Mercury square Mars so keep a cool head

astrology, Mercury square MarsMercury is in a square (90 degree) alignment to Mars this week, suggesting that the actions of the mind and speech may be energised to the point of being potentially overactive and somewhat heated. An energised mind is great if you can find a healthy outlet, otherwise the tendency to argument and an opinionated stance may arise. If you need to defend your stance or fight for a cause, like a lawyer or some such campaigner you may be able to benefit from this alignment, but if you’re amongst friends and family then just be careful not to get into a needless heated debate about something unnecessary or insignificant. You don’t want to ruin the friendship just because someone moved your cheese. The problem is that you may come to a conclusion as to who moved your cheese based on inconclusive evidence or unwarranted suspicion, thus jumping down the throat of the wrong person to look for your cheese or finding crumbs where there are none. Under today’s circumstances our judgement may need further deliberation or hard evidence to avoid fallibility.

There are always the four defects in every deliberation that need to be avoided, namely the tendency to make mistakes, the tendency to have imperfect senses, the tendency to become bewildered by illusion, and the tendency to cheat. We are all familiar with making mistakes occasionally, whether in writing or speech, and it is obvious that we all have imperfect senses. For example to our senses the Sun seems rather small, but with knowledge we know that it is actually gigantic. Or when in the desert we may see water in the distance, but on arrival we realise that it’s actually a mirage. Or we may hear something incorrectly. In other words we cannot trust our senses or rely on our senses for perfect knowledge. And in the same way we can all fall under illusion as any sleight-of-hand magician will show you. The greatest illusion under which we all fall is of course the tendency to identify with the body and mind as the self. The truth is that we may be in a certain body, but the body is not the self, for the self can leave the body at the time of death and continue onward, and the self has existed before entering the current body. This is the great illusion of life on earth according to those who know, not according to we who speculate based on our imperfect senses. And there is no use denying it, but the truth is that everyone cheats. We all lie. A lot of the time. Psychologists will even agree so don’t think you are immune to this. When asked a question we will embellish the answer so that it puts us in a better light, or does not perturb the hearer too much. We do this every day in small ways and some occasionally do it in big ways, for example in business deals in order to make an extra profit or gain an advantage. The cheating propensity is all-pervading in society today and always has been, so a wise person realises that you can trust no-one, not even yourself, or should I say your mind.

Besides this there may be a susceptibility to nervous tension this week or some such disorders based on an overstimulated nervous system. This could manifest as headaches for example, so be sure to keep your cool, to keep a cool head as much as possible. Some of the best things in life may be free, but some of the most valuable things in life are not given but have to be cultivated and today two of them will greatly assist, namely patience and verbal restraint. These two gifts or virtues do not come naturally. The mind will more easily jump to a heated, reactionary mode than pause and wait. And a heated mind produces heated words just as quickly when uncontrolled. The mind is, after all, our best friend or our worst enemy. It is very much up to us to acquire the skills to operate the mind lest it carry us over the edge of reasoning into the crevasse of ignorance, which contrary to popular thought is by no means blissful.

Fortunately today there is a simultaneous sextile (60 degree) alignment between Mercury and Venus, which can provide the grace of speech required to balance to heating effect of Mars. This is a good influence for musicians and composers, who will find the inspiration and harmony they desire. This favourable aspect may only last a day or two, but the challenging Mars alignment may continue throughout the week as Mercury slows to the same pace as Mars now and eventually becomes stationary next week, which means next month or should I say next year, on 5 January. So although the harmonising Venus aspect may soften the challenging Mars influence today, just be sure to observe your mind or moods throughout the week and allow for a momentary pause before acting or reacting to any situation. Otherwise take advantage of the mental energy available this week to get the job done, to channel the potential mental energy in a conscious way so that it does not escape unconsciously into counter-productive arguments and the like. Also be extra careful on the roads while travelling now. It can be a busy season for travelling and therefore even more reason to curb any misplaced enthusiasm and avoid road rage which simply spoils the fun and helps no-one in the long run.