New Moon and the Chinese New Year

New MoonThe new moon today marks the New Year in China, who for thousands of years have maintained a unique lunar calender of 12 years in length. Every year of the 12 years is designated a different animal in the cycle of 12. So today it’s good bye to the year of the sheep/goat and hello to the monkey. Added to that are the 5 various elements of wood, water, fire, earth and metal, so that there are 5 different variations of the 12 animal years, making a total of 60 different annual characters. A system that incorporates a 60 year cycle into their calender must be quite advanced, much like that of the Mayan civilization, with its multi-level calender that stretches over millennia. Curiously the 12-year cycle is just like that of Jupiter who takes 12 years to circle the Sun, although there is no direct correlation. A calender that combines both solar and lunar aspects into its timing and measurement, like that of the Vedic, Hebrew and Chinese to name a few, is far superior to that of our western exclusively solar calender.

Energetically, symbolically and gravitationally the solar/lunar calender is more exact and synchronous with the cosmos and its effects on us on earth. For example there is a distinct difference between the waxing moon and the waning moon and their direct gravitational effects on earth. All life and even the fluid ocean swells are influenced by the gravity of the moon. The fluid in our own bodies as well as that of all plant and animal life is affected. Therefore attuned farmers will plant according to the phases of the moon. Even in the Vedic system of astrology – Jyotish – being born on the day of a waxing moon is superior to being born during a waning moon, and the closer the birth to a full moon the better still. Being born close to a new moon minimises, overshadows or weakens the moon’s influence in a horoscope, just as any planet too close or conjunct the Sun in a natal horoscope will be debilitated somewhat in its expression, being overwhelmed by the power of the Sun so to speak.

The square aspect from Mars to the new moon today may add a degree of tension. Mars is the competitive, assertive, desire-driven archetype in the zodiac and the exact square alignment of 90 degrees to the Sun and Moon suggests a conflict of interests which may become a problem if not properly resolved. Now although the square from Mars may be a source of irritation or tension, that in itself acts as the catalyst to action, as a source of energy for us to take the necessary measures to rise above the difficulty we subjectively perceive. And in fact the square is the most appropriate angle in the zodiac to produce the actual drive to succeed. If there are no tension-building alignments like this, and only harmonious trine or 120 degree alignments, then the situation may simply be too easy-going and thus too passive to take action, tackle problems or stoke up the drive required to achieve the goal. So this lunar month may find us unable to rest until our current difficulty is transcended or solved. Personal selfish desires may clash with collective group requirements under the current circumstances. We all make certain compromises or sacrifices to maintain our jobs and social connections. Sometimes the sacrifice is worthwhile because we need the salary or the cause of the group is ideologically superior. But when the boss or big corporation appears to be exploiting their staff, squeezing more out of them than is morally fair, then the individual will simply revolt or invoke a negotiation which is more just and equitable to all concerned. In South Africa mine workers will and have gone on strike for up to six months when pushed too far by exploitative multi-nationals who treat them like cannon fodder. The workers may even have to sacrifice their meagre salaries during the strike, suffer still more for their fair share, but it is their only channel to be heard, and in so doing they also cripple the multi-national to the tune of millions per day. And eventually they get their way. That is why labour unions are practically banned in places like USA, where the greatest multi-national corporations exist today. They come in to smaller countries in the form of Walmart, for example, which is a giant wholesale supermarket chain, and undercut the small local trader to such a degree that he goes bankrupt. They do this by denying their staff the wages and benefits they deserve and would actually receive in any self-respecting country in the so-called civilized world. They even secretly take out a massive insurance policy on the worker, unbeknown to him or her, so that if and when they die, the corporation actually makes a killing in insurance payout on his demise. How criminal is that? Nobody likes a bully, an economic colonialist, who no longer rides into your country and takes it at the barrel of a gun – like the Europeans of yesteryear – but now uses trade agreements like TTIP, etc, or simply squashes the local industry due to being bigger and fatter. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by ex CIA operative John Perkins if you really want to know how the USA government has been ripping of countries like this for decades, sending in scalpers to corrupt or force the leaders to sell out, or if they don’t, sends in the jackals who use military means to take you out by force and install their own puppet leader.

Hopefully the sextile or 60 degree aspect from Uranus to the new moon will add a helpful, sudden or original way out of any impasse we may be required to confront this lunar month. Some will take a stand when their survival is at stake, while others will even take a stand just for the sake of justice and fairness, or for the collective cause in which they believe. Which one are you?