The birth and pastimes of Jesus

christmasDearly beloved, on this day the season of the birth of our good lord, let us remember that which was dismembered. Let us reunite the severed portions of our lord Osiris like ISIS did when she discovered them cleft into twelve or thirteen by the evil brother Seth. And let us remember our Lord God the Son of God, son of the Mother of God, who is both God and child of God, man and God; who originated from the Great Hebrew Tetragrammaton YHVH Yod He Vau He, the unspeakable name of Jehovah, and how he is the Yod He Shin Vau He, the mighty Jeheshuah, the only son Jesus, anointed one as the Christ; may his name be praised.

And may his works be praised. Let us remember and meditate on the great pastimes of our good lord, as we read in the good book, the gospel according to King James, who in his majesty felt it just to translate, edit and abridge according to his majestic whim, the gospel of our lord the saviour, following in the footsteps of our glorious pontiffs of old, the Great Emperor Constantine, who in his majesty sought to whimsically also edit and abridge the gospel at the Council of Nicea in the fourth century in the year of our lord. That gloriously good book, now completely edited of any reference to the teachings of our lord on metempsychosis, or transmigration of the soul (reincarnation), even when our lord himself mentions the reincarnation of the soul when asking the question “who do they say I am?” and getting the answer from his beloved disciples, “some say you are Isaiah come back from the dead.” Glory be to Constantine who out of political expediency and totalitarian tactfulness sought to adopt the faith and religion of our lord and make it the state religion, and glory too to the holy church who although expunging any reference to Mother Mary as a deity, still allow her to be idolised and adored and worshipped as was the goddess worship in days of old, just like the goddess Radharani who is worshipped without any reference whatsoever to her divinity in the sacred texts. Mary of the immaculate conception, echoing the pastime of Mother Devaki in Krishna’s pastimes, in which Krishna himself was conceived as the divine child, first in the mind and then being transferred to the womb of his mother.

Glory be to that one same original immaculately conceived God as he is seen in numerous religions over the ages, many guises of the one same worshipable avatar for over 5000 years. And let us remember his pastime of entering the temple and of seeing there the Jewish money lenders as they charged interest on their loans in usury, a sin by any other name. And let us remember his wrath as he chased the money lenders out of the temple and manifested his wrathful pastime, overturning their benches and tables, their “bankies” from where the term “bank” today originates. For verily the lord is more than displeased with the Jewish money lenders, the same criminals we see today brothers and sisters, the same corrupt, greedy, sociopathic, unscrupulous pawns of evil who run the world banks and crush the least fortunate of us under their criminal and sinful tactics of compound interest. May the lord smite them in the bottom line, as he did in his pastimes on earth 2000 years ago. For such sinners in the guise of bankers will corrupt the very temple, the house of worship and turn it into a house of money grabbing, of golden idol worship. And verily, whenever there is a decline in religious principles and a rise in irreligion, the lord shall again appear to annihilate those miscreants and protect the beliebers, while re-establishing the principles of religion. So behold the time is nigh for the return of the lord in all his smite, where with a smiteful glance the bankers of today shall once more be smitten, heed my writing on your wall oh beloveds. For even from the caste of labourers, carpenters and cow herders he shall appear, the avatar of the lord.

And woe unto those same bankers who have made this day of his birth into a capitalist consumer spending spree in order to enrich themselves by trapping the lesser of us in debt, to get rich on that which belongs to Caesar on this which should be a holy day of fasting and remembrance. Surely this is religion for profit. Oh we, like sheep do continue to be led and so be it due to our folly and refusal to heed the deed of the lord in his pastimes. Therefore let us meditate on the pastimes of the lord and be awakened to the error of our ways and forever more be uplifted into his shelter, Amen.