Retreats & Therapies Offered

Retreat Packages

White Light offers various holistic retreats and packages to rejuvenate, align and harmonise even the most stressed out beings. Our unique packages are tailor-designed to fit in with your requirements and desires.

Take time out to rejuvenate yourself in South Africa… Where magic takes place on a daily basis. Reconnect with nature, be pampered and healed by the best Natural Therapists, Courses & Holistic Tours available in SA.

Treat your mind, emotions, spirit and physical body to achieve successful health and freedom.

A Package includes a roster set up of exclusive alternative therapies from massage, energy work to yoga classes. There are also an array of extra mural activities at an extra cost, that will re-connect you with nature and your pristine being.

If you are living in a city, live a stressful lifestyle, suffer from addiction, a debilitating aliment, dis-order or dis-ease then this retreat is just what you need. You not only benefit from all the pampering, but your ailments  are dealt with from the core, where all dis-ease  and dis-orders begin.

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