Mercury Combust


Mercury retrograde is conjunct the Sun over the last week of September and the first week of October, a position known as “combust” by astrologers.

AstrologyIn fact when Mercury is within one third of a degree either side of the Sun (as it was on 30 September), it is known as “cazimi” or “in the heart of the Sun”. This in a very potent time mentally. Mozart was born with this position for example. In other words it has the potential to produce genius, prolific mental expression, but also – as in the life of Mozart – not always purely fine sailing. He couldn’t balance his finances at all and was usually broke.

The Sun can even symbolically overpower Mercury to a degree, so that a person born with this placement may have an overbearing father (Sun archetype) or be somewhat in his shadow, or may be forever rebelling against authorities or other solar figures in their lives. Helpful for activists I presume – those much needed Mercurial mouthpieces against corrupt leaders of the day. So if you need to give a speech, make a presentation, or live by your wits in any way, then this week is helpful.

The ability to shine with words is available so be sure to find an adequate outlet, as  the higher strung than usual nervous system demands expression. Unsettled, restless types may find themselves more so around this time too. Watch out for those spin doctors with the silver tongue though.

Since the current position of Sun and Mercury falls in Libra, thoughts and words with partners or about relationships may take presidence, which is helpful for business deals, and may popularise talk of the significant other though ultimately this time could best be harnessed to contemplate ones own personal soul destiny to the exclusion of any other superficial or overly material distractions. Anyone not on the same page as you will find no quarter though, so sorry for them if their orbit of intent wonders too far from the core issue of your heart.