Upcoming mars opposition neptune


By the second week in October , we have a brief passing alignment of Mars and Neptune in opposition. Now Mars and Neptune are of themselves strange bedfellows.

AstrologyThe drive and action of Mars becomes dissipated or challenged by the Neptune archetype coming into our life via an outside source. Oppositions of planets regularly play themselves out in relationship encounters, where one person carries the qualities of the one planet and the other person adopts the opposing planet’s expression. Neptune here dissipates the action nature of Mars, particularly into subtle escapist activities like the old “wine, women and song trio”.

Other crucial activities may potentially get sidetracked if time gets misused and misappropriated. There can be a feeling of insidious procrastination if we’re not constantly keeping the goal in mind, evaluating the priorities, and remaining clear about the fact that life is short and only getting shorter, so we need to use the limited energy and drive that remains left to us  for the highest goal.

It’s ok to dream big now, wish upon a star, but just be sure it’s the most important one in your chart. The desire nature can become hard to control or keep focused on that main priority if we’re not careful.  Also watch out for getting mixed up in secret or underhand activities that are difficult to control. Neptune is so nebulous in its influence, and unconscious urges may slip out or be played out in our inter-relationship dynamics.

Physical ailments representing repressed desires may manifest psychosomatically, so keep a check on any injuries that appear. Ultimately and most importantly, Neptune can so easily play the sob story in a way that you find your sympathies being taken advantage of. If it’s an old pattern, then even more reason to nip it in the bud, because you can.