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The Science of inspiration

We can be inspired by a parent, friend, hero or maybe a wonderful teacher to set our sights high and go for gold. We can find that inner determination to focus and keep plugging away at life’s tasks and duties as we aspire to achieve our goals and aim for our dreams. But when we become creative we are moving into a state of mind where the unknowable becomes known, the clear insight arrives with a sparkling clarity and all our known knowledge becomes somehow greater than the sum of its parts with the addition of a little inspiration…

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Author: Stephen Rose

Stephen has been developing his system of energy psychology for over 25 years.

From childhood experiences with spirit and healing it became his life’s passion to develop a clear understanding of how our busy modern lives are connected to a supportive spirit world with our energy fields holding the key to all our relationships, experiences and life’s path.


Life Afterlife takes an intriguing look at the eternal question: Is there life after death? And if so, can we communicate with the dead?

Through personal stories from everyday people who claim they’ve made contact with deceased friends and relatives, to self-proclaimed mediums, to philosophers and scientists who’ve dedicated their lives to these issues, this film examines the fact and fantasy of the last great frontier.

This phenomenal documentary was produced and directed by Lisa F. Jackson. Executive producers are Linda Ellerbee and Rolfe Tessem.


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