About Us

Natural healing

The White Light Holistic Network is a national online holistic directory providing an informative list via media, listings and advertising – regarding all aspects of holistic therapy, health and green living.

Healing Therapies

The aim of the White Light Holistic Network is to cover every aspect of a person’s being, from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, to the benefits of alternative medicines and environmental balances.

This space has been created for those who would like to heal, teach, learn and share within the art of natural healing and green living.

White Light Holistic Network is a conduit for healing, that takes the whole person into consideration. Our belief is that optimal health can be achieved through maintaining a balance in life.

Healthy Living

Here at the White Light Holistic Network we do not discriminate against age, gender or race – we are all one here and we are not a religion. All religions are welcome to participate, share and create a space that will better serve a persons’ higher wellbeing, no radicalism will be tolerated.

We are open to people from all walks of life and facilitate healthy, green living. If your product or service is beneficial to the healing of the users and our Mother Earth, then you are most welcome to engage in our holistic network and spread your light and love.