Sun and Mars aspect Uranus for a true revolution of consciousness

With Uranus receiving a simultaneous trine from the Sun and opposition from Mars this week, the revolutionary tendency is likely to be very evident. Interest in new techniques as well as new technology may present us with an opportunity to upgrade our lives in some way. New and stimulating social exchanges and ideas should also present themselves as an urge toward original or independent behaviour arises.


As much as tradition has its place, if you or your organization or society is becoming a bit stagnant or stuck in static ways of expression, then a conflict of interests may arise. One side may want to uphold tradition while the other may go against the status quo, appearing somewhat iconoclastic in their urge to revamp the application of those traditions. Even when both sides seem dedicated to the cause, a conflict may emerge as to the best way to serve that cause. Even two brothers can sometimes end up fighting about how to please the father. Whether within ones own mind, or within an organisation, this conflicting loggerhead of ideas juxtaposing each other can appear as a challenge to authority, an insurrection or revolution amongst the ranks. Social responsibility and social justice will take presidence now while hypocrisy will not be tolerated, particularly amongst the leadership. It is, for example, such a mood that causes the revolutionary political ruling party that brought about liberation decades ago, to be questioned when it’s leaders seem to be turning into the new oppressors. Or the revolutionary society that liberated consciousness back then to be questioned when they still show an overemphasised hierarchical structure or lack of gender equality. Then the same liberators ironically become seen as the obstacle in the path of the new breakaways. The new generation usually seems more radical than the previous, and nothing seems more oxymoronic than a radical traditionalist, but they do exist. Some in jihadi political movements and others in equally revolutionary spiritualist groups that urge a return to higher traditional standards. Certainly the old wine does occasionally need to be presented in new bottles, even if simply to make it more appealing to the thirsty masses.


There is an urgency today to think of the future, seldom felt as strongly until now, because the entire planet is at stake. New revolutionary techniques, which may even be old techniques needing reviving, are required including new attitudes towards our earth, it’s ecology and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. And as the world’s leaders conclude another climate discussion in Paris, thousands demonstrate in the streets – ignoring a ban on gatherings – to hold their leaders to account, as they engage in talk after talk while still polluting at mortifying levels for the planet. A clash of liberties is at hand, and the more fervent the cries for change, the greater the chances of success. Something will have to give. We cannot expect current lifestyles as well as global ecology to maintain side by side. If just one shift were made in consciousness, for example the move away from mass meat eating, the end of industrial scale cattle farming for meat could simultaneously end methane emissions (which supercede carbon dioxide in destroying the atmosphere) and save water, the new critically endangered commodity. But that requires real radicalism, progressive thinking and a wake up call that many have not yet heard, as they slumber in a bed made by generations long since extinct. Some ideas like this one are in fact ancient practices in certain cultures that will appear revolutionary in their revival, but which can be our saving grace as a planet. Who amongst us is revolutionary enough to revive a meat-free, organic tradition of old in order to ensure our survival into the future? Who is liberal enough to realize that our so-called freedom to eat an animal is a total violation of that animal’s rights, as well as a ticket to global destruction? Freedom is a liberty that requires many restrictive checks and balances, something only a true revolutionary will actually comprehend.