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The Uranus square Pluto era and the global rise of right wing nationalism – India

The upheaval and revolution of the recent Uranus square Pluto era was predicted, but not many saw this global wave of Ultra-conservative Right-wing Nationalism coming.

India ModiAs drawbridges go up and Nationalist governments clamp down, from Europe to Turkey, USA to RSA, a wave of red is crashing on the shores of almost every major nation across the globe, washing away foreigners, aliens or Islamists alike. Xenophobia is the new norm, as the primal, base chakra nationalist allegiances reappear, 70 years after the overthrow of Nazi Fascism. Even in the crown chakra land of transcendence – India.

The generational influence of the 90 degree alignment between slow-moving Uranus and Pluto, which has occurred in the night sky over the past few years, was seen to be a forewarning of the overthrow or toppling of old systems, either suddenly or by revolutionary means. Certainly the global financial collapse of 2008 ushered in a new economic era in its wake, as a hybrid mix of socialism and capitalism was forged out of the ashes of the failed and dying Keynesian economic paradigm. And in typical domino style, political systems also buckled and swung into a new right of centre alignment as people took shelter – as they do in times of crisis – of their “big brother” government safety nets. Even old order global religious institutions took a knock as scandals erupted in the Catholic Church and elsewhere. All around traditional social structures were knocked down from their pedestals, as is associated with the Uranus (the Awakener) and Pluto (the Destroyer/Transformer) interaction astrologically.

Yet few could have seen the consequent backlash that has occurred in recent years, of not only right wing Conservatism in governments, but even the iron-fisted clampdown of leaders who remind us of the tyrants of Nazi Germany in the way that they stifle their free press, tighten their immigration laws, build fences along their borders and dictate in authoritarian terms the impositions on their citizens. In some countries, like throughout Europe, the citizens are actually voting for these very things in an attempt to stave off financial collapse. And none more so than the home of tolerance, pluralism and colonial liberation – India.

India ModiTo run the biggest democracy in the world, in a country with almost 2000 ethnic groups and 200 languages, is no small feat. And having already attained liberation from colonial oppression by the British imperialists, thanks to their icon of pacifism and tolerance, Mahatma Gandhi, India has enshrined its high ideals in its Constitution. Yet much of those ideals are being swept away by the same winds of change that grip the rest of the post-2008 globalized world. The country has moved a long way from its founding father Gandhi, who enshrined poverty alleviation, religious pluralism and protection of minorities from Hindus into the Constitution of the land. Particularly since the Nationalist BJP won the election that saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi take control on 26 May 2014. During those very months of April and May 2014 Uranus and Pluto were experiencing an exact alignment at 90 degrees, which corresponded with the toppling of the moderate Congress Party and rise of the Nationalist right in a country of over a billion people

And Modi (another Gujarati just like Gandhi) was tainted by human rights accusations even before becoming India’s leader. Historically it was in 1991 already that India had to open up to liberal capitalist economics, just like Russia and China did, thus ending Gandhi’s dream of national self-sufficiency. But by the time Modi became governor of Gujarat state in 2001, he was able to turn it into the Singapore of India, contributing hugely to the overall trebling of India’s economy between 1999 and 2008. And that’s what kept him in that position for 14 years, the longest sitting governor in India ever. Yet in the very first year of his term in office, he is believed to have incited unrest with his usual style of anti-Muslim rhetoric during the Hindu/Muslim clashes over Ayodhya, India Modibirth place of Rama, contested by both religions. In 2002 dozens of Hindus were murdered on a train returning from Ayodhya, and in retaliation up to 2000 Muslims were murdered in his state under his watch, while he did and said nothing to prevent it. He was boosting the economy so the media were silent or silenced regarding his involvement in the anti-Muslim brutality and Hindu caste-conscious discrimination. Modi is, after all, a curious blend of ultra-nationalist combined with religious fundamentalist, something that you would normally associate with Jihadi-type extremism. As a result of his human rights record he was refused a visa to enter UK, USA and EU for several years. But now that he is prime minister, that is all overlooked and doors are open to him. Here, in other words, is a perfect example of how money overrides human rights. Modi is another of the right wing lot who are accepted or even welcomed simply because they can bring the economy back on track in a country. The problem is that it is only the elite top few that really benefit. So the new rich look after the politicians and vice versa, as in Russia and China, while the vast majority are left to rot, and human rights abuses are ignored on all fronts. Only 1% of the national budget goes to public health in India. Deals between slum lords, police and politicians continue in one of the most corrupt countries. Extortion rackets, beatings, threats of relocation and demolition carry on amidst huge inequality, where child malnutrition levels are on par with sub-Saharan Africa. This is the face of the new right wing nationalist archetype as it rears its ugly head once more. Modi was the only person in history ever to barred from entering USA because of violations against religious freedom, something you get in this rare blend of Nationalist fundamentalism. Who would have thought that a Hindu could have that claim to fame?

Let’s remember that this is not China, a one party dictatorship with far worse human rights abuses involving Tibet. This is democratic India, where such a man is actually voted in by the majority of citizens. This is the people’s choice. In other words the psyche of even holy India is currently permeated with right wing nationalist extremism. This is the zeitgeist of the age. Modi himself was born on 17 September 1950, India Modiwith Sun, Mercury, Saturn conjunct in Virgo. He is a workaholic, vegetarian, introvert with very frugal lifestyle. Mercury is “cazimi” or so exactly conjunct Sun that he is the epitome of a scholarly writer, spectacular orator of rhetoric, social media adept, 2nd most followed leader on Twitter in the world after Obama, and is currently opening up the transport networks of India hugely via road and rail. These are all commendable Mercurial qualities, especially as the triple conjunction is found in his 10th house of career, vocation or public status. Yet the Scorpio Ascendant conjunct Mars could suggest the fanaticism and ruthlessness he is becoming remembered for. Saturn can tend toward strictness and seems to facilitate the stern right wing head of state with its gravity.

It seems the era of the tyrant is upon us, where economic policy for the benefit of the few is applauded under this new brand of capitalism, regardless of the fallout or collateral damage incurred on the masses. Basically tyranny, Fascism and Neo-liberalism as the flavour of the day, ushered in under the guise of democracy. Look at Trump in America, favoured because he is a top businessman, a moneymaker, regardless of the fact that he has zero political experience and touts antisocial xenophobic rhetoric all day long. And even if Hillary wins, it has become the one with the most money donated or rustled up that gets in. You can buy your way in to the Presidency nowadays, via lobbying and corporate donations. What used to be Fascism is now “corporatocracy” rule by the corporation. Maybe it always was that way, just as blatantly or immorally but we knew no better.

And India is not alone in its xenophobic nationalism, Just next door in Bangladesh, Hindu Vaishnava monks are being murdered in two incidents this year. And even at one of the International Vaishnava headquarters on the Ganges, a clash broke out in February this year where foreign staff were chased from their positions by local nationalist Bengali Vaishnava priests. Maybe they had good reason, who can say, but one thing is for certain – there was definitely finances involved, big amounts, and that is enough to sway any land-loving local any day.

Under Modi foreign direct investment in India had risen 61% and India was the world’s top foreign direct investment destination, overtaking even China and America last year, according to Wikipedia. Some of the top magazines in the world, including Time, Forbes and Fortune all rate Modi highly, in their list of top rulers globally. Yet press freedom in his own country, India, is considered 133rd out of 180 nations. That’s up there with Turkey, an open dictatorship at present. Curiously the Indian media are even complicit in the current nationalist, xenophobic racist fervour, deliberately whipping up sentiment for the nationalist cause. Economics dictates and so Modi is praised despite human rights being trampled on. Without a strong Constitution or a strong free press, a country easily slides into a dictatorship as the political head is left unchecked. And this is the India of today. Just another example of the global world order of the day, in an era akin to the feudal age, as we fall further into darkness and chaos, which can only lead to one thing eventually… revolution.

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Mercury stationary aligns with the Uranus – Pluto square

Mercury stationary directWith Mercury finishing its retrograde phase today, the winged messenger spends the 25th at a standstill before going direct or moving forward again in the zodiac. This stationary direct position for the day is considered potentially favourable for all who wish to harness the moment to their advantage. It’s a curious coincidence that Mercury makes this momentary pause within one degree of an exact conjunction with Pluto, which is still within orb of its own long-standing square to Uranus. As we speak, large swathes of the USA have come to their own type of standstill too, as formidable snow storms lock down the mobility of millions in a multi-state state of emergency, if that makes sense. And with the States in a state, and everyone going nowhere, the global economy is also at a type of standstill, in some countries more so than others. Emerging economies like Brazil, Russia and our own South Africa are on the brink of – or have just entered into- an economic recession. That means the economy is not growing but actually shrinking from one year to the next. And it may take more than just Mercury’s direct motion to get these economies into motion again.

Mercury’s momentary alignment with the generationally challenging Uranus – Pluto square aspect that has been affecting our entire planet for the past few years already, gives us the opportunity to reflect on our global financial and political institutions, and the crisis in which they find themselves. China’s added economic slowdown is leading the domino affect hitting the rest of us, which only adds to job losses and unwanted stagnation in the lives of millions. Now this is not a new scenario. The recent historical financial meltdown of 2007/8 has not been repaired and those who run the economic world and make the decisions as to its direction, have simply kicked the can down the road, so to speak, patching the leaky economy with plasters, knowing full well that it will actually grow worse, and that the problem will have to be addressed by future generations, or that the problem is actually unsolvable due to negligence, mismanagement and – to be honest – outright criminal fraud and corruption on a monumental scale. Any economics academic will admit as much, and there are enough references from experts who say so online.

Adding to job losses is the new threat of the “fourth industrial revolution”. I say threat because, although it sounds like a boon, and it may well be, some fear losing their job to a machine as automation takes over from manual labour to do the dirty work and allow us to one day create a three-day weekend. The only problem is where do all the mine or factory workers and farm labourers go to find jobs and income once they are retrenched? So as the upper middle class ease into working less and having more leisure time, the majority of working class fear their demise as the income gap and inequality widens and an uncertain future leaves them with a sense of desperation. Ultimately this is a generational crisis affecting the entire planet, and we are the collateral damage in the roll out of a new era of economics and technology. Block-chain technology, for example, is allowing the connected few with online access the ability to bypass the criminal banksters and join the digital bitcoin economy, for lifeboats are available as the Titanic sinks before our eyes. But the lifeboats are too few, and its every man for himself it seems, as the few at the top grab what they can, leaving the majority to flounder in the chilling waves of despair in which they find themselves. It will take some colossal shift to really turn the tide on the planet now in favour of the masses who inhabit it, and the political will is simply lacking.

Nevertheless it can be done, even if at a grass roots level, one by one, on the ground, people empower themselves as entrepreneurs and seize the day, even if it’s just for today, one day at a time, to harness the financial system to their advantage. Otherwise the system may have to implode on itself, collapse into world war and then rebuild from the ashes. Of course, we have seen in the past how the winners claim the spoils and carve up the terrain for themselves, sometimes laying the foundations for another generation of unnecessary conflict and turmoil. So global revolution or war is not really the solution. Rather on a day like today, with Mercury stationary and about to go direct, while aligned with the critical generational Pluto – Uranus square, the opportunity awaits us to harness the available resources around us, and mould them into a commodity or service that can be traded for what we need. Mercury is the god of traders and travellers, and there is always a buck to be made in buying and selling, in trade and industrious effort of any sort. Especially amongst those with internet access. And it is us with the basic technical skills and access who need to consider it our duty to uplift our fellow humanity by educating or employing them for their benefit and ours. Then we can all work smart instead of working hard, and we can all enjoy that three-day weekend (maybe not in China where they demand a seven day work week). Ultimately a balanced life means working just enough to keep body and soul together, while the rest of the time is used for self-actualization, self-realization. It’s a distortion to judge a person by their external value or how much money they make. That aberration has been engineered by certain elites to brainwash us into being economic slaves. To place profit as the goal of lie, as corrupted crony-capitalism has done, is to alienate humanity from their true worth and value as multi-faceted individuals with gifts and skills and needs that far supersede mere money for food and shelter. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explained it psychologically decades ago already when placing survival at the bottom and self-realization at the top of the pyramid of needs. By forcing the masses of humanity to spend all of their time desperately seeking a means for survival, or selling out their entire lives to making someone else rich in exchange for survival, the economic and political elite have enslaved the soul if not the body of humankind and robbed them of their soul purpose. And it is up to every individual to realize this and reclaim their birthright, their freedom and their dignity, and today is the day to do it.

Pluto square Uranus – More aftershocks rock our world

Astrology Uranus square PlutoAlthough the long standing square 90 degree aspect between Uranus and Pluto is gradually separating, its global generational influence can still be felt. It hasn’t been exact since March ’15 earlier this year, but has come to within 2 degrees of exact again late this month and all through December ’15, and will be only 1 degree away from an exact 90 degree aspect through January ’16. These outer planets have been closely aligned since 2012, on and off and as astrologyking.com explains, they symbolise “…the most significant and most challenging planetary influence in a generation. We are living through a major global upheaval due to, and resulting in rapid evolutionary change.”

Astrologically Uranus symbolises revolution, change, invention and higher awareness. Its effects can be shocking for the status quo, as well as unpredictable. Pluto on the other hand symbolises transformation, globalization, destruction, and renewal. It’s effect is impersonal or generational, though can be ruthless, and extreme. This week’s Paris terror attack is yet another expression of this very catalytic force influencing the entire planet with its ruthless, destructive ideological war for change. The last time in history that this Uranus square Pluto aspect was with us was in the early 1930’s. This was the era of the Great Depression which culminated in WW2, via the rise of extremism and dictators orchestrating political and social upheaval. When we look at the refugee statistics, as well as the Paris terror event this week, we see circumstances that have not been in evidence since WW2. Today’s global economic recession, with its rise in unemployment was just the atmosphere that brought Hitler to power as Chancellor in 1933, during the Uranus Pluto square. Pluto is here expressed in the ruthless power of a dictator, the rise of Nationalism and the use of media propaganda to dominate the zeitgeist of the day, while Uranus symbolises the new technology available – in those days air travel. Nowadays we have the internet as the revolutionary tool of course, though the dictatorship on the rise is that of ISIS and its Sharia Law, that promotes the beheading of enemies or those opposed to the dictates of that Law. In fact anyone not submitting to Sharia is seen as worthy of destruction, so the entire world population is the enemy of Sharia in today’s scenario.

Basically the Uranus – Pluto square is a generational influence symbolising large-scale political, religious or social change and this is perfectly playing itself out in the events we see in Paris but also throughout Europe and the Middle East today. The seeds were planted over the past 4 years with the Arab Spring, and the fruit is ISIS and other fundamentalist offshoots in Africa. Juxtaposed to that we find the rise of the right wing Fascist sector in multiple EU countries. It seems war is on the rise, and whether it was engineered by a higher force to divide and alienate one against another for the sake of arms trade, or whether it is simply humanity at a crossroads, the result is the same. And although the exact planetary aspect between Pluto and Uranus is slowly waning, the death throes are being echoed throughout the streets of almost every continent. And that is what a world war is – a battle fought by numerous sides on numerous continents simultaneously, and although we have not yet officially labelled this WW3, in effect the symptoms of just such an event are already being felt.

And remember that ISIS is not the only power bent on world domination. There are others, much closer to home, who won’t express it as openly, but their plan for the New World Order has been rolling out for decades already. So this power struggle is nothing new, and is not just to be blamed on the other, some foreign shadow figure in black wielding a sword and a black flag. Rather it is with us, we are all a part of it, and it is simply playing itself out more overtly than ever now. Therefore the time is ripe for the people, the masses, the mob – another expression of Pluto as an anonymous collective force – to reclaim our power on the street and rise up to meet the challenge of dictatorial oppression and mass media brainwashing, thereby finding our common humanity and having learned from the past, refusing to allow any elitist or racist separatism to undermine our unity in diversity as one global family ever again.