Hair Wraps on the Garden Route, South Africa

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Removable and permanent Hair Wraps, South Africa.

We use 100% quality embroidery cottons, an array of colours and designs to suit your fashion sense.

Removable and permanentFashionable hair wraps made up of 3 or more colours and finished off with up to 2 beads at the end.  The choice of colours and beads is yours.

The threads we use are 100% cotton and will not fade or break. You can simply and easily wash your hair or swim as per normal.

A hair wrap can take from 10 to 15 minutes to do, of course this depends on the length of your hair.

Hair wraps can also be done in the original permanent style, which can last for years to come if well maintained. Hair wrap fillers are the best way to maintain the hair wrap as it grows or simply unravel it.

Clip-extension removable style hair wraps can be positioned in your hair using favourite hair clip – this is especially enjoyed by those in an office environment or among the young ones still in school.

Add a hair wrap to your hair as a fond memory, a reflection of your inner child or simply a glamorous hair accessory.

This service is by appointed only – you can reach me after hours.


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