Mercury “Cazimi” at the heart of the Sun

Merury conjunct sunToday is the day that Mercury goes Cazimi – into the heart of the Sun. The Sun’s rays are so bright that any planet within 8 degrees of the Sun is considered “combust”, and thus its strength in a chart is considered diminished. However, the exception to this is when the planet comes to an exact alignment, within 17 minutes (there are 60 minutes to a degree of zodiac arc.) At this position, as we have today from sunrise South African time at 05h15 in my location, the planet is more powerful than ever in its influence. This peaks at 16h00, which would be an ideal time to conduct your ritual, design your talisman, offer your prayer or meditation to invoke the blessings of Mercury, and continues until 04h00 tomorrow18 Nov. Since Mercury rules the intellect in a horoscope, this will make the intellect burn brighter, so to speak. It is as if the Winged Messenger has entered the throne room for a personal audience with the Sun King directly. The symbolism of Mercury reminds me of Narada Muni, the transcendental space man and eternal sage mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts like Bhagavat Purana, who could travel to all worlds or dimensions – Hell, Earth and Heaven – via the sound vibration he made on his Vina musical instrument. He is allowed the audience of the Divine Lord Vishnu whenever he chooses.

These astrological terms originate way back in the mists of time to the ancient Greeks and Arabs at least since the time of Christ and before, as well as the Ancient Indian masters who even pre-date that. Then the Medieval scholars carried it forward, and it has been handed down ever since. So these are not new concepts, but rather tried and tested observations based on the movement of the stars in the night sky.

Any baby born today with Mercury conjunct or so tightly aligned with the Sun, is blessed to be in possession of some kind of brilliance, and will very likely be an intellectual or business genius. So congratulations to you! Mercury orbitThere are two such points of exact alignment of Mercury and the Sun about 3 times a year, making 6 days in total, and 3 of them, the “Superior conjunctions” – when Mercury is on the far side of the Sun from Earth’s point of view – are most potent. And today is one of those. It is like the full moon stage of this particular planetary cycle. Actually all planets can make this exact alignment with the Sun whenever they are seen as conjunct, though such times occur randomly and less often throughout the year. Because Mercury is so close to the Sun it occurs most often. Venus, being also closer than us to the Sun, also has more regular such exact alignments. And when a planet becomes thus invisible due to the effulgence of the Sun’s rays, its influence becomes less physical and more astral or ethereal in the personality on that day, or in the life of one born that day. So if this article seems highly intellectual yet a bit ethereal or abstract, you know why.