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Mercury still conjunct Pluto exposing the hidden truth for all

Mercury conjunct PlutoSince Mercury is at its slowest now during the stationary phase, it has languished at the same degree or two of the zodiac for the entire last week of January. And that very position happens to be precisely conjunct Pluto. So although I have mentioned the Mercury – Pluto conjunction this past week in a previous article, I want to elaborate still further on this unusually extended alliance and alignment between the closest and furthest planets from the Sun. We are talking about the fastest and the slowest planets in the zodiac coincidentally spending an entire week at such an exact alignment, the likes of which is seldom seen in the history of their liaisons. Mercury, ambassador of the rational mind, and Pluto, ambassador of the Underworld and all its hidden contents, are locked in step having serious negotiations, where the symbolic result on our psyches this week is sure to be a compulsive urge to ferret out those hidden secrets kept in the dark until now. What skulduggery is being perpetrated behind closed doors that needs to be exposed, needs to be made conscious, needs to be made known to the public, brought up from Pluto’s underworld realm so that we can know what’s really going on?

The mind is empowered now as Mercury aligns with Pluto, with the resourcefulness, lucidity and determination to seek the truth, regardless of the illusions it shatters along the way. Mercury may symbolise the investigative journalist, the media, who now expose certain unsavoury truths in their press releases. For example it turns out that the top six banks in the world, the institutions we take our money to for safe keeping, have been found guilty of illegally manipulating the downfall of multiple currencies across the globe, including our humble ZAR. Thus they have been fined $5.6 billion for their criminality, which has been going on for five years, but was only exposed this week as Mercury and Pluto align. In other words the biggest of the big corporations, the ones that are supposed to be the safest and have our best interests at heart, are actually the biggest villains. Therefore how can we take anyone at face value any more? And a little fine is not going to stop them. This is not the first time they have been caught fraudulently manipulating the global financial market to such a degree that entire countries can be crushed at their mere whim. Indeed it was similar financial superpowers that deliberately caused the entire global financial crisis of 2008, the one from which we are still trying unsuccessfully to recover. Certain individuals made piles of profit from crippling the world in that way. And that is precisely the evil that lurks below the surface, the Plutonian shadow banking industry, the Mafia who enslave us, that are being investigated, exposed and publicly shamed in the press today. At least the Mafia are open criminals. These banksters are secret criminals and thus more insidious in their villainy, showing a respectable public persona while behind the scenes they rob you blind.

And where else might this blatant criminality be going on? The rise in journalist assassinations around the globe in the past few years clearly tells us that there are political evils being perpetrated that these journalists wish to expose. We become empowered by such knowledge of the truth. Knowledge will always be power, and that is why those who steal power mercilessly will always try to hide it from the masses to keep us disempowered. Well, there will always be truth seekers who smell something rotten in the state of Terra. We the people are slowly becoming informed, thanks to the internet, and are rising up against the political oppressors of this world – the biggest ones being the worst. Let’s see how long our internet freedom actually lasts.

The compulsive communicator archetype is activated, during this Mercury – Pluto alignment, but superficial gossip will not suffice. At times like these we are forced to realize that life cannot be taken at face value. No one can be trusted any more. We are all under bigger illusions than we realize, thinking our democratic voting system is fair while behind the scenes it’s a rigged game and the house always wins. Yet a bigger illusion exists, and that is the depth of insight to which we should really be diving. The real illusion of Maya under which we all slumber is, of course, the illusion of our actual identity, of who we really are. Schools, colleges, advertisers and politicians are all tools used by Maya to keep us in the dark as to the truth. Those in power have vested interests in the masses remaining in ignorance, for then they remain disempowered, unconscious of their real potential to overthrow their captor, the prison warden, and rise up to the their original glory. Political and economic underworld villainy has been going on since time immemorial, but even more importantly the real truth of our identity beyond this shell of a body and automatic programme of a mind is to be found in ancient sacred texts like the Vedas, where those who wish to go deeper have discovered such revelations as “aham brahmasmi” – I am eternal spirit. I am not this temporary body. And as spirit I have an identity of “sad chit ananda” – eternal, fully blissful consciousness. That is the real secret truth that needs to be exposed and revealed to the world, instead of being suppressed by those in power who wish to keep us in the dark so that we can be exploited for their pleasure. That is what you call going to the root of the matter, the root of life on earth, compared to which the politics and economics of the day are superficial and secondary issues. By diving into the depths of Pluto’s hidden underworld domain, we find not only dark and shady truths, but also the buried treasure more valuable than gold – the treasure of transcendent consciousness. Pluto is the Lord of buried treasure, and so at times like these we have a perfect opportunity to plummet those depths and find out who we are and thus become empowered by that self-realization to such a degree that we once more are able to glimpse the ecstasy inherent in our own selves, the real gold which has been kept hidden from us for the benefit of those that will exploit humanity, whether they be in the guise of politician, banker or even priest. So take this opportunity to get to the root of your identity as eternal consciousness and life will never appear the same again.

Mercury conjunct Pluto as secrets are revealed

Mercury conjunct PlutoMercury, the closest planet to the Sun will be exactly conjunct or aligned with Pluto, the furthest planet from the Sun this weekend, visible as the evening star following the Sun on the western horizon just after sunset. In astrological symbolism this is a powerful time, where Mercury – the winged messenger and archetype of communication and clear thinking, aligns with Pluto – lord of the underworld and all that is hidden, secret or taboo. In other words this is the time for in depth research, and more particularly for the investigative mind to discover hidden secrets or to get to the bottom of the issue. The resourceful mind, combined with intensified willpower, should enable any detective or truth seeker to penetrate the mysteries and discover what is really going on around here. For truth is more important than comfort at this time, and so illusions can be dispelled for a change this weekend. Great for those who want to understand reality as it is, perhaps disconcerting for those who are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses for their own selfish interests, or those who derive power over others by keeping them in ignorance and illusion. This is the aspect of the master of the occult (meaning “hidden”) – the sage who knows the underlying shakti that powers the universe and how to harness it, particularly via words and mantras.

For example one secret that needs to be revealed now, since it is the season of Christmas, is the fact that many of the religious myths and legends that make up the stories and pastimes of our various cultures are actually hidden astronomical references hiding in plain sight so as to be communicable through countless millennia to those with eyes to see, while at the same time not being lost during times of less consciousness or understanding. The pastime of Jesus, the Son of God, being born on December 25th alludes to the actual Sun and reveals that fact that Christianity is nothing more than a modernised covered version of the ancient “pagan” Sun worship. In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice of December 21st marks the day when the Sun is at its most extreme position in the sky due to the tilt of the planet, to bring about the shortest day, the longest night, and consequently the coldest, darkest time of mid-winter. From the 21st to the 24th, for three days, the Sun remains in that position in the sky, providing the least amount of sunlight to the north. Then on the 25th it slowly begins its ascent towards longer daylight, by a few minutes each day. Thus the day actually marks in astronomical terms the turning point where the Sun begins to increase again, a point designated by priests via religious allegory as the “Birth of the Son”. It’s as simple as that. And in a snow swept northern winter climate, the return of the Sun is a lifesaver and a Godsend, and the date is most significant. In this way, by investigative research we discover the secret truth that we are all – and have always been – Sun worshippers. Such revelations may bewilder some, may shake their faith, test the foundations of their myth – the illusion they call their reality, but there it is. Even in the Vedic culture we worship the Sun. Part of the secret mantras given to the newly initiated brahmana by the guru include those worshipping Surya, the Sun, although that is a secret mantra so don’t tell anyone. And it is recited three times a day, at sunrise, noon and sunset. Catholic Priests of old in the Middle Ages were the only ones allowed to study Latin, the hidden language, and thus the rest of the plebs were kept in the dark about the actual words of their own sacred texts. Similarly in ancient Vedic culture, there were times when the brahmanas would be the only ones able to access the Sanskrit texts, and they too abused their position of power over the other castes, a legacy that lingers to this day, where brahmanas in certain parts of India openly practice racism against their own people in the form of caste segregation and abuse, a symptom of the severely ignorant mindset of one who has not comprehended the actual purport of their own scripture, Bhagavad Gita, which says that it is by “guna” and “karma” – qualities and actions – not by birth, that one recognises a true brahmana.

So the truth is not always as it initially seems, and when the window of opportunity arises this weekend we should use it to enlighten ourselves to the underlying message behind the myth. Another astronomical reference hiding in allegory is that of the Vedic astrologer’s reference to two planets called Rahu and Ketu. Even in the Bhagavat Purana the pastime of the demon Rahu and Ketu appears, where he sneaks in amongst the demigods to also get a sip of the nectar of immortality, but as he takes a sip, he is recognised and immediately his head is decapitated. However because he had already sipped the nectar of immortality, his head remained alive, although the body perished. So in Jyotish or Vedic astrology Rahu and Ketu are described to be either planets, or even the head of the demon that still swallows the Sun or Moon during the regular eclipses we experience annually. Now the truth is that there is no head in the sky eating the Sun only to have it reappear out of his severed neck. Nor is there actually a planet in the sky called Rahu or Ketu, for in fact those two positions, called the north and south nodes, are the exact measurable points on the plane of the ecliptic, or planetary rotational path, where the shadows of the Sun, Moon and earth intersect to cause what we know as an eclipse. In other words, even Bhagavat Purana is using allegory and myth to present astronomical truths so that they can be preserved in the mind of the less educated over thousands of years without being lost to the actual discerning reader. These are the types of secrets that can be discovered now to any who wishes to know what is really going on. Some need to take their parables literally, and so be it. Call me a blasphemer if you like, but show me where my evidence is wrong and I will be open to correction. And be ready for further bombshells to rock your world this weekend.