Sun trine Neptune (End Oct)


Since the sun moves around the entire zodiac in one year, it makes all the alignments with all the planets during that time, even if they’re fleeting. The current approaching trine to Neptune which peaks at the end of October, happened around the same time last year, and it brings with it an opportunity to absorb quickly any new ideas, while still comprehending them deeply.

AstrologyThose ideas could be quite profound too considering the water signs involved. The inspiration accompanying them can inspire the imagination, as if hearing celestial music of the spheres, or the voice of one’s guardian angel. Some of us will hear, while some will be intuitively inspired to be the speaker, singer or player that inspires those hearers. But certainly all of us can tap into a mood of selfless love that is available now. This is a love that rises above selfish or mundane lust, and enables us to feel true compassion, to see through the thin veil that separates us from each other, and to therefore glimpse our common unity, if even for a moment.

And it is that mood which enables the healer to heal even their opponent, to forgive him when he knows not what he does in ignorance, or if nothing else, at least to dream of that utopian ideal. It is only those who are grounded enough to apply those visions practically who will seem to benefit, as they use their insight to back the right investment, follow the best current, arrive in the right place at the right time, or say the right words to inspire their hearer when he or she most needs it.

So let yourself be attuned, though it may be at your own pace or when you least expect it, for inspiration seldom follows a schedule. A dictaphone at the bedside has allowed more than one visionary to capture their dream on record in the middle of the night, and go on to turn that revelation into the source of inspiration it can be.