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Venus in Scorpio and the power of love

Venus in ScorpioMundane interpretation of this Venus position usually suggests heightened eroticism and the passion of lovers, but as the goddess of love also makes a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces on the Libra new moon day of 1 October, we need to delve a little deeper into the mystery of Love and its ability to awaken us to the real goal of life.

At its lowest level the transit of Venus through Scorpio from 23 Sept – 18 October symbolises a period of lust and desire, the preoccupation of nubile teens overwhelmed by the mating instinct and the desire to increase their attractiveness on a shallow or superficial surface level. Venus rules the ability to attract, ones attractiveness, as well as ones values – what one wants to attract. Ideally we should mature beyond that naive level of our teenage years, where our undeveloped ego can think no further than the body as the self and the sensory pleasures of the body as the primary driving factor, coupled perhaps with the ego boost of being able to attract admirers due to the reproductive curves and capacities of the body. After all, the underlying reason as to why a person looks attractive is hard-wired into us based purely on their ability to make fine babies. You can try to fool yourself otherwise, but the curves of a woman’s hips and breasts are nothing but secondary sexual characteristics that tell a man instinctively that she can bear and raise fine babies. Similarly the male appears attractive to the female due to his secondary sexual characteristics of being able to procreate and protect the mother and baby from harm. As we grow to maturity, particularly spiritual maturity, we become conscious of what was once blind instinctive and downright illusory programming, and our levels of so-called love or attraction evolve.

Venus in Scorpio at a slightly more evolved level then looks for a soul mate. Let’s remember too that the Sun is currently in Libra, facilitating the urge to relate to the other, to partner up, to look for balance or wholeness by finding someone to complete us if we feel the absence of our own other half, our opposite brain hemisphere, our anima or animus. Then Venus in Scorpio seeks out the “soul mate” since casual love is not fulfilling enough. By then the sensual side is somewhat transcended, yet still the subtle sense of ego still persists and what we seek out is nothing more than a mirror of our ego, someone who reflects back to us our presumed good qualities, who sees how lovable or attractive we are and provides a deep and faithful commitment to partnership, thus allowing us to feel whole or complete in that partnership. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio can lead to intensified emotional expression, where breakups can occur, coupled by make-ups soon after. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, death and rebirth. Yet it is also the sign best able to facilitate transcendence, and that is when Venus here really evokes – in those who wish to know – real depths, or should I say real heights of Love.

With Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces now, peaking on 1 Oct, we really have an opportunity to discover or uncover secret love affairs, spiritualised love, or the mystery of surrender. When the seeker has risen above the bodily identification and understands him/herself to already contain both male and female sides in their nature, then an externalised expression of the opposite or the other is no longer necessary, or is seen merely as a projection of the inner unconscious half. Then with the realization that all living beings are interconnected, s/he feels a love that encompasses all life, a compassion and empathy that allows one to embrace the whole world and all who reside thereon. The love of Radha and Krishna in the Vedic tradition of the Bhakti yoga path perfectly exemplifies the topmost secret love affair, secret because it transcends even the love for ones own wedded spouse, it transcends the laws of the land. “Love above the law” as Crowley, a Libran himself, echoed. That is the love of the devotee for the Divine, the soul for the Supersoul, the self for the Supreme. Indeed esoteric Vedic texts describe how the God and the Goddess, Krishna and Radha, are actually One, but simultaneously separated, and that we ourselves as spirit soul are also One with, yet simultaneously separate from the Source, the Godhead.

Venus in ScorpioMystic yogis, Sufis and Bhaktas have alluded to this all along, yet it requires that the mundane physical love and sex centres, like the second and fourth chakras are sublimated, dis-identified with the physical body, purified of the illusory covering to really facilitate a Higher Love. And that is not always so easy. However, this current transit of Venus is an opportunity to have just such insights into the deeper nature of our love, along with its compassion and empathy. Even great healing can take place now, based on internalised realizations. Psychic healing comes from knowing oneself, and knowing our relationship with the other at its deepest level, the level of consciousness or spirit. Spiritualised love is what the spirit soul really seeks. And as we know being in love means there is a lover and a beloved. There are two, and there is a relationship. So to say we are one with God is a misnomer. It may be correct in one sense, but needs to be qualified. And that is the secret revealed by the Bhakti yoga path, for oneness eliminates the capacity for love, or “prema” in Sanskrit. The real Vedic conclusion, or Siddhanta is “Inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference”. Now there is the meaning of life summed up in a meme you can put on a T-shirt. We may be one in spiritual quality with the Godhead, but we are small by comparison in quantity, a mere fractional fractal of the great hologram. So there are actually three components – the lover, the beloved and the love exchanged or shared.

So there you have it. I have just revealed the greatest secret known to mankind, the Secret of the Golden Flower, the Philosopher’s Stone, the meaning of life, and now you have it. Venus in Scorpio is perfect for discovering this esoteric level of love. Love is the goal of the soul. It is also the power that charges our bioelectric field, our aura, when used as the process to link up to the Divine. So let that Kundalini rise, having subdued the mundane expression thereof, and strengthen your bioelectric field and you will see miracles happen. You will have the magic in your hands. You will know the power of love.

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Venus in Scorpio as The Force Awakens

Venus in ScorpioWith Venus in Scorpio all of this month we may well experience first hand what it means when “The Force Awakens”. I know this is the latest Star Wars movie title, and apt that it should be, for the Force, is also the Kundalini shakti, the female divinity and counterpart to the masculine deity in the pantheons of old. The Force has numerous faces and depending on our state of consciousness she will awaken within us for better or worse this month. Although Venus (the goddess by her Roman name) is in a position of “detriment” while in the sign of Scorpio in December, she is in one of her most potent manifestations. “Detriment” merely describes the sign opposite to the traditional ruling sign or home of the planet, which with Venus is the opposite sign of Scorpio, namely Taurus.

The force of Venus is now at her most intense, and thus the allure of this Maya shakti can bewilder the most discerning aspirant on the path of enlightenment. It is a time when women can use their sensuality to turn the heads of men, and men can find the urge simply irresistible. The fact is that this illusory force has every one of us under her spell in the material world, regardless of gender. It is mostly euphemistic to label the villain as a female, something which resulted in the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, and which results in the denigration of women still today by Saudi Arabia and other Sharia Islamic states. This is an unfortunate state of affairs, because it is not women that are the personification of evil, but rather the bewitched and bewildered state of consciousness within the eye of every beholder which needs to be addressed.

Venus here intensifies the desire nature, the mode of passion, or lust, which expresses itself in some as the longing for romance and procreation. But the reality is that we don’t actually fall in love with the other person, but rather we fall in love with ourselves through the other person. This is the real unconscious mechanism at play in the mind and ego of us all. We fall in love with ourselves through others; because we are seeking to develop in a relationship that which is incomplete in ourselves. In psychology the term used to describe this is “projection”. We are all so bewildered by the force of the Illusory potency, thrown like a covering over us by the goddess Maya Devi, that we can only really see the world subjectively through our own foggy subjective dream picture. We are the central character in our story, and whoever even vaguely fits the profile can immediately become a secondary character in our movie, for our pleasure. We see ourselves as the controller and all else is ours to control. The problem is that for a start we can’t even see ourselves properly, so we also fail to see others for who they really are. So when someone comes along that looks as if they could potentially play out our unexpressed or unconscious side of ourself, we bring them onto our stage and expect them to perform to our script or projection. At first we see only our projection, and thus become totally enamoured. We fall in love with them. Of course it is only because we see our projected self, part of our ego in them, and because they satisfy our desires, that we love them so. But in time, we notice that they are not quite playing the part exactly as we want. They are after all themselves, and have their own qualities, which may differ from our projection slightly. It is at this time that the illusion begins to slip a bit and we find our love dwindling. Eventually in those who are less conscious it leads to the one you loved becoming the one you hate, and separation results. This is not a new realization, yet despite knowing the theory it trips us up time and again.

This month should be a time for women to feel empowered as the Force awakens, a time for them to access their power of attraction, but also a time when they need to take responsibility for using it wisely, and in the best interests of all. Women have been oppressed for too long and scapegoated by ignorant men who are unconscious of their true natures or overwhelmed by their instinctive natures. In my country, with the highest rape statistics in the world, the annual “16 days of activism against abuse of women” has just ended, where campaigns were held to educate society about proper behaviour. In Pakistan, where the Taliban militantly denounce the education of any female child, they even went so far as to shoot in the head a teenage girl who was campaigning for the right to go to school. Her name is Malala Yusefzai, and after surviving the bullet to the head, she went on to address the UN general assembly on her 16th birthday, and then became the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history at the age of 17. Time Magazine went on to list her, for 3 years in a row (2013-15) in their top 100 most influential women in the world, and she appeared on the cover of Time as a result. That is the kind of power a woman can achieve, even on a mundane, humanitarian platform, what to speak of spiritual consciousness awakening. There is a serious debate in some spiritual organizations as to whether women can become bishops or swamis or gurus, or even manage a temple, and of course in India it is seen as totally taboo. But I ask you, who is the current leader of the entire continent of Europe? Well, the answer is Germany. And the leader of Germany is a woman, Angela Merkel. So if a women can lead Europe…? By saying a woman can’t qualify to lead because of her gender, is to exclude in one swoop half of your candidates to the post, some of whom may be your own better half. Even India herself has been lead in the past by a woman president in the form of Mrs Gandhi. The mother is the first guru. It is the mother that lays the foundation of consciousness in every future male.

So this month, as Venus saunters through Scorpio, allow women to find their power, while at the same time remembering the power they have over easily bewildered men. And let’s all respect the Force as it awakens, for it is the force of life and death within us all for better or worse, in sickness and in health. It is the feminine potency of the divinity, it is the goddess in all her guises. It is the original worshipable deity of nations throughout history, since time before Christ, and it is here to stay. May the Force be with you.