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Mass retrograde in April ’16 – the times require a changing

Astrology ephemeris Before the days of computer software and phone apps, the most valuable tool for the astrologer was their ephemeris. It is a neatly printed out text book with tables full of columns listing the exact positions of all the planets in the zodiac. So much research and observation of the night skies via naked eye and telescopic lens or mirror, over thousands of years has gone into the ability to predict, like clockwork, where every body will be at any time in the future. By extrapolation that implies the past too. And all these positions of the bodies -at least the most important ones – are listed for every day of every year at midnight (sometimes for midday) for the next fifty years or 100 years, depending on the size of your ephemeris. So anyone can learn the astrological symbols and read the ephemeris to find out the planetary alignments on their birthday or any day for that matter. It’s always insightful to look at the alignments on your birthday every year to see what impression they give for the coming year ahead.

Traditionally in certain older cultures, astrologer priests could wield influence over their village by predicting eclipses for example, but those days are long gone. Doomsday prophets are not taken seriously nowadays. I would be interested though, to know what this year’s mass simultaneous retrograde lineup of five planets might imply. Another happens in July 2018, but then it’s less meaningful because it involves more outer planets and they go retrograde simultaneously quite often. And also their influence is more distant, symbolically more generational than personal in their effects on our horoscopes. But this April 2016, at the next Mercury retrograde on the 28th, we will also have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in retrograde as well. This continues until Jupiter goes direct again on the 9th of May, 12 days later. Pluto may be of lesser significance, and it’s true that all planets go retrograde often enough, but to have a more than usual amount of them synchronise like this may bring about something noteworthy. The only planet not retrograde then its Venus. All the other personal planets (as opposed to transpersonal) are not only in retrograde, but many are moving very slowly, much slower than usual, and all except Saturn experience a complete station or stop during the mid April to mid May period in question. And Saturn moves relatively slowly anyway. This slow and stationary lineup may signify a sluggishness in progress, a pause or impasse in ventures, and it may be wise to suspend or defer any major decisions during this phase.

Jupiter, of course, has been in retrograde since January already, and that’s nothing unusual, and Saturn will station in late March, but by the time Mars, Mercury and Pluto join them in the retro dance in April/May, I can presume that much or perhaps deeper rethinking will enter negotiations. With Pluto involved we can, for instance, except more strike action amongst the masses of labour in our mines. “Strike season” may be heated this year, or should I say protracted, particularly with the mines losing billions already as demand weakens while the global economy slumps. What fertile ground for regime change during an election year. Nothing like a disgruntled proletariat to unsettle the apple cart. When negotiations reach a deadlock then progress grinds to a halt. Mars is still very powerfully placed in Scorpio for some of this retrograde time. In fact in Scorpio, Mars is reputed to be at his most potent, volatile, provocative and persuasive in achieving his desires. The Mercury retrograde will be in the polar opposite sign of Taurus. The tension could be like that of two bulls meeting head on head, butting their way with opposing demands and value systems. The New South Africa is a Taurus sun sign, amongst numerous other nations, depending on their day of independence. The 1st of May, which falls in the middle of this retrograde period, is even called “Workers Day” here, a perfect opportunity to rustle up a revolution. Or maybe not. But whatever happens something has to change. We can’t simply keep playing the same tune as we watch one country or corporation after another fall into junk status.

We may all feel the influence of the multiple retrograde in different ways according to our horoscopes. The Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius for so many months this year can already be aligned to more potential nationwide university mass action, striking and general unrest, as with last year already. Nevertheless there is a flip side to this retrograde alignment, and that is that a concomitant mass direct or forward motion also has to occur at some point, where no planets are in retrogradation, and are all sailing forwards through the zodiac. And that time occurs just after the last Mercury retrograde of 2016 ends – on the 8th of January 2017, for an entire month, until Jupiter goes stationary retrograde once again. Of course this all may mean little of importance at the end of the day, but it does present an interesting pattern for those who like to look for signs in the sky, who keep a weather eye on the horizon for the shape of things to come.

Pluto square Uranus – More aftershocks rock our world

Astrology Uranus square PlutoAlthough the long standing square 90 degree aspect between Uranus and Pluto is gradually separating, its global generational influence can still be felt. It hasn’t been exact since March ’15 earlier this year, but has come to within 2 degrees of exact again late this month and all through December ’15, and will be only 1 degree away from an exact 90 degree aspect through January ’16. These outer planets have been closely aligned since 2012, on and off and as astrologyking.com explains, they symbolise “…the most significant and most challenging planetary influence in a generation. We are living through a major global upheaval due to, and resulting in rapid evolutionary change.”

Astrologically Uranus symbolises revolution, change, invention and higher awareness. Its effects can be shocking for the status quo, as well as unpredictable. Pluto on the other hand symbolises transformation, globalization, destruction, and renewal. It’s effect is impersonal or generational, though can be ruthless, and extreme. This week’s Paris terror attack is yet another expression of this very catalytic force influencing the entire planet with its ruthless, destructive ideological war for change. The last time in history that this Uranus square Pluto aspect was with us was in the early 1930’s. This was the era of the Great Depression which culminated in WW2, via the rise of extremism and dictators orchestrating political and social upheaval. When we look at the refugee statistics, as well as the Paris terror event this week, we see circumstances that have not been in evidence since WW2. Today’s global economic recession, with its rise in unemployment was just the atmosphere that brought Hitler to power as Chancellor in 1933, during the Uranus Pluto square. Pluto is here expressed in the ruthless power of a dictator, the rise of Nationalism and the use of media propaganda to dominate the zeitgeist of the day, while Uranus symbolises the new technology available – in those days air travel. Nowadays we have the internet as the revolutionary tool of course, though the dictatorship on the rise is that of ISIS and its Sharia Law, that promotes the beheading of enemies or those opposed to the dictates of that Law. In fact anyone not submitting to Sharia is seen as worthy of destruction, so the entire world population is the enemy of Sharia in today’s scenario.

Basically the Uranus – Pluto square is a generational influence symbolising large-scale political, religious or social change and this is perfectly playing itself out in the events we see in Paris but also throughout Europe and the Middle East today. The seeds were planted over the past 4 years with the Arab Spring, and the fruit is ISIS and other fundamentalist offshoots in Africa. Juxtaposed to that we find the rise of the right wing Fascist sector in multiple EU countries. It seems war is on the rise, and whether it was engineered by a higher force to divide and alienate one against another for the sake of arms trade, or whether it is simply humanity at a crossroads, the result is the same. And although the exact planetary aspect between Pluto and Uranus is slowly waning, the death throes are being echoed throughout the streets of almost every continent. And that is what a world war is – a battle fought by numerous sides on numerous continents simultaneously, and although we have not yet officially labelled this WW3, in effect the symptoms of just such an event are already being felt.

And remember that ISIS is not the only power bent on world domination. There are others, much closer to home, who won’t express it as openly, but their plan for the New World Order has been rolling out for decades already. So this power struggle is nothing new, and is not just to be blamed on the other, some foreign shadow figure in black wielding a sword and a black flag. Rather it is with us, we are all a part of it, and it is simply playing itself out more overtly than ever now. Therefore the time is ripe for the people, the masses, the mob – another expression of Pluto as an anonymous collective force – to reclaim our power on the street and rise up to meet the challenge of dictatorial oppression and mass media brainwashing, thereby finding our common humanity and having learned from the past, refusing to allow any elitist or racist separatism to undermine our unity in diversity as one global family ever again.