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Energy Psychology

My interest in energy began very early on, my mother was a healer for family, friends and the occasional stranger in need. I too have worked with this ability over the years and so my understanding of the life-force that we are all connected by and made of has been a very matter of fact and practical part of my life since day one. It is something mum just did well, she didn’t talk about how or why it worked; it just did. I wanted to know more, I didn’t know it was unusual that she could heal, I just found it fascinating…

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Author: Stephen Rose

Stephen has been developing his system of energy psychology for over 25 years.

From childhood experiences with spirit and healing it became his life’s passion to develop a clear understanding of how our busy modern lives are connected to a supportive spirit world with our energy fields holding the key to all our relationships, experiences and life’s path.

Usui Method Reiki… Universal Energy


Natural HealingJust for today, do not worry

Just for today, do not anger

Honour your parents and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing

Reiki is concerned with healing at all levels of a person’s being by connecting with the life force within.

Every person has ‘universal life force energy’, for it is our birthright. And anyone has the ability to lay their hands on another person and to become intuitively aware of another person’s energy field.

The healer works directly with the client’s force field to restore a person to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wholeness of being. The healer strives to help the recipient find their balance again and to create awareness for one to become more of who they truly are.

Illness is not some accidental or disagreeable upset along the way, nor is it a sign of weakness. Instead it is an opportunity for growth and evolvement towards wholeness. Never resist illness. Rather, learn from it and use it to look at your life, to see what needs to be released or what attitude needs realization.

Profound and simple, Reiki offers and teaches the basic treatment useful for any dis-ease.  It brings peaceful values back to the recipient. It comforts, calms, soothes, relieves pain, speeds physical healing and releases emotional trauma from the past and present. It cannot be misused or twisted for evil and can never be taken away from the healer.

Reiki is not only good for you, it is also essential for your children, animals, plants, environment and for energizing the food you eat.

I, myself have felt the upward spiral of positivity in my life since stumbling across Reiki in 1996. I suffered from severe whiplash after a car accident and wasn’t able to lift my head for a year. Fortunately for me, I met a Reiki practitioner and after 1 session and 3 days the whiplash disappeared completely. This is when my amazing journey with Reiki began. Since then I qualified as a Reiki Master and have helped hundreds of people to realise their true potential.

I believe Reiki is worth every second invested. It could possibly be the best investment you can make when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Love and light xx

Lynette Mullins

Independent Traditional Reiki Shiki Rhoyo Usui Method Master

A space for healers and those in need of holistic healing

 Natural Health Thearpies

The Holistic Therapy Network is a space for those who would like to heal, teach, learn and share within the art of natural healing.

Holistic therapy is a mode of healing that takes the whole person into consideration. The holistic practitioner works towards optimal wellness and health by focusing on the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Health can be achieved by gaining a proper balance in life.

Holistic healing is not a religion and does not discriminate against age, gender or race – we are all one here.

time to jump the bridge

Principles of Holistic Healing

  • The holistic healing belief system is based on unconditional love and support.
  • A person is solely responsible for her or his own well-being and health.
  • All people have inherent healing powers.
  • The patient is at dis-ease and is not a disease.
  • All aspects of the patient’s life are addressed by using a variety of natural health practices.
  • Treatment does not just alleviate the symptoms but works at fixing the cause.

White Light CX Offerings

The Art of Aromatherapy A lymphatic massage combined with a selective blend of essential oils – to treat every ailment, dis- order or dis-ease. Usui Shiki Ryoho Method Reiki There are various therapies available to help clear, restore and balance your energy levels. Reiki Therapies

  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra alignments
  • Hands on physical healing
  • Psychic surgery
  • Long distance healing
  • Animal and plant healing
  • Home clearings

Reiki Courses

  • Reiki 1 – Self Reiki – introduction to Reiki
  • Reiki 2 – Practitioner Level
  • Reiki 3 – Advanced Teachers Course
  • Masters Degree

Core Realizations Get in touch with who you are at soul level.

  • Physical and Emotional Healing Meditations and Techniques
  • Mind Setting
  • Soul Purpose

Natural Healing products

Holistic and Organic

  • A variety of beauty, body, medicinal and pet care products, made with 100% ethics.
  • Pure Essential Oil Sales

Natural healing packages

  • Healing packages can be set up with holistic healers in your area according to your specific needs.
  • Treat yourself or a friend to a well-deserved healing retreat. You can choose a 1, 2 or 3 month therapy package, tailored to suit your specific ailment or dis-ease, in the heart of the Garden Route, sunny South Africa. Each day of the retreat will lead you towards well-being and wholeness.

This space of love is for the enjoyment, reference and sharing of every natural healer from all walks of life. For those seeking healing, feel free to request assistance in finding the best suitable treatment for you. Feel free to share, comment and assist where necessary.

Love and Light