Mutable Grand Cross to slough off the dross

With Jupiter currently square Saturn in exact alignment at present, and within a degree of opposition to Neptune, we have a mutable T-square forcing our hand now, obliging us to make moral judgement calls and confront our ethical or philosophical standpoint.

astrology, Mutable grand crossI have spoken about this in a previous article but a further development this week sees the Sun gradually coming into alignment with the above three planets in what will be by the beginning of June 2016 a perfect Mutable Grand Cross, or Grand Square if you prefer, as all four planets align to be 90 degrees apart from each other, thus squaring the zodiac circle. During that first week in June, Venus will also align in exact conjunction with the Sun and thus provide a fifth planet for the Grand Square in mutable signs.

As Jupiter opposes Neptune and Sun/Venus oppose Saturn, the tension and resonance between the planets linked thus suggests the timing of a noteworthy meeting, or shift, or event of some significance occurring in our lives. Two oppositions like this making up the perfect cross pattern in the square can play themselves out via relationship exchanges, where each person plays out either side of the opposition. Sun/Venus wants to shine socially and feel beautiful or attractive, while Saturn demands rules, like dress code, time constraints or rules to play by. In Gemini both Sun and Venus facilitate socialising, meeting new people, valuable business opportunities, exchange of ideas, a busy mind and speech and a fine time to explore the neighbourhood, meet the neighbours, distribute your message or get your product out there. Wanting to be liked and popular may override any extreme tendencies potentially.

However, Saturn opposing Sun/Venus traditionally implies some degree of self-consciousness, or self-worth issues. This clashes with the desire to shine, like a stern parent restricting or criticizing a young adolescent child, potentially hampering their long-term feelings of adequacy in the world. They may never feel good enough to do anything as a result. Saturn will be the restricting force in our lives now, challenging us to bring our own self-esteem to the table, to prove that we are worthy, to test our patience when progress is slow. Sometimes it is the law clamping down, or an authority figure, whether internal or external, for in time we internalise the authority figures of our youth and they become our own inner voice of reason and conscience, for better or worse.

At this time of the alignment now and strengthening by early June, we may even find ourselves over-compensating or acting tough to hide our own insecurities, which can end up blocking our inter-relationships or business opportunities, especially if we neglect to see our affect on the other party. Retreating into inaction is also to be avoided, unless of course you are a self-realized soul and you are showing by example the futility of engagement with or in the material world due to its tendency to ensnare one in repeated samsara – the wheel of repeated birth and death. But such souls are few and far between. We will all need to conform in some way, modify our self-expression in order to fit in with society around us, with the rules of our culture. But never lose your confidence in yourself and your own unique worth just because your culture or society frowns on your tastes of style. The current clamping down of the police state in the name of our own good is to be questioned, as much as the rule of law is to be respected. This may well be a time where these issues need to be addressed in our lives.

Since this is a mutable Grand Cross, where all the planets involved (5 out of 10) are in mutable signs, the secret to success will lie in one’s flexibility or adaptability. The art of survival lies in the ability to change with the circumstances, to evolve basically. Mutability implies a time of change, even endings in order to facilitate beginnings. Can you handle your new found freedom or restriction? Either way the more flexible your are the better. It will take tolerance, acceptance and understanding, being able to see the longer term rewards of our choices. Sometimes an apparent austerity, like enforced solitude or restricted movement may appear unfavourable, but if seen in a different light may actually be facilitating a time of study and even self-healing. So it all depends on one’s perspective. Solitude also bring peace of mind. Something hard to find in a crowded world some might say. And studiousness is one of the benefits of the solitary, serious mindset that arises during this alignment, studiousness and the ability to climb to the heights of academic success too, where the results of hard mental input are rewarded with acclaim or accreditation. For example the great classical astrologers Nicholas Culpepper and William Lilly were both born under the Sun opposition Saturn influence, and both were anti-establishment, were ridiculed for their discoveries in science, but eventually acknowledged as the scholarly geniuses that they were.

Astrology, Saturn, Mutable grand crossWatch out for depression though at this time, for Venus opposing Saturn is known for limiting the social scene somewhat. Not everyone can handle solitude. To be at peace with one’s own company is a symptom of a healthy mind, as long as one is also at peace with a crowd. At the end of the day, or life, for that matter, a lot boils down to the ability to keep a positive attitude to everything. And that sometimes requires shifting one’s attitude, shifting the “assemblage point” as the shamans of South America’s Toltec tradition call it. Even the Buddha, after years of penance and austerity, had to come to the realization that he needed a shift in consciousness toward a more balanced, middle way. He was able to discard his outmoded preconceptions when they no longer served him, and acquire a totally new perception of reality.

So don’t be afraid to shine in a way not usually condoned by society, don’t be shy to shift. Sometimes, despite our once cherished philosophical outlook or foundation crumbling beneath our world, heaven is still just a shift away, a shift in attitude that suddenly allows the Sun to shine through the clouds of dogma, sentiment or misconception, revealing the truth that was hiding in plain sight all along. The mists of Neptune square Sun now may cloud our better judgement, may bewilder us with superstition or even pseudo-spirituality; the square from Jupiter may incline us to indulge in the rhetoric of moralised scripture, may push us to sip too deeply from the cup, yet clarity can prevail when Saturnine logic, study, observation and scrutiny are added to the mix. Then practical spirituality, heaven on earth, love above the law, all await us like a June bride on a bright summer’s day.