Sun conjunct Pluto from darkness into light

Sun conjunct Pluto astrology

Throughout this week the Sun’s alignment with Pluto, which peaks on Wednesday 6 January, should provide the opportunity to transform our natures, to rejuvenate even, our personality or self-expression. This will be most strongly felt by those born during the month of Capricorn, but will be available to us all, for better or worse. Willpower is increased as we find ourselves tapping into “the force”, otherwise known as the chi or prana, the life force that animates all life. Powerful insights into this underlying force are available this week to the discerning and observant aspirant on the path of evolving consciousness.

Pluto, the archetypal Lord of the Underworld is joined by the Sun, Lord of the Conscious awareness so that as the two extreme opposites combine – one symbolising total darkness and the other total light – we have the opportunity to unite within ourselves those very aspects of conscious and unconscious, to bring to light that which is lying dormant as hidden potential within us, and experience a state of empowerment as it brings out the best in us, or if we’re very covered by illusion, the worst in us. Just like atomic power, the force can be used for great good or great harm. Even the demons like Hiranyakasipu were able to invoke tremendous willpower and perform austeries to invoke the power they desired, but their motivation was a selfish and ruthless ambition to conquer and exploit the world. Similarly with us it all depends on our motivation. When the force is harnessed, or when we gain access to buried psychic contents in our unconscious, it can greatly empower us or bring out the dark side.

In those with lower natures, encountering the force may lead to a desire to dominate or control the material energy or other people. The propensity for “purusha bhava” thinking oneself the controller over “prakriti” material nature, primarily expresses itself as the sex desire, or the desire for wealth, controlling more of the material energy. Some gain a sense of power by dominating other people, forcing their will on them, as we see with modern day banks who have hijacked capitalism, rewritten the banking laws so that they became too big to fail, then too big to jail, and now too big to bail. When the global financial crisis hit in 2007/8 it was the banks who were rescued by taxpayers money when government gave them a “bailout” of billions. This year we will see it go a step further as they introduce the “bail-in”. Banks in certain countries are now simply confiscating their client’s savings from their savings accounts to pay for the financial difficulties the banks get themselves into. Even in the Great Depression of the 1930s people may have lost money but eventually banks were able to repay their clients. This century’s Great Depression is worse because while we weren’t looking, those in power to whom we turn for shelter, namely the politicians, lawyers and bankers, have colluded to rewrite the laws so that they don’t pay for their mistakes caused by their greed, but you do.
Check out if you are interested in this aspect of world economics and how the capitalist elite have abused their power, swindled the system and are actually using you to make themselves rich at your expense. Financial slavery is a primary example of how little demons of today are using the force, the power they achieve, to feed their greed. Few people know of this or realise how enslaved they are even today. Curiously it is us, the people, who have given our power away, who are disempowered by our ignorance and their villainy. Yet it is the people, the masses, who can now reclaim that power. We have the opportunity to harness the force and use it for our betterment. Whether you join with the dark side or serve the light is up to you. When the USSR collapsed in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, most thought that communism had failed and so capitalism was the way. But the truth is that capitalism has also failed, or rather it has been corrupted to such a degree that it requires another revolution to return the system to order.

And a revolution of sorts is available to us this week, whether it involves a revival of something broken or worn out, the transformation of something redundant or the awakening of that which was sleeping, certainly the harnessing of the force can help us uncover the truth, get to the bottom and see the illusion of reality for what it is. Therfore it is crucial that we align ourselves with the higher good, that we make ourselves available as instruments of the Divine will, in order to best channel the life force, the prana, for our own benefit and that of others. Otherwise the selfish use of power does eventually backfire and cause our own destruction, as we see in those with a power complex, the dictators of the past and present, both overt and covert.

At the end of the day each person’s power is simply borrowed from the original source of all power, and thus we work in our own best interests by aligning and maintaining harmony therewith. So this week as the Sun crosses over the position of Pluto in the zodiac, observe your desires and urge for power, your ego’s tendencies in general and remember that the higher we climb, the further we may fall, and that by being of service in uplifting others will naturally elevate us as a concomitant byproduct. Icarus flew too close to the Sun and had to fall, and similarly when the ego, by too close of an identification with the Supersoul thinks himself to be The One, s/he too will be burned by overinflation and have to fall back down once again. The ascending path via your Tower of Babel can only take you so high, but rather by mercy descending from above you can truly achieve that consummation devoutly to be wished, that union within the heart.