Mars trine Neptune to comprehend the meaning of compassion

Mars trine NeptuneThe current favourable alignment between Mars and Neptune is the classic arrangement needed to facilitate the imagination and intuition. It should allow us to become more sensitive to the feelings, moods and needs of those around us. As a result the urge to assist those in need can arise now. Whether it is the needs of our partners, the needs of our immediate circle, or the needs of society as a whole, this is the moment when we can become sensitive to the what is required to really satisfy the soul. Compassion and understanding can arise at this time, when it is sorely needed on so many levels.

The symptoms of the Buddha or Bodhisattva are compassion for all the living entities, to such a degree that even the opportunity to take the door to liberation from repeated birth and death is foregone until all the other suffering living entities can also exit through the same door together. One may easily become sensitive to the needs of our partner in a close personal relationship, where our moods and feelings are interconnected, and their feelings affect ours directly. It may also be easier to satisfy the needs of the partner, where the input and exchange can be reciprocal and one can make adjustments so that both are contributing equally on all levels to make each other feel loved and appreciated. However it is not always as easy to consider our extended community in our sphere of influence, even though they may be in our sphere of concern. Still, we can always do what is required to aid in the plight of our neighbours. Even when those neighbours may be refugees from a foreign country, struggling with oppression, war or drought. Many are being tested and required to rise to the occasion of opening their borders and homes to countless souls fleeing immanent death and destruction by coming to our land for shelter. Across the globe, from north to south, people are leaving behind all that they have, to escape to the unknown with nothing but their will to survive. Mercifully those in power are allowing them in through the borders to find shelter, somehow or the other. Others even lend a hand, extending themselves to feed and shelter the refugees. But some remain heard-hearted to the obvious suffering of the victims, unable to make the connection between themselves and any other human as one family. Even less present is the ability to see all living entities as worthy of compassion, worthy of respect and a right to life. What then are the chances of them seeing the world through the eyes of a bodhisattva or a brahmana?

There is a verse in the ancient sacred text Bhagavad Gita which describes how a learned and gentle brahmana sees with equal vision a cow, a dog, and a dog-eater. And that is the requirement – equal vision. Not prejudiced vision. That is the symptom of one whose vision has been broadened to see the bigger picture, to see the value of all life, what to speak of the lesser animals. After all, some may squirm at the thought of eating their pet dog, but will happily eat a baby lamb. That is a lack of vision. An inability to connect the dots. A failure of logic. Such a disconnect in our perception of reality is due to poor education, for in Bhagavad Gita the brahmana is described as “learned”. Basically in our world we don’t have to look too far to see a need for compassion. We don’t even have to consider the refugee plight, which may be on the other side of the planet. We only have to look in our own back yards to see symptoms of abuse of life based on lack of knowledge. We only have to look in our own refrigerators to see how far our compassion extends. As for those who eat dogs – and they are close to the biggest population group on the planet – compassion seems to be a foreign concept for them, as we see by their murder of innocent Buddhist monks, destruction of ancient temples and devastation of entire cultures or civilizations – The Tibetans. Ironically the very propounders of compassion are being obliterated by their dog-eating neighbours.

People with Mars trine Neptune in their horoscopes include Che Guevara, the South American political activist and revolutionary freedom fighter, who gave his life fighting for the freedom of the oppressed. Similarly we can reflect on the sacrifice required to show true compassion for the suffering masses, the victims of oppression. Some may take to becoming a therapist or healer, attending to the suffering minds and bodies of others. Some may become activists, fighting for the plight of the vulnerable people in their society. On a global level though, we need those who can champion the cause of the entire civilization on planet earth who are enslaved souls bound by the shackles of illusion, oppressed by those rulers and tyrants who should actually be protecting us. Fortunately the solution is at hand, for Mars trine Neptune also facilitates putting our energy into consciousness upliftment. And it is by raising our consciousness that we actually come to see things as they are, to obtain equal vision. One of the ways to liberate ourselves from our own oppressive mind, which is under the entrapment of illusion, is through transcending the mind via mantra meditation. And perfectly suited to Mars trine Neptune is the technique of dance. So today, by harnessing both mantra meditation and dance, my friends and I are holding a mantra dance session this evening. It is an ancient practice of drum and dance, trance dance, “sankirtan”, where the body, mind, and words are all engaged in the meditation of dancing and chanting the sacred sounds or holy names, in this way purifying the consciousness, enabling it to see through the illusion and awaken equal vision, purified consciousness and ultimately compassion for the suffering of all who have fallen under the spell of illusion and are trapped in the material body in this lifetime. These are all perfect Mars trine Neptune themes of the day, so apply them according to your ability, need and level of realization this weekend and see the difference.