes concerned. Considering the earth signs involved, An opportunity to ground or make real or realise some aspect of the Jupiter/Pluto trine now could manifest itself to all of us in our own personal individual ways. Pluto is the more hidden terrain of the Underworld, the unconscious; and Jupiter is the greater benefic, so instead of seeing dark repressed unconscious contents of the psyche, we have the chance to have revealed to us magnificent gems of perception. Jupiter will facilitate a solution, an answer, to the question, a meaning to the madness. Jupiter is like the teacher or doctor, for example and Pluto means more the soul doctor, the druid, the shaman, sangoma, priest or analyst. Although the threefold miseries affect us all in different ways, there can be windows of insight into the madness that sometimes seems to the plight of Kali Yuga. If you have access to a rare source of information or inspiration, whether from the external or internal teacher, a glimpse of meaning can prevail, and Jupiter’s alignment with Pluto offers that for us throughout their wide trine from mid March through to late June, those two dates being the most exact of the trine alignment. Nevertheless throughout the duration of the three month period they will never be more than 3 or 4 degrees away from exact alignment, so the opportunity for their archetypes to play themselves out, for their particular modes of nature to be in play, will certainly be within our reach, according to our receptivity.

This is a perfect time for teachers to get their message across, for us to receive from the teacher, whether internal or external, great wisdom, or to even implement a course of learning, or build or establish a place of teaching. The inspiring temple spires are but an external allusion for the eye of the people to look upward, look higher; while inside the temple the books of wisdom await receptive ears. Teachers or priests are there to be questioned. A sacred place can of course look like any number of shapes according to your practice, and the teacher can arrive from any source, but feel the inspiration you will, and you’ll know it. And that gives confidence in the plan, meaning to the brief pass through this life. For some life is a war, for some a mission, ans so it is when we remember it. And to be shown what valuable part we can play by using our life time in the service of the great mission, one that started before we were born and continues after our death, is truly remarkable, significant and memorable. Use these next few months to allow the access to that truth.

Remember too that Jupiter, as a hot gassy body, expands whatever it touches, and once inspired with the plan, we may find that the ego, having had the audience of the source of his or her inspiration, may feel a degree of inflation like a puffed up puri, a feeling called shadow bhava, which certainly is to be avoided. Confidence and over-inflated ego should not be confused. Confidence in the sense of having meaning and purpose and the conviction that they can be fulfilled, is always optimal, even if the manner is still unknown. Confidence is also faith. As the hymn goes: “We rest in Thee and in Thy name we go.” That hymn could have been written by any number or religions on this planet. Having confidence enables one to inspire confidence in others. It’s contagious. It’s good for the health, both mental and physical. Confidence and faith is also common sense, for the cosmos has worked for all this time and so will certainly continue harmoniously unfolding for now. Tyrants come and go. Even in Kali Yuga there are still remote hills to retreat to if that is what you need to hear your teacher. And freedom of speech still facilitates the transmission of knowledge in the land of us fortunate few. So confidence, inspiration and the desire to share a worthy post, when tempered with the view that everyone has the same potential to realize meaning, not just us, is a healthy balance now.

Ultimately this is a perfect time to transform for the better, to improve and upgrade your situation on the ground, by which I mean your foundation on the earth, your physical health, material home and income, your constitution – whether philosophical, political or dietary. Ground your being in a healthy way and see how the world reveals its meaningful mysteries to you.

Mercury joins the Jupiter/Pluto duo, making a grand trine alignment between the three of them, both this week in mid April, as well as mid May and early June 2016. Mercury here activates the trine and upgrades the potency or opportunity for the flow to take place during that week, the meeting, breakthrough, reform, peace deal, transmission or general facilitation of the boon or beneficial influence. Be sure to time your schedule accordingly or look out for opportunities during those dates.