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Mercury combust opposition Pluto part 2 – Hillary Clinton email scandal judged by the FBI

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal being defended by the FBI is a third bombshell – after the damning Chilcot Report and feeble Oscar Pistorius sentence – that has exploded over the past 48 hours of the current Mercury combust in opposition to Pluto now.

Mercury combustSun conjunct or combust Mercury is visible in the drama of this upcoming leader of the nation (symbolised by the Sun) and her communication issues (symbolised by Mercury the winged messenger) all opposed by the head of the FBI – a perfect manifestation of Pluto, lord of the Underworld, the secret world, the secret service, who seems to be hiding something. 48 hours after FBI director James Comey found Hillary Clinton to be innocent of compromising national communication security, the government of USA in Capitol Hill holds a hearing asking the FBI director how he came to these “mystifying” conclusions. This scandal could shake the election and the future of USA, and certainly faith in the government of USA.

At the hearing set up to scrutinise Director James Comey, he swears under oath to the committee. The mishandling of classified info is being questioned. “Mens Rea” is the legal Latin term for “what were you thinking at the time”. Also known as “Motive”. He says “great carelessness” was involved, but not knowingly breaking the law by Clinton when setting up her private email server in her basement at her home, a known unauthorised location that could bypass normal security checks. So her motive, he reckons, was innocent although the action was foolish. General Patraeus did something similar in recent US history and he got time in jail, so one wonders who is protecting Hillary on her march to being president of USA? This woman, herself an attorney and thus held to a higher account, has compromised the security of the country and she is being lined up to lead the nation. Who really controls this situation I wonder, who holds the power, when the measure of the law is so easily shifted, when the head of the FBI himself can protect her when many other members of parliament see her actions to be clearly and obviously foolish, illegal and outright criminal? She or her team even ended up keeping and deliberately deleting some specific security emails that she sent so that nobody would even know what they really said. All these acts are probably going on all the time in the shadow government, but this prospective president got caught openly doing it, as if knowingly beyond reproach. It leads one to conclude that the elite are playing by different rules and thus shatters the confidence in truth, liberty and the pursuit of justice. Mercury combustThey have been found out to be behaving like Mafia, another Pluto archetype. Nixon fell when Pluto transited his 10th house of public image, and rightly so, but here Hillary is walking free from what should be her Watergate moment. Some dark lord seems to be pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

The Sun conjunct Mercury, also known as Mercury combust, both closely aligned now in opposition to Pluto, has brought into the psyche of the world the unmasking, the exposing of the shadow world going on amongst the political giants of UK and USA. Hidden in the shadow Plutonian realm all this time, the momentary alignment of Mercury and Sun has coincided with the exposing or shedding light onto the activities enacted in the shadow state. The message is out for the world to hear. It’s the battle of light versus dark, Sun in opposition to Pluto.

In our own personal lives we can also examine our hearts, weigh them against a feather and check our moral temperature. Is the shadow someone or something out there in the form of the other, or can we be introspective and see the shadow within ourselves too? When unconscious contents wants to come to the surface it is usually Mercury in the guise of the analyst, shaman, messenger, or our own conscience, who is able to travel to the realms of the underworld, the realms of Pluto, the personal or collective unconscious, and bring back to the solar light of conscious awareness, that hidden psychic contents, that mystery, treasure or potential power/chi force/shakti that empowers us or heals us due to being made evident. By acknowledging our lower nature as opposed to trying to suppress it, we rather consciously integrate it, preventing it from exploding out in an unhealthy way. Purity is the force, and truthfulness is the last leg of Dharma or righteousness in this Kali Yuga, this Iron Age of quarrel and hypocrisy. When purity is combined with truthfulness, we become empowered by a healthy conscience and ease of access to psychic contents, because we are not losing energy trying to suppress or hide the truth, from others or ourselves.

Nobody is perfect, and wholeness includes integrating the light and shadow sides of our consciousness, as described by Jung and others along the Way. Fortunately we are not about to run a country, but if we were, we should be beyond reproach, not tarnished by corruption and deceit before even entering office, like South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma. If Clinton wins and becomes president in November 2016, the world is destined to have three women running the biggest countries globally, namely USA, UK and Germany, for it has officially just been decided that the next leader of the UK Conservative party is going to be a woman. Remember Thatcher and weep. Sisters are doing it for themselves, it seems. Let’s just pray that they are doing it for the benefit of their nations too.

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Mercury combust opposition Pluto – seeing our shadow for what he is

As Mercury crosses over the Sun now (occurring six times a year) it is considered combust, a term used for a planet that conjuncts the Sun. Simultaneously this Sun-Mercury combination is one degree away from a direct opposition to Pluto, marking a time now that sees the truth come out and the “combustion” it caused has ignited the world in flames of outrage at tyrants exposed once more. I’m talking about the two bombshells dropped at this alignment, namely the release of the Chilcot Report and the Oscar Pistorius judgement and sentencing.

sun opposition plutoThe Chilcot report has taken seven years to be released and in two million words UK has been systematically unmasked for the moral failure of invading Iraq all those years ago in 2002/3, just after 9/11. Of course it is obvious that they were compelled into this moral failure by USA – the real villains in this tragedy. When Blair wrote to Bush “I am with you come whatever” it becomes obvious that a weak UK was the lapdog of USA in following them into an evil act resulting in the death of between 100 000 and 1 000 000 innocent civilians, depending on who you hear from.

Sun opposition Pluto is associated with a compulsive power drive, accompanied by defiance and an aura of forcefulness. It suggests a mood that is so defensive and assertive at the slightest perceived threat, that others are repulsed by the abuse of that power. It also suggests a time when a major psychological realignment can occur, which can – if handled well – help one to dispel the perception of imagined danger and bring about a more evolved degree of tolerance. When combined with Mercury also opposite Pluto, it reveals a time of damning or harsh speech, confrontation and challenge, bringing about emotionally charged reactions to credibility being questioned. Nowhere was this more evident than in the shocking and shameful revelation of UK’s (and USA’s) criminal invasion of Iraq and subsequent murder of a million innocents, along with the entire devastation of a country that is to this day a hell on earth, now actually worse off that it was under the supposed bogeyman Saddam. It was also perfectly seen in the emotional confession of the culprit Tony Blair (Prime Minister of UK who gave the consent to invade Iraq) as this alignment occurred.

Of course the words “criminal” and “murder” were not directly used in the typically reserved, understated and polite Chilcot Report, but I and others, also inflamed by the outrageously immoral and violent behaviour, also aroused by the Sun/Mercury combust opposition Pluto, are using these words because we are disgusted and repulsed by the acts of horror that occurred during and subsequent to the Iraq invasion and destruction. The governments of UK and USA are to blame more than the citizens, for although voting to invade Iraq, many UK citizens also opposed the invasion and voted thus, like the Scottish and others. USA citizens certainly had no choice but to go to war when their murderous president dictated so. Indeed Saddam, the head of Iraq at that time, was himself a tyrant, killing and oppressing his people, particularly the Kurds, a people deprived of their own state by the ignorant and selfish drawing of borders in the Middle east by UK and other colonisers back in the day. But he was captured and killed within the first year of the invasion, which went on for years thereafter, resulting in unnecessary innocent deaths. Therefore, based on the lie of WMD, USA and UK governments can rightly be seen as perfect examples of power hungry tyrants on par with Saddam himself, tyrants and murderers that need to be held accountable.

In true Sun opposition Pluto style, they saw their shadow out there in the form of Saddam, they perceived in their shadow projection a global enemy with WMD, which was basically their own projection of their own villainous darkness. In typical overly defensive style they used excess force and thus destroyed an ancient land with great heritage, destroyed countless priceless archaeological artefacts, almost all of which are today gone, either smashed, looted or lost to the world for ever. If the US/UK invasion didn’t destroy them then the subsequent ISIS intolerance did. The bitter irony is that the wreck of Iraq that today lies under siege of ISIS is directly because of the US/UK invasion. The west is to blame for ISIS. That is how low we have stooped in our ignorance and greed and cowboy “might is right” mentality. Therefore I call UK and USA governments criminal and murderous to their face. Blair himself had to admit it under this Chilcot revelation, and we shall see if he suffers further consequences, despite having apologised while saying it was the right thing to do at the time. Meanwhile USA, the real villain, as I said earlier, says nothing.

Fortunately this current Sun/Mercury opposition to Pluto is also a time of potential psychological healing, where one can bring to the conscious “sun” light of day the shadow elements of the unconscious, symbolised by Pluto, mythic god of the Underworld. By admitting to their wrongdoings, UK and USA governments can rectify their power hungry, oil-grabbing ways, can own once again their projected shadow and admit that they were wrong in using pre-emptive strike on a country that had no ability to harm them whatsoever. Then they can make recompense to Iraq, go their ways and sin no more. Oh, wait a minute, they are still at it in Syria, they are still seeing their shadow in the shape of Russia, where Putin in the bogeyman of the day to them. Well enough people have seen through the projection and are busy revealing the illusion in the Empires new clones.

As for the sentencing of Plutonian Oscar Pistorius to six years in jail for murder, when others get double that for assault, well in South Africa “white is right” and money and privilege still overrule justice, so we have a long way to go here too, until we can give up seeing our shadow in every black man and realise that we all have a shadow, unconscious or Plutonian dark side, which when illuminated by the Sun-like consciousness can be seen to what it really is – our friend, source of power and greatest ally.

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/mercury-combust-opposition-pluto-seeing-our-shadow-for-what-he-is/