How mind and matter are interrelated – Your brain and meditation Pt2/2

By Julian Horack

We have three levels of mind that move form thinking to doing to being. By focusing our attention away from the environment around us, as well as our bodies, as well as time, we are able to move into a state of being. In this state the brain does not distinguish between what is happening in the outer world and the inner world of the mind. Thus you can, for example, rehearse a desired experience via though alone, and even experience the emotions of that thought before it has physically manifested. This new state of being means your mind and body are working as one. This is how we can rewrite our automatic habit programs, our attitudes and other unwanted subconscious mindsets.

When in this state of attentive meditation, we can close the gap between who you appear currently in your outer world, and who you really are or wish to be in your private inner world. We can break free from the old or unwanted emotions or patterns that we have become habituated to in our personalities. If we are stuck in predictable emotional reactions to our experiences in life, then there is no room for anything new to occur because we are viewing our life from the past instead of the future. This is the point where the soul can choose to either break free from the mental constructs of the past, or remain stuck. We can consciously liberate our energy, via our emotions, and become who we want to be, who we really are. This is a type of transparency and a step on the path to true freedom and ultimately liberation.

We need to demystify the mystical and realize that the process of meditation is a science. The brain has been mapped and scientists can see it is comprised of electromagnetic waves of frequency which change depending on the state of mind you are in. Meditation enables us to go beyond the analytical mind and enter the subconscious, where we can make real and permanent changes. In this way we can rise from our meditation as a different person form the one we were when we sat down to meditate because we connect with something greater and can there visualize our desired feelings, memorise them ans create a new coherence between our thoughts and our feelings, so that it becomes your new baseline. You can reach a point where nothing external can shift you from that standpoint or attitude. This is the position of mastering your environment, your body and time.

Ultimately the process of changing the mind to reflect ones true self or desired self, is a gradual one which works when a daily application of the meditation or visualization technique is used. In other words by applying ourselves to a daily process or practice of conscious upliftment, we can invoke our evolution. And with knowledge of the science of the brain, the mind and material energy, as well as an understanding of how to actually manipulate the malleable mind like a muscle, we will, in time, with a little practice, be able to achieve a much fuller version of ourselves, and indeed perhaps even become someone extraordinary. It’s all in the mind and the mind is a storehouse of magic. Magic is after all, only a science which we cannot yet explain. Well, now the explanations are coming to light, and armed with the torchlight of knowledge, both ancient mystical as well as modern scientific, we can see that which was once in darkness. And we will see that the old and the new are saying a similar thing and that the power is in our hands or our minds, to reinvent ourselves and become the hero of our own journey, as we have perhaps only ever dreamed of doing until now. So dream it, visualize it, and it will manifest within you.

Ref: Dr Joe Dispenza

(image pixabay)