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Mercury opposition Uranus Cardinal T-square Pluto

As Mercury and Uranus lie at opposite sides of the solar system this fortnight around the second half of October, their opposition allows then to be leading roles in the drama played out by us actors who strut and fret our fated destinies on the stage of life.

AstrologyAny worthy actor can take up the leading parts of the archetypal Mercury and Uranus roles. Or it can play itself out in our own psyches. Whichever way they appear, they bring with them a rather stubborn mindset. Also a brilliant one, mind you. A mind inspired by the bolt from the blue. I brings with it the opportunity to find alternative solutions to the mental blocks of the day. Sometimes the stubborn clinging to a mindset or opinion or perception or assemblage point, leaves us unable to see the solution that lies before us. When the cup is full there remains no room for more water.

Sparks may fly now, the mind can be set alight if the current is right. Just beware putting your foot in it tactlessly or arrogantly now though, for the inspiring potency of Uranus can leave even the mediocre mind feeling inflated with insights that may seem divinely channelled, but not everyone is tuned into your station or likes your brand or flavour. Two men say they’re Jesus; one of them must be wrong.

But wait, A third planet comes into the alignment. It’s Pluto – now only a planetoid of course – roughly ninety degrees apart from both Mercury and Uranus, in other words half-way between the two, and therein lies the key. For whatever clash of interests is brewing between the two inspired minds, or even the two sides of one’s own inspired mind – the tension aroused, the impasse, the loggerhead as symbolised by Mercury and Uranus – a solution lies in the hands of Pluto. The T-square aspect formed between these three planets so neatly aligned, like we see in the sky this week, symbolise a challenge. But different people handle challenge in their own way.

A mature person or partnership knows how to be diplomatic in solving their marital differences. They see a counsellor, for example, and that third party takes them through their unconscious behaviour toward each other, and eases the flow between the two once again. Insensitive and harsh retaliatory words will not win the day here, but rather chase away investment of future interest. As will messianic fervour that yours is the only way. What’s available now, is the ability to see the challenge, and also have available the solution, a dispassionate lucid moment, whether internally or externally sourced.

Mature partnerships rise to great heights by being able to diplomatically solve their differences in a win-win attitude. And we all know the world loves a winner.

Jupiter trines Pluto

This week Jupiter is approaching a harmonious trine to Pluto in mutual earth signs, providing the opportunity to access powerful creative spiritual energies, or in other terms, to harness latent potentials toward self-actualization or individuation, which can also be used positively for the masses, the world at large as well as just yourself.

AstrologyIt’s a time when inner skills can be made manifest in practical terms, particularly since both planets are in earth signs. Jupiter adds an inspirational mood too, and Pluto symbolises transpersonal potentials, unconscious psychic forces, or on an outer level, the masses; and so it requires that one examine one’s inner motives, purity of intent and integrity of purpose, particularly since the masses are the ones who could benefit from what it is that you could offer. For example in having the chance to acquire donations to feed numerous masses of hungry people, what do you actually offer them to eat? Is a fizzy drink and a candy bar really appropriate, or do you endeavour to serve fruit and grains instead? Similarly when educating or informing others, what information is prioritised, pop culture or permaculture?

Also take this opportune time to explore your own personal transformation and healing now, whether by seeing a therapist or doing a shamanic journey – whatever it is that enables you to bring out your potentials. And in order to gain one’s insights, tap into one’s visionary abilities – like Odin after 9 nights of hanging on the World Tree in sacrifice – one needs to take responsibility, flap one’s wings of freedom, keep the faith in one’s beliefs, in the process and in one’s potential, while simultaneously keeping ego out of it, for ego, more often than not, wants to take credit, or remains dogmatic, when actually far greater souls or forces than us were required to get to this point in the first place.

Anyone born now would share this trine aspect in their birth charts with Mother Theresa. So this is a good week to consider ways to provide welfare for the refugees of this world, flooding foreign borders for sanctuary, for they may become a powerful workforce for your country. Therefore it’s time to get your lasso out and harness that waking dragon, hop on and hitch a ride to your place amongst the stars. After all, what you seek you already have, you just need to renew it.