Total Solar Eclipse 9 March 2016 part 2

total solar eclipseThe Solar Eclipse on Wed 9 March 2016 falls at 19 degrees Pisces according to the western tropical system. Traditionally this particular degree of the zodiac would thus become a sensitive point in the sky for several months to come, triggered each time another planet crosses it. Anyone with a birthday this week, within 3 days of the Wednesday Eclipse on 9 March, will have their natal Sun conjunct or exactly aligned with this Eclipse. Thus they would feel the effects directly in their lives for the year ahead. Traditionally the leaders of countries where the solar eclipse was observed, would be fated to experience some trouble. The Sun was symbolically representative of the ruler and being eclipsed meant the ruler would also be eclipsed somehow.

The eclipsed Sun and the Moon conjunct the South Node this time, as well as planetoids Chiron (The Wounded Healer) and Ceres. The South Node or Ketu implies that the Moon is going from north to south as it passes the earth on its journey along the tilted plain of the ecliptic. The influence of the south node here suggests an area of vulnerability, and is more related to giving as opposed to the theme of receiving when the North Node (Rahu) is involved. So loss or sacrifice is the main theme this week. Otherwise on a higher octave it also implies having a gift to share, or something expected of you. This is especially applicable to those with birthdays this week. This corresponds with the symbolism of Pisces very strongly, for Pisces also traditionally symbolises sacrifice, service or similar themes. Similarly Chiron is also directly associated with these very same themes. That’s why he is known as “The Wounded Healer”. Chiron is a new heavenly body discovered recently, in 1977, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus in the solar system. Of course being conjunct or so close to the Sun, Chiron is considered combust, and thus his influence is diminished at this time. So for some a crisis of sorts may be necessary to turn things around and restore a healthy balance. For example we may need to sacrifice certain foodstuffs or activities in order to restore our physical health in some way. Or we may need to end a relationship so that we can find inner harmony once more. The closer this eclipse is to your birthday (or to any planet in your horoscope) the more significant its influence will be in your life. The Sun symbolises your health and vitality to a degree, as well as your sense of identity or individuality. So this can be for you a year of making important contacts or critical decisions that change your personality to some degree. Those born exactly 6 months away, between 10-15 September – with their Sun sign at the polar opposite point of 19 degrees Virgo – will also be influenced most strongly by this upcoming eclipse. Even if the eclipse falls on your Ascendant point in your horoscope, you will feel its effects more directly. Last year’s total Lunar Eclipse of 28 September 2015 fell on my Ascendant and severely affected my health, the effects of which I still carry. So check your personal horoscope to see where this eclipse will fall in your chart. Either way the effect can be destabilizing and so it is suggested that we postpone any major decision making during this time.

Because the eclipse degree becomes a critical point in the zodiac – some say for up to 3 years – we need to note when other planets cross that same degree, here 19 degrees Pisces. For example Mercury crosses it just a week later on 16 March, and Venus on 22 March. Mars crosses it in a just under a year from now, on 13 January 2017. Some say these dates may denote spectacular events, as the planets trigger the eclipse point. Let’s observe and report. Even last year’s eclipse points might therefore also still be critical.

Opposite the above mentioned cluster of Sun, Moon, South Node (Ketu) and Chiron, is Jupiter and the North Node (Rahu). And square them both is Saturn, just over 2 degrees from and exact 90 degree alignment. This gives us a mutable T-square between all these heavenly bodies, as they fall in the mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. The T-square distinctly accentuates the Saturn theme of obstacles and the necessity of overcoming them, as well as a strong, vigorous, ambitious aspiration to act in a way that will relieve the pressure or overcome the obstacle. In a mature person this can lead to achievements and a push toward success. Being in mutable signs, the eclipse and T-square alignment suggests a crisis of indecision or wavering, along with the need to make a change, to adjust or be flexible, to let go even.

Eclipses come in pairs, and the accompanying Lunar Eclipse falls in 2 weeks time, on 23 March, at the next full moon, traditionally celebrated annually by Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindus as Gaura Purnima (Golden Full Moon). It marks the advent or birth of the famous avatar of Krishna, known as Gauranga Mahapraphu, or Sri Krishna Chaitanya, who coincidentally was actually also born during a lunar eclipse in the 16th Century. Who knows, perhaps this could be the moment for another avatar to appear from the womb of some famous mother. This Lunar Eclipse will not be total though, but is considered “annular”, where the Sun is farthest from the earth and the moon at its closest to the earth, so that when aligning with the earth, the Moon’s disk will not be large enough to fully cover the disk of the Sun, but will only cover the central portion, leaving the outer rim of the Sun to show, like a bright ring. That should be an epic sight. Worthy of an epic birth, the birth of someone balanced and centred in themselves, as far as their masculine and feminine natures are concerned, their yin and yang, their Ida and Pingala channels, their left and right brain hemispheres. We can but pray.