Mars square Pluto be the change

The Mars square Pluto aspect this weekend can be both dangerous, violent and explosive. Particularly as it forms a Cardinal T-square with Uranus across the zodiac, leading to a volcanic climate that is practically off the charts.

The arrival of Mars into the already tense Pluto -Uranus aspect which has been around for many months, may act as the trigger to launch something that has been building up pressure for a while now. Mars symbolises the male libido, the sex drive, the egocentric desire nature, which may rear its head uncontrollably under this influence. The pressure to express itself, if not constructively channeled, can suddenly burst forth like the deadly lava of a volcano that has been suppressed beneath the surface until the external controls, like the force of gravity and the rock on top of the lava, can no longer hold it back, and the resultant explosion of wild and untamed energy leaps out destroying all in its wake. The jihadi suicide bomber, or murdering rapist springs to mind.

All sensitivity and planning may be ignored, as the forethought of any consequences for self and other are overridden under these circumstances. Something small could trigger you off, like the recurrent barking of a neighbour’s dog, and the next thing you know you’ve been pushed over the fence and done some dastardly deed completely out of character that surprises everyone. Under such an influence it is hardest to do nothing, for one must act. Too much energy is available to remain passive, so the solution is to find the appropriate healthy outlet, to channel the libidinal force into something worthwhile. The frustration aroused by a lack of suitable outlet can torment the artist who feels his or her creative expression and talent is not being properly acknowledged. Such frustrated souls – like unrequited lovers – end up cutting off their ears (remember Van Gogh), or in other words the libido turns in on itself in a distorted way due to insufficient outlet and implodes in destruction. Even the meditating yogi needs to know how to harness the Kundalini force when it awakens, lest it overwhelm him or her and cause destruction. Patience and determination are required, though one may struggle to invoke the dedication to the long term goal here, one which sometimes requires a lifetime, and the sword of knowledge may occasionally not be sharp enough to cut the knots of material desire when they manifest. So watch out for any lack of patience, violent temper or sexual aggressiveness this weekend and maybe avoid potentially dangerous areas, for unconscious psychic forces can sometimes become externalised and play themselves out via other shadowy figures that confront us. Pluto can appear as the beggar, underworld gangster or other such character too.

As the Moon also joins this planetary combination, for a few hours when it crosses over the exact position of Mars around 4am South African time (2am GMT) on Sunday morning, adding a fourth influence, it pinpoints a particular high point in the general buildup. The Moon adds further emotional charge to the equation, and can be the catalyst that pushes the unsettled impulses over the edge. Those all night revelers out partying under the stars may feel this moment to be particularly intense.

This needn’t be only a negative experience this weekend, for their are ways to positively harness the modes or energies available in this planetary alignment, if one remains conscious and aware of one’s mind and senses. By finding a balance between ones selfish desires and the needs of others, we can experience this as a time of transformation in our relationships. The domineering tendency that usually results in power struggles can be surpassed as mature values of mutual cooperation enable one to rise above petty selfishness, and we find a win – win scenario to be more conducive to our overall life goals. By remembering those life goals, we can more easily see the best expression for our creative drives and use that as the guiding principle in charting our course through any narrow straits or rocky waters.