Knowing thyself – Comparative systems of personality categorization

Astrology is popular because people like to know about themselves. There is an inherent desire to know ourselves, whether ego-driven or soul driven in the quest for self-actualization, and the 12 character divisions in the zodiac give us a ready system by which to explore our natures systematically, at least on the material plane. Discovering the real original constitutional identity of our eternal personalities is something else altogether and only a lifetime of deep spiritual practice and introspection will really reveal that true self, the Atma, covered now by the conditioned and karma based zodiacal ego type. Still the astrological system of personality description appeals to the ego in all of us. Astrology, however, is not the only system of compartmentalized character definition. There is also the Chinese astrological division of 12 types, the Enneagram division of 9 types, the esoteric division of the 7 rays, and numerous others. One that you may find interesting is the system of 9 team functions evolved by Dr Meredith Belbin.

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