Saturn square Neptune

saturn 2Slower moving outer planets like Saturn and Neptune rarely make noteworthy alignments amongst themselves due to their pace, but when they do, the alignments last that much longer.

For example as Saturn crawls slowly into a square aspect with Neptune, which becomes exact around the end of November, the last two months of the year may be tinged with this somewhat awkward influence.

It may well be approaching that holiday time of the year, but now is not the time to be shirking any duties or responsibilities. The tendency to want to run away or to escape may arise now. Either there are the hard facts of survival in this ruthless and corrupt world that need to be addressed, or there may even be unconscious and therefore unidentified anxieties or neuroses that could crop up now.

Sometimes the fear of living is just so great that we take shelter of drugs to escape, like a child hiding from the shadow at the bedroom door, a shadow that may actually be that of a family member offering a gift, but wrongly perceived in the imagination as something fearful. That’s what a paranoia is – a misplaced fear. At its worst it leads to institutionalization. The psychosis or addiction to escapism becomes so great that one cannot function in normal life any more and incarceration is required.

Some sensitive souls have enough insight to retreat to a monastery or place of sanctuary when life appears too harsh, but sometimes one may just end up possessed by ones own inner demons or unrecognised psychic complexes, and end up losing so much energy that one is left with tremendous feelings of inferiority or confusion and an inability to find direction or face life. These are all themes to watch out for.

Or even if one is working hard now, efficiency may just seem to elude us. Or help may not be there like we thought, either because we have used too much cunning or devious intent that we alienate ourselves, or because in our pursuit of our greedy desires, we simply attract scandal, intrigue or even worse, we lose sight of our own highest interest in our pursuit of illusory goals.

So watch out for these themes in your life, peaking around the end of November and trailing into December, and be forewarned by this insight in time. Fortunately a rare few can still use this opportunity to find practical expression for their dreams, visions or artistic or altruistic pursuits. Will it be you?