Wormwood and iron annihilate 98 per cent of cancer cells in 16 hours

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies reject the idea that diet and healthy lifestyle choices can lead to a cancer-free life and can prevent or delay the evolution of this deadly disease.

Wormwood and IronAccording to a study published by Life Sciences, artemisinin, a derivate of the wormwood plant can kill 98 per cent of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours when paired with iron. On its own, the herb managed to reduce the breast cancer cells by 28 per cent, but when it joined forces with iron, normal cells were not affected by the treatment and had a better outcome.

The problem with mainstream cancer treatment is that it attacks not only cancer cells, but also the healthy ones, making the road to recovery heavier and in some cases even impossible because an acidic system with a stagnant lymphatic system that stems from poor dietary and lifestyle choices allows the disease to thrive. However, the body can be quickly alkalized and flooded with nutrients when people consume a predominantly plant-based and unprocessed diet.

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Source: australiannationalreview.com