Mercury stationary aligns with the Uranus – Pluto square

Mercury stationary directWith Mercury finishing its retrograde phase today, the winged messenger spends the 25th at a standstill before going direct or moving forward again in the zodiac. This stationary direct position for the day is considered potentially favourable for all who wish to harness the moment to their advantage. It’s a curious coincidence that Mercury makes this momentary pause within one degree of an exact conjunction with Pluto, which is still within orb of its own long-standing square to Uranus. As we speak, large swathes of the USA have come to their own type of standstill too, as formidable snow storms lock down the mobility of millions in a multi-state state of emergency, if that makes sense. And with the States in a state, and everyone going nowhere, the global economy is also at a type of standstill, in some countries more so than others. Emerging economies like Brazil, Russia and our own South Africa are on the brink of – or have just entered into- an economic recession. That means the economy is not growing but actually shrinking from one year to the next. And it may take more than just Mercury’s direct motion to get these economies into motion again.

Mercury’s momentary alignment with the generationally challenging Uranus – Pluto square aspect that has been affecting our entire planet for the past few years already, gives us the opportunity to reflect on our global financial and political institutions, and the crisis in which they find themselves. China’s added economic slowdown is leading the domino affect hitting the rest of us, which only adds to job losses and unwanted stagnation in the lives of millions. Now this is not a new scenario. The recent historical financial meltdown of 2007/8 has not been repaired and those who run the economic world and make the decisions as to its direction, have simply kicked the can down the road, so to speak, patching the leaky economy with plasters, knowing full well that it will actually grow worse, and that the problem will have to be addressed by future generations, or that the problem is actually unsolvable due to negligence, mismanagement and – to be honest – outright criminal fraud and corruption on a monumental scale. Any economics academic will admit as much, and there are enough references from experts who say so online.

Adding to job losses is the new threat of the “fourth industrial revolution”. I say threat because, although it sounds like a boon, and it may well be, some fear losing their job to a machine as automation takes over from manual labour to do the dirty work and allow us to one day create a three-day weekend. The only problem is where do all the mine or factory workers and farm labourers go to find jobs and income once they are retrenched? So as the upper middle class ease into working less and having more leisure time, the majority of working class fear their demise as the income gap and inequality widens and an uncertain future leaves them with a sense of desperation. Ultimately this is a generational crisis affecting the entire planet, and we are the collateral damage in the roll out of a new era of economics and technology. Block-chain technology, for example, is allowing the connected few with online access the ability to bypass the criminal banksters and join the digital bitcoin economy, for lifeboats are available as the Titanic sinks before our eyes. But the lifeboats are too few, and its every man for himself it seems, as the few at the top grab what they can, leaving the majority to flounder in the chilling waves of despair in which they find themselves. It will take some colossal shift to really turn the tide on the planet now in favour of the masses who inhabit it, and the political will is simply lacking.

Nevertheless it can be done, even if at a grass roots level, one by one, on the ground, people empower themselves as entrepreneurs and seize the day, even if it’s just for today, one day at a time, to harness the financial system to their advantage. Otherwise the system may have to implode on itself, collapse into world war and then rebuild from the ashes. Of course, we have seen in the past how the winners claim the spoils and carve up the terrain for themselves, sometimes laying the foundations for another generation of unnecessary conflict and turmoil. So global revolution or war is not really the solution. Rather on a day like today, with Mercury stationary and about to go direct, while aligned with the critical generational Pluto – Uranus square, the opportunity awaits us to harness the available resources around us, and mould them into a commodity or service that can be traded for what we need. Mercury is the god of traders and travellers, and there is always a buck to be made in buying and selling, in trade and industrious effort of any sort. Especially amongst those with internet access. And it is us with the basic technical skills and access who need to consider it our duty to uplift our fellow humanity by educating or employing them for their benefit and ours. Then we can all work smart instead of working hard, and we can all enjoy that three-day weekend (maybe not in China where they demand a seven day work week). Ultimately a balanced life means working just enough to keep body and soul together, while the rest of the time is used for self-actualization, self-realization. It’s a distortion to judge a person by their external value or how much money they make. That aberration has been engineered by certain elites to brainwash us into being economic slaves. To place profit as the goal of lie, as corrupted crony-capitalism has done, is to alienate humanity from their true worth and value as multi-faceted individuals with gifts and skills and needs that far supersede mere money for food and shelter. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explained it psychologically decades ago already when placing survival at the bottom and self-realization at the top of the pyramid of needs. By forcing the masses of humanity to spend all of their time desperately seeking a means for survival, or selling out their entire lives to making someone else rich in exchange for survival, the economic and political elite have enslaved the soul if not the body of humankind and robbed them of their soul purpose. And it is up to every individual to realize this and reclaim their birthright, their freedom and their dignity, and today is the day to do it.