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Western versus Vedic Astrology

AstrologyWhen considering Western astrology (tropical zodiac) versus Vedic astrology or Jyotish (siderial zodiac), one may ask, “what’s the difference?” Well to be exact, the difference between the tropical and siderial zodiac is 23 degrees. That is the fundamental difference in the zodiac wheel of 360 degrees. If we go back around 1500 – 2000 years we see that the two zodiac systems were aligned. However, due to the precession of the equinox, which moves at around 1 degree every 70 years, the alignment has drifted to about 23 degrees apart. So for example any planet within the first 23 degrees of a sign of the tropical Western zodiac, will appear back in the previous sign of the siderial Vedic zodiac wheel. The precession of the equinox is a 26000 year cycle, where the earth wobbles on its axis, and thus the two zodiac systems would realign every 26000 years, when the wobble came back full circle to its original position. By staying true to the positions in the heavens of planets used thousands of years ago, the western system has moved out of alignment with the actual literal or real zodiac used by Jyotish and by astronomers globally. So the Vedic positioning of the planets is the accurate one literally speaking, and yet both systems have revealed themselves to be remarkably meaningful and valuable in their results. One can only wonder about this.

A secondary or more general difference between Western astrology and Vedic astrology is that the Vedic astrologer focuses primarily on prediction, or the client’s future fame, fortune, and finances, whereas the Western astrologer also focuses – ironically – on analysing personality, talents, potential character and abilities. This appears contradictory to the general understanding that the Vedic wisdom usually discusses one’s true nature, original identity and self-realization, while the west is usually more preoccupied with mundane future potential success or failure. Well it is rather paradoxical that roles seem to be reversed here, but the reason for this is that the West is so much more aligned with the notion of “free will”, where individuals make their own fate and fortune based on their personal desires and choices. On the other hand, the Vedic culture, which has worked for thousands of years with Jyotish as a system largely used for prediction, is steeped in a tradition of predestiny, where according to the caste system, one is born into a certain role, like servant or merchant, based on the father’s position, and that is where one stays. So there is much less room for using free will or conscious choice to make one’s fate or build character. So whereas it initially appears as if Jyotish has the more accurate approach to astrological interpretation, now it seems as if the western analysis which gives details as to one’s personality with its strengths and flaws, seems to be the more appropriate or meaningful one.

There are other differences in the two systems, like the use of the recently discovered outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – by Western astrology, but not by Jyotish. These outer planets were, of course, never visible until the invention of the telescope in the west. Still further asteroids – like Chiron, Juno, etc – have also been discovered and named in recent years, and some contemporary astrologers are incorporating their use and interpretation into horoscope analyses too. Jyotish, on the other hand, uses the 27 Nakshatra divisions, or lunar mansions of 13.5 degrees each, to divide up and interpret the horoscope. Thus there are various similarities and also differences in the two astrological systems, and the modern astrologer can happily incorporate both into his or her analysis of any individual. Vedic literature had such a vast library of instruction into the self, the identity and one’s role in the cosmos, that astrology was not needed to understand oneself, but was simply used as a tool of prognostication and prediction for the future of the person in question. The West, on the other hand, had much less instruction into the nature of consciousness, identity and selfhood, that until the advent of modern psychology, astrology was used by alchemists and doctors to analyse the person according to the horoscope with its four elements and corresponding humours (choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic). Modern psychological research has subsequently discovered and constructed a system of psychoanalysis, which some find corresponds with astrology and can be used in tandem when analysing personality. And as we advance, we are coming almost full circle, as modern research now sometimes echoes ancient instructions as to the nature of matter, self and consciousness.

Ultimately it seems that as long as one is sincere in wishing to discover the true meaning of life, the true nature of oneself, one will find answers in either system. Even Vedic culture, when seen from a mundane point of view, without accurate spiritual interpretation, can appear incomplete or can limit one to a caste system that traps us in a totally unnecessary mould, based on birth. It is only when we understand the transcendent wisdom of Vedanta that we see destiny to be based not on birth, but on qualities and actions, as stated in Bhagavad Gita. And likewise even modern western psychology is based to a degree on speculation which results in forever revising and reviewing its analysis of consciousness, whereas Vedanta has always had the inside track on that core crucial subject matter. So ultimately astrology, whether western or Vedic, should always be seen in perspective, or in relation to real self-awareness or self-realization, which identifies one as existing before this horoscopic birth, as beyond the limitations and paradigms of the birth chart alone. Nevertheless, if you have your exact time of birth, for both systems are adamant about that foundation, then astrology can aid one in a mundane understanding of personality, and thus like a mirror held up to our ego, reflect back at us what we instinctively already know, but find comfort in re-membering when presented from an apparently objective outside source.

Mercury still conjunct Pluto exposing the hidden truth for all

Mercury conjunct PlutoSince Mercury is at its slowest now during the stationary phase, it has languished at the same degree or two of the zodiac for the entire last week of January. And that very position happens to be precisely conjunct Pluto. So although I have mentioned the Mercury – Pluto conjunction this past week in a previous article, I want to elaborate still further on this unusually extended alliance and alignment between the closest and furthest planets from the Sun. We are talking about the fastest and the slowest planets in the zodiac coincidentally spending an entire week at such an exact alignment, the likes of which is seldom seen in the history of their liaisons. Mercury, ambassador of the rational mind, and Pluto, ambassador of the Underworld and all its hidden contents, are locked in step having serious negotiations, where the symbolic result on our psyches this week is sure to be a compulsive urge to ferret out those hidden secrets kept in the dark until now. What skulduggery is being perpetrated behind closed doors that needs to be exposed, needs to be made conscious, needs to be made known to the public, brought up from Pluto’s underworld realm so that we can know what’s really going on?

The mind is empowered now as Mercury aligns with Pluto, with the resourcefulness, lucidity and determination to seek the truth, regardless of the illusions it shatters along the way. Mercury may symbolise the investigative journalist, the media, who now expose certain unsavoury truths in their press releases. For example it turns out that the top six banks in the world, the institutions we take our money to for safe keeping, have been found guilty of illegally manipulating the downfall of multiple currencies across the globe, including our humble ZAR. Thus they have been fined $5.6 billion for their criminality, which has been going on for five years, but was only exposed this week as Mercury and Pluto align. In other words the biggest of the big corporations, the ones that are supposed to be the safest and have our best interests at heart, are actually the biggest villains. Therefore how can we take anyone at face value any more? And a little fine is not going to stop them. This is not the first time they have been caught fraudulently manipulating the global financial market to such a degree that entire countries can be crushed at their mere whim. Indeed it was similar financial superpowers that deliberately caused the entire global financial crisis of 2008, the one from which we are still trying unsuccessfully to recover. Certain individuals made piles of profit from crippling the world in that way. And that is precisely the evil that lurks below the surface, the Plutonian shadow banking industry, the Mafia who enslave us, that are being investigated, exposed and publicly shamed in the press today. At least the Mafia are open criminals. These banksters are secret criminals and thus more insidious in their villainy, showing a respectable public persona while behind the scenes they rob you blind.

And where else might this blatant criminality be going on? The rise in journalist assassinations around the globe in the past few years clearly tells us that there are political evils being perpetrated that these journalists wish to expose. We become empowered by such knowledge of the truth. Knowledge will always be power, and that is why those who steal power mercilessly will always try to hide it from the masses to keep us disempowered. Well, there will always be truth seekers who smell something rotten in the state of Terra. We the people are slowly becoming informed, thanks to the internet, and are rising up against the political oppressors of this world – the biggest ones being the worst. Let’s see how long our internet freedom actually lasts.

The compulsive communicator archetype is activated, during this Mercury – Pluto alignment, but superficial gossip will not suffice. At times like these we are forced to realize that life cannot be taken at face value. No one can be trusted any more. We are all under bigger illusions than we realize, thinking our democratic voting system is fair while behind the scenes it’s a rigged game and the house always wins. Yet a bigger illusion exists, and that is the depth of insight to which we should really be diving. The real illusion of Maya under which we all slumber is, of course, the illusion of our actual identity, of who we really are. Schools, colleges, advertisers and politicians are all tools used by Maya to keep us in the dark as to the truth. Those in power have vested interests in the masses remaining in ignorance, for then they remain disempowered, unconscious of their real potential to overthrow their captor, the prison warden, and rise up to the their original glory. Political and economic underworld villainy has been going on since time immemorial, but even more importantly the real truth of our identity beyond this shell of a body and automatic programme of a mind is to be found in ancient sacred texts like the Vedas, where those who wish to go deeper have discovered such revelations as “aham brahmasmi” – I am eternal spirit. I am not this temporary body. And as spirit I have an identity of “sad chit ananda” – eternal, fully blissful consciousness. That is the real secret truth that needs to be exposed and revealed to the world, instead of being suppressed by those in power who wish to keep us in the dark so that we can be exploited for their pleasure. That is what you call going to the root of the matter, the root of life on earth, compared to which the politics and economics of the day are superficial and secondary issues. By diving into the depths of Pluto’s hidden underworld domain, we find not only dark and shady truths, but also the buried treasure more valuable than gold – the treasure of transcendent consciousness. Pluto is the Lord of buried treasure, and so at times like these we have a perfect opportunity to plummet those depths and find out who we are and thus become empowered by that self-realization to such a degree that we once more are able to glimpse the ecstasy inherent in our own selves, the real gold which has been kept hidden from us for the benefit of those that will exploit humanity, whether they be in the guise of politician, banker or even priest. So take this opportunity to get to the root of your identity as eternal consciousness and life will never appear the same again.

Venus trine Uranus to meet the man of the moment

Venus trine uranusHey the good news is that Venus is slowly moving out of the sombre shadow of Saturn and into a harmonious trine or 120 degree angle to Uranus. That should fire up our social life once again for a day or two. It gives the inclination to enjoy life, as opposed to feeling it to be a burden thrust upon us by some cruel twist of fate. Happiness is there for the making and it is yours for the taking. Uranus of course may make our pursuit incline a little toward the new and original side. It can facilitate new encounters with interesting people. Uranus adds that inventive, original, progressive, avant garde aspect to our inclinations today. Some might even see the odd stranger in multi-coloured pantaloons that you bring home for tea as quite eccentric, but he may be the computer programmer from down the road who might just be able to spark new life into your old and doddering computer, for example. Uranus can be seen as a magician sometimes, who works wonders in the field we may see as magic, but which is actually simply a science we do not know about yet.

The Vedas, ancient texts from India, like Bhagavat Purana, talk about a technology that existed in ancient times, going back multiple millennia ago, where “vimana” or flying vehicles existed. Also there were weapons used by martial artists that match our nuclear technology of today. The guided missile that can be launched from far away, yet can pinpoint its target with utmost accuracy, was known as a “brahmastra”. It was launched with mantra and could pinpoint one individual in a crowd, or take out many individuals with one launch. The power of the weapon could only be invoked by a master reciter of mantras who had the right state of consciousness. To the uninformed it may appear like magic, but to the initiated and trained it is of course a science. We may think of ourselves as advanced today compared to the recent past, with our new high tech equipment, but according to the ancient texts we were more advanced thousands of years ago and have actually lost much of that wisdom and science. Today we are using machinery to perform operations that were performed by subtler sciences back then. So it’s all relative really, and a broader perspective of history and life on earth can put so much in context for us today. One man’s voodoo magician is another man’s quantum scientist.

To those steeped in their conservative social traditions the friendly Uranus “techie” might seem rather eccentric, but genius comes in all sorts of packaging. And today is the opportunity for us to think outside of the box, beyond the normal packaging that we have been conditioned to perceive as the acceptable attire for a bright spark, a person worthy of respect, worthy of befriending. Gone are the days when a wise man had to have a long white beard, or a spiritually advanced master of the arts had to be donned in long flowing robes, or that a monk had to be shaven headed. Such souls do still exist but the packaging may have changed. It’s old wine in new bottles. And the new bottles may mask the refined, flavourful and mature contents hidden within. In today’s climate with its unique problems and crises, the healer of the nations, the teacher of enlightenment, may appear quite different to the old paradigm. Some souls are born into the right time and place in history to perform their magic based on lifetimes of previous practice. They may not appear to be particularly obvious up front, but they carry a vibration and a state of consciousness that can, by entrainment, uplift the most fallen soul from his or her doldrums or entrapment in the lower modes or vibrations. So it pays to be open minded when the usual channels of problem solving – namely the state institutions – are failing to address the crises of the day.

Certainly today we can use the opportunity to break out of our shell, our well worn pattern or groove or operation, and take a path less travelled, meet a new smiling face from the crowd, who may be a refreshing bolt from the blue in our lives. As much as routine is a healthy thing to keep the mind pacified and the wheels turning smoothly, it is variety along with new and richer fresh experiences that inspire our brain to form new neural networks and thus grow still further. In fact the brain never stops growing and maturing, even when all the other organs actually may appear to wither or diminish with age. However it is up to us to provide the stimulation to encourage new neural activity. Even taking a different route to work or school on any given day can add valuable variety and stimulate the brain cells, what to speak of meeting new interesting and different people. You never know who might be residing under that unassuming façade. A veritable goldmine of wisdom could be right there within reach. By simply cultivating a receptive state of mind as we go through our daily lives, we can attract potentially valuable connections, answers and solutions, helpful friends, to aid us on the journey. By perceiving the world as a hostile place or people as hostile threats to our reality,, we immediately cut off the flow of opportunity because of this negative subjective mindset.

The world reflects back to you exactly the state of your consciousness at every moment, so in other words we are the creators of our reality. We see the world according to our state of mind. Therefore it is up to us whether we are going to step out the door into a world of danger and competition for survival, or a world of opportunity and benevolent support. Sometimes the astrological alignments may appear to help or hinder, the ion content of the atmosphere may ruffle or smooth our feathers and mood, solar flares may be present, all those external factors are there, but in the end we do it to ourselves, yes we do. And that’s why it’s so empowering to step out on the right footing in consciousness, for the world awaits us with open arms, ready to fulfil our own personal vision, so be sure to clean your lenses as you watch it unfold.

Venus square Pluto – Bring me a higher love

Higher love Venus square Pluto astrologyAs Venus squares Pluto this weekend and then makes an exact opposition to Uranus on Tuesday 24th, the Cardinal T-square formed between these three planets may oblige us to face up to challenges in our field of relationships and love. Relationships affect all our lives, even single hermits, because to exist on the planet we are obliged to relate to others in some capacity or another. We are social beings living in a society after all.

To begin with the Pluto – Uranus square has been with us for some years now, on and off, and it is the arrival of Venus in the coming days that activates this alignment still further, making a perhaps impersonal or generational influence a more personal one. The positions of Pluto and Uranus in the Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Aries respectively already indicate a powerful energetic influence, where an impatience and determination to fulfil one’s desires, whether for power or relationship, may incline one to use any means possible, fair or foul, in a selfish and roughshod urge, like that of a Jihadi terrorist who disregards the rules of the game as well as the innocents who may be injured along the way. It is the perfect recipe for one who is willing to wage war against the established authority to achieve their ends. In a healthier psyche this combination may manifest as the desire to achieve the top regardless of the challenges and hardship, like a rock climber battling the elements or corporate executive for example. So we need to look at our own circumstances or horoscopes to see how this force will express itself in our particular lives.

With Venus in Libra now entering the equation with a square to Pluto from the other side, the above-mentioned theme or force can be seen to play itself out in relationships. For example the sex scandals of recent times have really revealed the shadowy underworld of taboos in unexpected places like the Catholic Church, amongst politicians, etc. Pluto is the Lord of the underworld, and what was hidden has come to light, shocking the world into the realization that sex scandals are more prolific in our society than we imagined. So this weekend more may come to light in that regard, for Venus is here like the goddess Persephone in Greek mythology and Pluto the Underworld God who kidnapped her and took her to his underworld kingdom, where she remained trapped as his bride, only to be allowed access to the surface for a brief moment every year. One way or the other, this combination can indicate intense, perhaps even shocking relationship issues this weekend. If anything it suggests an emotionally insatiable need for attention, like a demanding boss who insists you do overtime, or a partner who insists the same in the bedroom. And they may be so charming or manipulative that you just can’t resist. So depending on your nature, you may be on either side of this equation, and hopefully the charm is used to win the other over to a worthy cause, like a diplomat brokering a peace deal between two enemies. Of course that diplomat may make you fell so special until you realize that all his negotiations are conducted in that way.

Our own insecurities about our attractiveness may emerge too, especially if our attempts at winning over another are not succeeding. Or our ability to let go may be challenged. We cannot ever own the other like Pluto when he kidnapped Persephone, as much as we try, and feelings of jealousy and possessiveness need to be resolved if they arise. The need to love intensely or be willing to die for your love may seem rather Gothic, but that is the Jihadi’s modus operandi. Let me prove my religious devotion by blowing myself and others to oblivion to prove a point, with the hope that oblivion is where the pearly gates lie, with their multiple virgins all waiting to serve me. That is the deluded and mundanely distorted perception of a shallow religious zealot who still thinks with his genitals when contemplating the divine kingdom. It’s in the teachings too, clearly indicating the lack of actual spiritual realization in the bewildered world of some pseudo religions. Of course the intertwining of sexual imagery in the esoteric revelations of mystical Hinduism (Bhakti) or Islam (Sufism) also allude to the union of the lover with the beloved, or the love affairs of Krishna with His unwed secret lover Radha, but never for a second are these taken literally by the meditator. They are always understood to be analogous to the union of the soul with the divine source. And it is the contemplation of this kind of “higher love” that is the topmost expression of the Venus-Pluto alignment now. The love of the gopis for Krishna was of that intense sort that was all-consuming and endless, and it is that which enraptures the consciousness of the devotee when experiencing exalted states of “bhava” and “prema”, two Sanskrit terms for types of divine love available to the meditator found in the ancient texts, the Vedas, although long since lost to the spiritual traditions we grow up in on the western half of the globe.

Ultimately we need to look at any feelings of unrequited love, or obsessive neediness as a symptom of some deeper yearning in the psyche. It could stem from some form of abandonment in infancy, or the baby’s separation from the mother at birth, but on a higher level it is described that the soul resides in a state of separation from the divine source and it is that relationship which is the missing link, the key to union and perfection of human life. All other attempts are mundane substitutes in filling the gap, a gap which is bridged by yoga, the word yoga translating to mean “union” in Sanskrit. And when union is even glimpsed for a moment in ones life, one sees that we are all part and parcel of that one original source, that we are all in relationship, that there is no “us and them”, and one can never again feel a vacuum, or perceive the other to be anyone less than our own family, all children of the one original cause of all causes.