Jupiter’s extended Square to Saturn

Jupiter trine SaturnSince Saturn came to a halt in its forward motion in March, late last month, it has come into a challenging square alignment with Jupiter which, owing to Jupiter’s simultaneous slowdown and station in May, will be with us until the end of May. Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since January and Saturn has also just gone into retrograde motion late last month, joining the cluster of five planets in simultaneous retrograde motion, which is a relatively rare coincidence, occurring maybe once every decade. (See previous article on this.) So the square alignment amongst these two moderately slow-moving planets has been stretched to last much longer that usual due to their simultaneous slowing down even further near there stationary positions in the zodiac.

In other words from mid March through until the end of May we may be able to experience in our lives the conflict between expansive Jupiter and constrictive Saturn, jostling for expression and trying to reach a resolution like two executives around a table at a board meeting with grand ideas but limited budget. The tension will be highest as the planetary alignment becomes exact in late March and again in late May, but they never move more than two degrees from that exact alignment during the course of their tryst.

Jupiter, being the biggest planet in the solar system, symbolises expansion, growth and optimism. while Saturn is the opposite in character, causing contraction, restriction, etc. Optimism and faith may be tested. Responsibility may stifle creativity. Positively harnessed, this time is an opportunity, therefore, to use the challenges of life to further cultivate and refine your own inherent faith in yourself or your mission in life. At times like these hard work, applied with patience and determination, may be required to reap the benefits. And although you may be challenged on your choices or tastes, sticking to your values and standards will benefit you, regardless of any criticism from dissenting parties.

On a practical level the global economic situation is in a slowdown, particularly for emerging economies, like the BRICS, who are all feeling the crunch hugely now. In fact the global economy never really recovered from the 2008 crash and has been tottering along like a comatose patient – “critical but stable” – although this kicking the can down the road may appear to be stable on the outside but those in the know will tell you that it is actually worse now than in 2008. So this season of the Jupiter – Saturn square will certainly challenge us all financially, none more so than those who have debt repayments to service, those who already live beyond their means in the bubble of capitalisms dependency on constant expansion despite living in a world of finite resources. Obviously it is a no win game, a pyramid scheme born to fail.

The solution is the inevitable tightening of the belt. But that is a short-term stop-gap measure for the moment, perhaps even a sinking to the new norm of super skinny, after the years of capitalist super size everything. Simply printing more paper money, as the Fed does in it’s “Quantitative Easing” strategy is the Jupiter balloon set to be burst by the Saturnine pin prick of reality. Us living on credit, when eventually Old Father Time, Saturn himself will one day demand a payback – with interest – is short-sightedness of the worst degree, and this year the chickens are coming home to roost. In South Africa food prises are now rising exponentially, by 30-50% during this very Jupiter Saturn square, and countries north of our borders are worse off. This challenge is a real one, and not simply some philosophical or metaphysical concept we can discuss while seated in our armchairs as an abstract mental construct. That is the nature of Saturn – it makes real and grounds us in the cold, hard facts of our existence in the material world.

How well we navigate this challenge will depend on how much we can handle austerity. How well can you do with less, how well can you downscale. Change is required and a shift in mindset is required. What ever happened to “small is beautiful” or “less is more”? The people who may struggle most here are the ones that have been living an overinflated existence, the artificial first-worlders. That unsustainable American Dream is an illusion. UK will suffer too as their government support in removed in health care, housing, pension and more. As the future seems uncertain and we are forced to re-evaluate our lifestyles or take criticism for our beliefs, those who are adept at adapting will win through. Saturn will oblige us to find new ways of cultivating a sense of prosperity, new ways of having fun. It will urge us to remember our inner treasures, our original value as a human being. Ultimately this human form of life is indeed a rare and valuable opportunity to awaken consciousness like never before, and to evolve, to remember our eternal constitutional position, the one that never changes despite the fluctuations in material facility.

When working harder no longer brings in the results then we need to work smarter. We need to re-evaluate the whole system, change it if it’s not working, and remember that time is on our side. Eternity awaits us. After all, we are not going anywhere. Planet Earth will always be here and so will we, whether in this body or the next (as a reincarnation or a descendant) so those who handle this situation now will go on to reap the rewards of personal growth and achievement, regardless of the challenges required. Real wealth is in character and friendships (consciousness and association), the rest is frills.