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Equinox 22 September with Mercury Direct

equinoxThe bi-annual Equinox is a time – as the name implies – of equal night and day, when the Sun is directly overhead at the equator and the globe is bathed, both south and north, in sunlight of equal measure. For a moment the entire world is equal before the Sun. Astrologically we are at a halfway point in the Tropical Zodiac, and the seventh sign can begin to shine. It must be more than just a coincidence that this time of balance is the start of the month of Libra, symbolised by the scales, who weigh in the balance light and dark, good and bad, conscious and unconscious.

Certainly this is a day when we can take a moment, one of two in the year, to find ourselves at the centre, in the middle of the cycle, and appreciate the harmonious balance achievable in our lives when we see the past in relation to the future, while tapping into the now. The past is history and the future’s a mystery, so seize the moment like the present that it is. This fleeting point in the cycle, half way between winter and summer, is traditionally celebrated in ancient cultures with ceremony or festivities. It is a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. It is an opportunity to seek balance within ourselves, find harmony in that balance, and compose ourselves for the next half of the cycle that ends in six months from now at the next equinox, which happens to be the start of the Tropical Zodiacal year once again.

Even more opportune on this equinox day coincidentally is the simultaneous Mercury statioequinoxn Direct, when the thrice annual Mercury retrograde ends and for a day Mercury remains stationary from our point of view, before starting to move forward once again through the Zodiac. This is considered to be the best or most fortunate day in the journey of Mercury, when the doors of opportunity are opened, and the sale of the season is upon us, so to speak.
That gives two independent reasons to celebrate on this equinox day of 22 September 2016, both of which will benefit those who perform their meditations, rituals or ceremonies with intent to invoke the peace and harmony that comes from a place of balance and centredness. So grab the opportunity to change the world, starting with yourself.

For example Chichen Itza in Mexico is just such a place, amongst others on the globe, where seekers and travellers will congregate at the Mayan step pyramid called El Castillo on this equinox evening to watch the Sun align with the architecture of the astronomical observatory and temple, as it does only at these specific days, due to the ancient wisdom of its builders and priests millennia ago. So these equinox days have been observed for aeons by our ancestors and harnessed for sacred events in the annual calendar. Of course in the spiritual state of consciousness, time is conspicuous by its absence, but in the material world in which we live, timing is everything. And the equinox is the time to observe the balance within and without. Similarly the day of Mercury’s Station Direct is the time to link up, via your inner or outer agent, guide or go-between, to the absolute truth, the ultimate cause of all causes, the crowning glory of your life.equinox

The Sun’s entrance into Libra on the 22nd of September 2016 will bring it to within two degrees of Jupiter, already in Libra since earlier this month, and thus within orb of conjunction. The actual Sun – Jupiter conjunction becomes exact on the 26th a few days later, but already its influence can be considered active, lasting until the end of the month, more or less. So for the coming week Jupiter will be invisible, literally on the other side of the Sun to us in our solar system. This alignment with jovial Jupiter symbolizes a time of potential confidence and optimism for all, which is great if your self-esteem needs a boost. The opportunity is there to remember that you are part of something greater than yourself, whether a cause, or even the global human race, that we are all in this together. When the equinox Sun shines, it shines on the house of the saint and the sinner alike. No one is more or less worthy than any other to receive the benedicting rays of life. Similarly opportunity or fated lucky breaks are available to all during this week. Sometimes lack of confidence, lack of self worth or just blind pessimism or melancholy prevent us from seeing the opportunity present before us. So take a boost to the confidence, feel empowered, worthy of blessings and be happy as a result.

Of course if you are already over inflated with egotism, pride or greed, you may be pushed even further in that direction, so remember to keep it real. Even those who feel they can reach for the heavens still need to keep their feet on the ground. Nevertheless generosity of heart and spirit should be available, as well as faith in a higher power, where religious studies, broadened horizons and enlightened morals are there to be tapped by all who can remember their true nature and the real meaning of life. equinoxIf Jupiter over inflates your ego, then by all means let it take you higher, for as you fly so will your bubble be burst as it reaches the refined atmosphere up above. Sometimes coming into contact with Jupiter, or guru, can lead us to feeling as if we, having basked in that radiance, are ourselves as elevated, by dint of shadow association, yet such inflation is an illusion setting us up to fall back to earth with a bump. Just ask Icarus. Similarly when we open up the ego to too much psychic contents from the collective unconscious, we can also go mad with the overload. So this is a fine moment in time to remember our noble heritage as spirit soul, but remember too that all are of that same ancestry, all carry the highest divinity within them, just as all may come before the Sun and bathe in its radiance, equally blessed or equally burned.

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/equinox-22-september-with-mercury-direct/

Mercury Combust, now you see me, now “cazimi”

Mercury combustOn 12 September 2016, as Mercury exactly aligns with the Sun at 23h30 GMT (01h30 RSA time 13 Sept), we call it not merely a conjunction, but a total “Combust”. So if you want to harness a mindset that’s on fire, a mental state that’s fired up, “combustable” or ready to exhibit spontaneous combustion, then here is your window.

Mercury, like Venus, orbits within the earth’s orbit, or between Earth and Sun, so from our geocentric point of view they always appear relatively close together in the sky. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun, and so the “Winged Messenger” remains archetypally the perennial close associate, side kick and brother of mighty Apollo. And the “Goddess of love” also keeps close association on the other side, never wandering further than a sidelong glance away.

Mercury appears like a pendulum that swings 28 degrees to the left of the Sun and then stops and returns to swing 28 degrees to the right. He then returns to complete the cycle, taking a total of 116 days altogether. The point at which he crosses the central position of the Sun, is called the conjunction, of which there are two, as in any pendulum swing – away and back again, if you get the picture. And of these two conjunction moments, one is with Mercury this side and one other side of the Sun in relation to our earth. (See graphic)

Well tonight Mercury is crossing the Sun on our earth side, between Earth And Sun, called the “Inferior conjunction”, visible like a little speck on a telescope strong enough to observe it. And this marks the start of this specific cycle. Mercury then passes by the Sun, and in a few days appears to slow down, and becomes stationary around the Equinox point of 22 September this year, marking the end of his retrograde phase, and then slowly appears to speed up again, catching up with the Sun on 27 October, marking the “Superior conjunction” moment, when Mercury passes behind the Sun from our point of view. You can even look at your own personal birth chart horoscope and determine where Mercury was in this cycle, in relation to the Sun on your day of birth, and thus find out more about the way in which your mind works. Was Mercury ahead of or behind the Sun, was he moving forward (direct) or backwards (retrograde)?

Now when Mercury is within 8 degrees or less of the Sun, as it has been for just under a week, leading up to today’s conjunction, and as it will be again in the week to come, then he is “under the beams” and invisible to plain sight due to the glare of the Sun and thus considered somewhat weakened in strength and influence, adding possibly even more blockages to communication than the already retrograde influence suggests. But for one night only – and tonight’s the night – when Mercury comes to within 17 astronomical minutes (there are 60 mins in one degree) and less of the Sun’s position, then he is called “Cazimi” a medieval word denoting a moment of genius, insight, breakthrough revelation, and the like. This window of alignment and opportunity only lasts a few hours and will be open in the hours leading up to midnight and the ones thereafter, as Mercury reaches the heart of the Sun. So grasp and seize the moment, “Carpe Diem” for time and tide wait for no man and “tempis fugit” or time flies while he who hesitates is lost.

Mercury combust

Mercury cazimi talisman

Time may be conspicuous by its absence in the spiritual dimension, where only the eternal now is evident, and that present moment is always available to us all via meditation, stilling the Mercurial mind, and observing the temporary illusory chimera that make up this world for what they are. However, since we all still generally need to live by the laws of time which are governed by the planetary cycles, then the immanent Mercury moment as he conjuncts the Sun, then use this opportunity to consecrate a new mindset for yourself, harness that flash of inspiration, burn the midnight oil, and come out the other side with the plan of action, the answer to your riddle and the key to your future. If not now then when? If not you then who?

To find out more about your own personal horoscope, or to have a consultation or birth chart analysis please feel free to contact me and we can explore the details. julescape@gmail.com

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/mercury-combust-now-you-see-me-now-cazimi/

Triple Alignment of Retrograde Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo – Aug 2016 – the Three Wise Men do it again

The triple alignment of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter this month is a moderately rare opportunity to see the three planetary bodies close together in the night sky on the western horizon just after sunset.

Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct JupiterMercury and Venus are close all month and eventually Venus exactly conjuncts Mercury as the latter slows to his stationary position in the sky before going into a 3 week retrograde motion, from our observers’ point of view on earth. This alignment is curiously exact on the very day that both of them also conjunct Jupiter to within a single degree on 30 August ‘16. And it further also happens to be the day of the Mercury stationary, traditionally the most critical day in the general Mercury shadow/retrograde event.

So throughout August both planets are in synch and closely involved in identical alignments with other planets, like for example, the harmonious trine with Pluto around mid month. Pluto in Greek mythology is the lord or the underworld, and when positively aspecting Mercury the winged messenger and Venus the goddess of love, one may find an opportunity to tap into valuable insights via research or brainstorming or meditation, or to revive, rediscover or renovate social connections, and the doors they open. It is a great time to attend yoga workshops or retreats or see a counsellor, or even just deepen friendships, which in themselves are healthy when chosen from the appropriate association. When days are dark and friends are few, it only takes one true friend to provide a solution or shift in perception that aids the journey.

Amazingly the trine of Venus to Pluto, which is at its most exact on 17 Aug, is on the eve of the full moon associated with Sri Balarama, the brother of Krishna, representative of the elder brother, guide, and dear-most friend and protector. This trine is describing a time of intensified emotional depth, which can facilitate the highest forms of love. It facilitates spiritual regeneration, a perfect time for an initiation, based on love, and a healing of the heart or relationship department. The days leading up to and just after the 17th will be the window of alignment, so this is a wonderful full moon opportunity to harness, particularly via the power of music or sound to uplift the consciousness, as taught in numerous ancient cultures and practices since ancient times on the planet. I will be celebrating the full moon event with song, drum and dance, hopefully good company, and a little feasting perhaps, if such an oxymoron exists. Basically relationships can be healed during this window around the full moon. Venus trine Pluto, Mercury trine Pluto

The simultaneous square aspects from Mercury and Venus to Saturn earlier this August have already tested relationships to breaking point and some may have failed the stress test. Good company is hard to find, but solitude is better than irreconcilable bad association. Those who have chosen to take the higher road will find over the full moon period a chance to heal any strained relationships, or the opportunity to end bad ones by discovering better alternatives. As to which way you play it, which choice you take, that is up to you, or higher arrangement, whatever your perspective of life.

Remember too, as Venus opposes Neptune in the zodiac also around 15 August, that any relationship of healer and patient, victim and rescuer, fallen and saviour, needs to be kept healthy for both parties, for either sides are vulnerable to exploitation in such mutual relationships, and even the cheater and the cheated are two sides of the same coin of a potentially unhealthy relationship if it disempowers one or the other party, or if it perpetuates unhealthy lifestyle patterns or habits in any relationship. That said, many souls are struggling with the hard knocks of life on earth, devoid of knowledge, battered down by the lower modes and much in need of a merciful hand to help them up. So the balance between empowering and perpetuating victimhood needs to be maintained for both parties to really benefit the most from any relationship.

Of course all of these are but introductions to the main event of this month, namely the exact triple alignment on the day of Mercury’s station – 30 August. Already from 21 August Mercury will slow down to an exact conjunction with Jupiter for at least two weeks until 4 September, when Mercury gradually begins to edge away in retrograde motion from Jupiter. Because of it occurring on the Mercury retrograde event, it becomes a particularly rare and valuable opportunity worth harnessing, as the window of conjunction is stretched to over two weeks, when it would normally only last two days. This fortnight will facilitate a greater philosophical awareness and insight, where we can see the bigger picture, visit further horizons, and expand our understanding or network to incorporate more than before. Just be very careful – considering the conjunction falls in Virgo – not to be overcome by pettiness, and miss the opportunity for growth due to minor or insignificant issues. This is a great planetary aspect for higher studies, tertiary education, particularly religion and law, as well as foreign travels and business even, if that is your penchant. The elections and current search for new Public Protector will be buzz themes to benefit from airtime under a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. With the immanent Mercury station and retrograde involved, delays, hitches, backtracking, etc could be the order of the day, and that implies delays in any legal, political or educational issues.

Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct JupiterSome, however, will benefit from the available opportunity to harness empowered speech, lecturing or political campaigning, as well as improved studies; anyone who’s career depends on smooth or fluent talking potentially benefits during this extended fortnight. Wit and wisdom should win the day, or a big propaganda machine. And when Venus finally joins the alignment for a couple of days just before and after the 30th August peak, the third force adds her rays of benediction to the conjunction, bringing generosity and optimism to the equation. This then becomes a truly friendly and sociable time, even if in the shy, reserved, modest and dutiful sign of Virgo. At its best it can facilitate healthy, healing relationships based on mutual service and upliftment, with peace as the lubricant. Just be careful that it doesn’t lead to complacency of course, lest the great opportunity to evolve, grow and expand goes by unharnessed simply because Maya’s lap seemed comfortable at the time.

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/08/11/triple-alignment-of-retrograde-mercury-venus-and-jupiter-in-virgo-aug-2016-the-three-wise-men-do-it-again/

Mercury Retrograde with New Moon in Taurus: It’s not depression – you’re just demoralized, and it’s deliberate

As the current Mercury Retrograde in earthy Taurus allows us to direct our mental faculties inwardly, and the Taurus New Moon allows both inner and outer modes of consciousness, rational and instinct, head and heart, to align for a moment, we can ask ourselves why it is that mental vulnerability is so on the increase.

Mercury retrogradeWhen I left university in the eighties, depression was known to affect some in society around the age of 30, but currently researchers say first onset can occur at age 15. Duke University researcher Stephen Izard describes how the rate of depression in the West seems to be doubling every generation. This implies that basically every second person of 18-29 years old will be depressive by mid life, and what’s more, in the next generation after that, everyone will be depressed.

Consciousness expression is moving fast this century, much like global climate change, creeping toward the future like a glacier in the summer. One year it’s there and the next it’s vanished up the mountain. And as consciousness finds newer and newer forms of expression, enhanced by new tech, the average state of mind could be morphing into something likened to depression. But the research shows that what we so easily label as depression is something else up to 60% of the time, proven again by the even poorer success rate of pharmaceutical anti-depressants. The bottom line is that in more accurate terms, most struggling minds are actually suffering from demoralization. And there are no drugs to cure being demoralized.

As Mercury Retrograde transits earthy, sensual Taurus this May, the ability to look realistically at our state of mind now is invaluable. What it reveals is that many who should be at the prime age and vigour of life are so absorbed by the allure of sense gratification, driven by the corporate media machine that entrains them into consumers, that lack of depth and meaning leaves them actually suffering from a “culturally generated demoralization”. This is the great existential disorder of our time, a symptom of the digital and thus depersonalised era. Demoralization implies that one feels disoriented when it comes to locating any meaning to life, or even purpose to one’s existence. One feels oneself in a “psycho-spiritual crisis” as life and the world as it appears or was presented to us by our elders, seems to lose credibility. Even earlier beliefs and convictions, held so strongly in earlier years, begin to dissolve under doubt and loss of direction. The moral compass is pulled in all directions.

Mercury retrogradeAncient texts of wisdom in the psycho-spiritual sciences, like Bhagavad Gita, mention for example in ch16 txt21 that “There are three gates leading to this hell – lust, anger and greed. Every sane man should give these up, for they lead to the degradation of the soul”. That is a clear description of our current cultural malaise, written down over 5000 years ago. Society is led by their senses like a bull by the nose. The tablet or screen is the medium through which corporations allure the masses toward buying, by arousing their lust for sense objects. Playing on their lust fuels their feelings of anger when the satisfaction does not last. And greed is aroused when the satisfaction doesn’t seem to be enough to really bring the happiness we dream of. We thus are trapped in the cycle of constantly wanting more. And while the corporations make money off us, we lose the taste for the real goal of life. And so demoralization sets in as one feels like one is in a lost cause. The irony though is that this is not a mental disorder. This is an honest and real response to the cultural circumstances inflicted on us.

Basically modern consumer culture is engineered to subtly promote in society qualities like materialism, hyper-competition, overwork, overconsumption, debt and a sense of constant hurriedness or excessive pressure. This all undermines coping and is negative for psychological well-being. What’s more, good qualities like trust, friendship, confidentiality, community and spiritual inquiry are diminished. People even lose touch with ancient sources of wisdom that are gradually pushed out of circulation due to lack of transmission. What’s left is a dried up, passive life, robbed of other good qualities, like patience, determination, resilience, self-restraint and intestinal fortitude for life. Short attention span and overindulgence become the norm.

The ability to identify for oneself an actual “philosophy of life” is a dying art, and without any guiding principles or existential compass, many gravitate toward consumerism, led by commercials, in what Noam Chomsky calls a “philosophy of futility”. We forget who we are as well as our sense of power beyond the sensory or material body. Adrift in the shallows of life, the psyche becomes dispirited, lacking inspiration. When mundane tasks designed to merely satisfy low level desires take up our time, we can’t help but become bored and jaded. This is a cultural failure. Consumer culture has created an existential vacuum that fails to meet the needs of modern society at a deeper level. Lacking is a sense of belonging, of true identity, with communal activities diminished, ritual and ceremony absent, we become ungrounded or rootless in time and society. This is actually a type of cultural insanity, and being normal is no longer the healthy option.

Human culture has mutated into a sociopathic marketing machine dominated by economic priorities and psychological manipulation. Leading this hostile takeover of the collective psyche are increasingly sophisticated propaganda and misinformation industries that traffic the illusion of consumer happiness by wildly amplifying our expectations of the material world.” Thus says John F Schumaker, retired psychology academic and writer. And what an apt description.

The current Taurus transit of Mercury and several other planets, like Sun and Venus, triply amplify the awareness of our own level of sense indulgence as a substitute for a meaningful life of purpose. Once that accumulates, we can no longer ignore the disappointment and inner starvation as our soul’s needs are neglected. This all feeds into our demoralization. Imagine being born and raised into a culture with no future or hope for a better tomorrow. Millennials who see from the outset of their lives already how dire the ecology, the economy and the future appears, can’t help but become disillusioned by this insane cultural reality of the modern era. Imagine being raised to follow a consumer ideology that will knowingly deplete the planet, destroy species and contaminate with toxic waste most of the globe in our lifetime. No wonder we become blunted and de-sensitised to the destruction our culture inflicts on the rest of the world. Welcome to the Z(ombie) generation. Generation X and Y have come and continued the degradation installed by the Baby Boomers after the World Wars, and now the Z’s watch it all go up in flames at the end. Or so it seems.

How do we rebuild our unconscious foundations and uplift ourselves from demoralization? You can’t prescribe pharmaceuticals for a cultural malaise. To be effective we need to undergo honest introspection, soul-searching or self-observation. We need cultural deprogramming, and character training and a new world view which includes the world of nature once more. Mercury retrogradeThe entire sick culture needs to be treated more than just the individuals themselves. We can’t adjust to an insane society. Society needs to adjust to the actual real needs of the people. Better advisers are needed to assist governments. The current distortions of sham democracy and capitalism need to be revised. For they are the guardians of the current insanity. A cultural revolution is needed once again. Credibility needs to be instilled in the system for the masses, and that usually comes from a credible cause or credible leadership.

You would think that during this month of multiple Taurus planetary transits, that we would see the need of our dear earth and her helpless inhabitants in all bodies, and take that to be a credible reason with meaning to spur us on to purposeful action. Once the Mercury retrograde is over in a few weeks, and moving direct again, we can expect the wheels of revolution to turn internally and externally, among those who have overcome the demoralised mode and are done with it, ready now to overthrow the diseased system of our forefathers and usher in next stage of consciousness evolution – The Spiritual Warrior.

Reference: http://newint.org/columns/essays/2016/04/01/psycho-spiritual-crisis/

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/mercury-retrograde-with-new-moon-in-taurus-its-not-depression-youre-just-demoralized-and-its-deliberate/

Mass retrograde in April ’16 – the times require a changing

Astrology ephemeris Before the days of computer software and phone apps, the most valuable tool for the astrologer was their ephemeris. It is a neatly printed out text book with tables full of columns listing the exact positions of all the planets in the zodiac. So much research and observation of the night skies via naked eye and telescopic lens or mirror, over thousands of years has gone into the ability to predict, like clockwork, where every body will be at any time in the future. By extrapolation that implies the past too. And all these positions of the bodies -at least the most important ones – are listed for every day of every year at midnight (sometimes for midday) for the next fifty years or 100 years, depending on the size of your ephemeris. So anyone can learn the astrological symbols and read the ephemeris to find out the planetary alignments on their birthday or any day for that matter. It’s always insightful to look at the alignments on your birthday every year to see what impression they give for the coming year ahead.

Traditionally in certain older cultures, astrologer priests could wield influence over their village by predicting eclipses for example, but those days are long gone. Doomsday prophets are not taken seriously nowadays. I would be interested though, to know what this year’s mass simultaneous retrograde lineup of five planets might imply. Another happens in July 2018, but then it’s less meaningful because it involves more outer planets and they go retrograde simultaneously quite often. And also their influence is more distant, symbolically more generational than personal in their effects on our horoscopes. But this April 2016, at the next Mercury retrograde on the 28th, we will also have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in retrograde as well. This continues until Jupiter goes direct again on the 9th of May, 12 days later. Pluto may be of lesser significance, and it’s true that all planets go retrograde often enough, but to have a more than usual amount of them synchronise like this may bring about something noteworthy. The only planet not retrograde then its Venus. All the other personal planets (as opposed to transpersonal) are not only in retrograde, but many are moving very slowly, much slower than usual, and all except Saturn experience a complete station or stop during the mid April to mid May period in question. And Saturn moves relatively slowly anyway. This slow and stationary lineup may signify a sluggishness in progress, a pause or impasse in ventures, and it may be wise to suspend or defer any major decisions during this phase.

Jupiter, of course, has been in retrograde since January already, and that’s nothing unusual, and Saturn will station in late March, but by the time Mars, Mercury and Pluto join them in the retro dance in April/May, I can presume that much or perhaps deeper rethinking will enter negotiations. With Pluto involved we can, for instance, except more strike action amongst the masses of labour in our mines. “Strike season” may be heated this year, or should I say protracted, particularly with the mines losing billions already as demand weakens while the global economy slumps. What fertile ground for regime change during an election year. Nothing like a disgruntled proletariat to unsettle the apple cart. When negotiations reach a deadlock then progress grinds to a halt. Mars is still very powerfully placed in Scorpio for some of this retrograde time. In fact in Scorpio, Mars is reputed to be at his most potent, volatile, provocative and persuasive in achieving his desires. The Mercury retrograde will be in the polar opposite sign of Taurus. The tension could be like that of two bulls meeting head on head, butting their way with opposing demands and value systems. The New South Africa is a Taurus sun sign, amongst numerous other nations, depending on their day of independence. The 1st of May, which falls in the middle of this retrograde period, is even called “Workers Day” here, a perfect opportunity to rustle up a revolution. Or maybe not. But whatever happens something has to change. We can’t simply keep playing the same tune as we watch one country or corporation after another fall into junk status.

We may all feel the influence of the multiple retrograde in different ways according to our horoscopes. The Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius for so many months this year can already be aligned to more potential nationwide university mass action, striking and general unrest, as with last year already. Nevertheless there is a flip side to this retrograde alignment, and that is that a concomitant mass direct or forward motion also has to occur at some point, where no planets are in retrogradation, and are all sailing forwards through the zodiac. And that time occurs just after the last Mercury retrograde of 2016 ends – on the 8th of January 2017, for an entire month, until Jupiter goes stationary retrograde once again. Of course this all may mean little of importance at the end of the day, but it does present an interesting pattern for those who like to look for signs in the sky, who keep a weather eye on the horizon for the shape of things to come.