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The Uranus square Pluto era and the global rise of right wing nationalism – India

The upheaval and revolution of the recent Uranus square Pluto era was predicted, but not many saw this global wave of Ultra-conservative Right-wing Nationalism coming.

India ModiAs drawbridges go up and Nationalist governments clamp down, from Europe to Turkey, USA to RSA, a wave of red is crashing on the shores of almost every major nation across the globe, washing away foreigners, aliens or Islamists alike. Xenophobia is the new norm, as the primal, base chakra nationalist allegiances reappear, 70 years after the overthrow of Nazi Fascism. Even in the crown chakra land of transcendence – India.

The generational influence of the 90 degree alignment between slow-moving Uranus and Pluto, which has occurred in the night sky over the past few years, was seen to be a forewarning of the overthrow or toppling of old systems, either suddenly or by revolutionary means. Certainly the global financial collapse of 2008 ushered in a new economic era in its wake, as a hybrid mix of socialism and capitalism was forged out of the ashes of the failed and dying Keynesian economic paradigm. And in typical domino style, political systems also buckled and swung into a new right of centre alignment as people took shelter – as they do in times of crisis – of their “big brother” government safety nets. Even old order global religious institutions took a knock as scandals erupted in the Catholic Church and elsewhere. All around traditional social structures were knocked down from their pedestals, as is associated with the Uranus (the Awakener) and Pluto (the Destroyer/Transformer) interaction astrologically.

Yet few could have seen the consequent backlash that has occurred in recent years, of not only right wing Conservatism in governments, but even the iron-fisted clampdown of leaders who remind us of the tyrants of Nazi Germany in the way that they stifle their free press, tighten their immigration laws, build fences along their borders and dictate in authoritarian terms the impositions on their citizens. In some countries, like throughout Europe, the citizens are actually voting for these very things in an attempt to stave off financial collapse. And none more so than the home of tolerance, pluralism and colonial liberation – India.

India ModiTo run the biggest democracy in the world, in a country with almost 2000 ethnic groups and 200 languages, is no small feat. And having already attained liberation from colonial oppression by the British imperialists, thanks to their icon of pacifism and tolerance, Mahatma Gandhi, India has enshrined its high ideals in its Constitution. Yet much of those ideals are being swept away by the same winds of change that grip the rest of the post-2008 globalized world. The country has moved a long way from its founding father Gandhi, who enshrined poverty alleviation, religious pluralism and protection of minorities from Hindus into the Constitution of the land. Particularly since the Nationalist BJP won the election that saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi take control on 26 May 2014. During those very months of April and May 2014 Uranus and Pluto were experiencing an exact alignment at 90 degrees, which corresponded with the toppling of the moderate Congress Party and rise of the Nationalist right in a country of over a billion people

And Modi (another Gujarati just like Gandhi) was tainted by human rights accusations even before becoming India’s leader. Historically it was in 1991 already that India had to open up to liberal capitalist economics, just like Russia and China did, thus ending Gandhi’s dream of national self-sufficiency. But by the time Modi became governor of Gujarat state in 2001, he was able to turn it into the Singapore of India, contributing hugely to the overall trebling of India’s economy between 1999 and 2008. And that’s what kept him in that position for 14 years, the longest sitting governor in India ever. Yet in the very first year of his term in office, he is believed to have incited unrest with his usual style of anti-Muslim rhetoric during the Hindu/Muslim clashes over Ayodhya, India Modibirth place of Rama, contested by both religions. In 2002 dozens of Hindus were murdered on a train returning from Ayodhya, and in retaliation up to 2000 Muslims were murdered in his state under his watch, while he did and said nothing to prevent it. He was boosting the economy so the media were silent or silenced regarding his involvement in the anti-Muslim brutality and Hindu caste-conscious discrimination. Modi is, after all, a curious blend of ultra-nationalist combined with religious fundamentalist, something that you would normally associate with Jihadi-type extremism. As a result of his human rights record he was refused a visa to enter UK, USA and EU for several years. But now that he is prime minister, that is all overlooked and doors are open to him. Here, in other words, is a perfect example of how money overrides human rights. Modi is another of the right wing lot who are accepted or even welcomed simply because they can bring the economy back on track in a country. The problem is that it is only the elite top few that really benefit. So the new rich look after the politicians and vice versa, as in Russia and China, while the vast majority are left to rot, and human rights abuses are ignored on all fronts. Only 1% of the national budget goes to public health in India. Deals between slum lords, police and politicians continue in one of the most corrupt countries. Extortion rackets, beatings, threats of relocation and demolition carry on amidst huge inequality, where child malnutrition levels are on par with sub-Saharan Africa. This is the face of the new right wing nationalist archetype as it rears its ugly head once more. Modi was the only person in history ever to barred from entering USA because of violations against religious freedom, something you get in this rare blend of Nationalist fundamentalism. Who would have thought that a Hindu could have that claim to fame?

Let’s remember that this is not China, a one party dictatorship with far worse human rights abuses involving Tibet. This is democratic India, where such a man is actually voted in by the majority of citizens. This is the people’s choice. In other words the psyche of even holy India is currently permeated with right wing nationalist extremism. This is the zeitgeist of the age. Modi himself was born on 17 September 1950, India Modiwith Sun, Mercury, Saturn conjunct in Virgo. He is a workaholic, vegetarian, introvert with very frugal lifestyle. Mercury is “cazimi” or so exactly conjunct Sun that he is the epitome of a scholarly writer, spectacular orator of rhetoric, social media adept, 2nd most followed leader on Twitter in the world after Obama, and is currently opening up the transport networks of India hugely via road and rail. These are all commendable Mercurial qualities, especially as the triple conjunction is found in his 10th house of career, vocation or public status. Yet the Scorpio Ascendant conjunct Mars could suggest the fanaticism and ruthlessness he is becoming remembered for. Saturn can tend toward strictness and seems to facilitate the stern right wing head of state with its gravity.

It seems the era of the tyrant is upon us, where economic policy for the benefit of the few is applauded under this new brand of capitalism, regardless of the fallout or collateral damage incurred on the masses. Basically tyranny, Fascism and Neo-liberalism as the flavour of the day, ushered in under the guise of democracy. Look at Trump in America, favoured because he is a top businessman, a moneymaker, regardless of the fact that he has zero political experience and touts antisocial xenophobic rhetoric all day long. And even if Hillary wins, it has become the one with the most money donated or rustled up that gets in. You can buy your way in to the Presidency nowadays, via lobbying and corporate donations. What used to be Fascism is now “corporatocracy” rule by the corporation. Maybe it always was that way, just as blatantly or immorally but we knew no better.

And India is not alone in its xenophobic nationalism, Just next door in Bangladesh, Hindu Vaishnava monks are being murdered in two incidents this year. And even at one of the International Vaishnava headquarters on the Ganges, a clash broke out in February this year where foreign staff were chased from their positions by local nationalist Bengali Vaishnava priests. Maybe they had good reason, who can say, but one thing is for certain – there was definitely finances involved, big amounts, and that is enough to sway any land-loving local any day.

Under Modi foreign direct investment in India had risen 61% and India was the world’s top foreign direct investment destination, overtaking even China and America last year, according to Wikipedia. Some of the top magazines in the world, including Time, Forbes and Fortune all rate Modi highly, in their list of top rulers globally. Yet press freedom in his own country, India, is considered 133rd out of 180 nations. That’s up there with Turkey, an open dictatorship at present. Curiously the Indian media are even complicit in the current nationalist, xenophobic racist fervour, deliberately whipping up sentiment for the nationalist cause. Economics dictates and so Modi is praised despite human rights being trampled on. Without a strong Constitution or a strong free press, a country easily slides into a dictatorship as the political head is left unchecked. And this is the India of today. Just another example of the global world order of the day, in an era akin to the feudal age, as we fall further into darkness and chaos, which can only lead to one thing eventually… revolution.

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Earth Day 2016 – feeling the heat

The recent full moon of April 22 happened to be a momentous day for our beloved, yet ailing Planet Earth, for it just happened to be the annual “Earth Day” event.

Earth Day

Villagers search for water

Although founded in 1970 already, it seems as if humanity is finally waking up to the idea that our Earth also desperately needs a day of remembrance, when environmental issues are discussed and implemented. This year was particularly significant because more than 155 countries committed to signing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the UN headquarters in New York. The agreement was approved by the 196 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in COP21 in Paris on Dec. 12, 2015. Countries – including yours and mine – pledged to limit the temperature rise overall to below 2 degrees Celsius, which happens to be the cut off point for extinction, to put it bluntly. Only 7 years ago the UN General Assembly decided to designate April 22 as “International Mother Earth Day”, presumably because world leaders saw the undeniable trend that Planet Earth is heating up and if we don’t do something about it, we will reach a tipping point (2*C) after which our inevitable roast is unavoidable.

Planet Earth is known in different cultures by names like Gaia, Pacha Mama and Bhumi devi. She is seen as sentient, as our source of life and sustenance, and thus respected as our mother. Already 5000 years ago, at the end of the previous age, and the start of our current Kali Yuga, as described in the ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts, she was being mistreated by demonic or tyrannical despots and took the form of a cow to approach those who could help her out of her desperation. The Iron age was setting in then already, and it seems things are continuing to worsen for her and thereby for us her dependants. And naturally the most vulnerable feel the abuse of Mother Earth the worst. Let’s look at the current situation today…

Earlier this month America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released stats showing that this year, 2016, is so far the hottest for Mother Earth on record in the 163 years of data available, breaking the record for the previous hottest year, namely last year. So far they are recording the past 11 months as the hottest ever 11 straight months in a row to date. Now that is some scary shift because, not only is this the longest streak of such record-breaking heat, month after month, but last month (March) the average global temperature departure from the norm takes us to 1.22 degrees Celsius hotter, and therefore over halfway to the extinction tipping point of 2 degrees. And this is not based on some localised heatwave or drought anomaly, but is an all-pervading global phenomena. Apparently we are heating up even faster than scientists originally warned some years back. And this is, as we all know, man made. In other words greedy tyrants who are aware of the consequences of their actions, continue to torture Mother Earth, and more particularly the vulnerable living entities on her surface. Plants, animals and humans are dying by the million due to the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions, which are the result of men greedy for more wealth, regardless of the consequences to life on Mother Earth.

For example, according to the online newspaper http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/over-100-dead-in-india-as-killer-heat-wave-continues/1/647879.html a quarter of India’s population, 330 million people (out of the total of 1.2 billion) are suffering with severe water shortages and drought.Earth Day “Thousands of distressed farmers have committed suicide, tens of thousands of farm animals have died, and crops have perished, with rivers, lakes and ponds drying up and groundwater tables sinking.” And this is the second year in a row. April temperature are up to 45 C. Now I have been in India in June when temperatures were 45 C, and fled for my sanity. But it is still only April, two months before that peak summer heat. So I understand the conditions on the ground here. Then there’s Australia where, for years already, drought is actually the new norm. The average temperature for last month (March ‘16) was the highest in their 107 year period of recording. In other words records are being broken yearly now, like clockwork, as we approach the global 2 degrees Celsius tipping point of no return.

Then there’s Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, currently hit with worst drought in 90 years. Along with Haiti, where millions face starvation as their drought s tretches into its third year. Simultaneously Venezuela, where the long-running drought has driven water levels to historic lows, just this week has had to implement 4 hour a day electricity cuts due to the lack of dam water for their hydro-electric plants. Not only has Venezuela put on a 3-day weekend, but the entire beer industry has shut down in the country. All due to drought brought on by the same El Nino which is hitting Mother Earth now.

Then in Africa, the most severely affected continent of all, Lake Kariba (between Zambia and Zimbabwe) is only 14% full. Actually the entire Southern Africa region is affected. Here is a list of the countries to declare a state of emergency in the past 6 months:

22 Dec Lesotho

5 Feb Zimbabwe

18 Feb Swaziland

15 Mar Southern Africa Development Community

12 Apr Malawi

Zambia had critical drought in 2003 already which has affected the country for generations to come. Ethiopia, due to fear of chasing away investment and confidence, won’t even openly admit that it is in crisis, a worse level of famine crisis than that which inspired Sir Bob Geldorf in 1984 to rally global donations at his “Live Aid” pop concert. It’s the worst drought in 50 years there, with 90% crop failure and 1 million dead cattle. 18 million Ethiopians are in need of aid. “The international community has just three weeks to provide $245 million in emergency food aid to help prevent a potentially catastrophic escalation in severe acute malnutrition (SAM) cases…” according to a charity there. But Sir Bob and the eyes of the world are now probably too focused on other disasters closer to home to put on another concert. This drought is worse that the one of 1984 that put Ethiopia on the map, but today no-one is even aware, by comparison.

Earth DayObviously it’s not just weather conditions brought on by climate change that are to blame for the humanitarian disaster. Especially in Africa, the AIDS pandemic, along with corrupt, greedy government leaders, war and seasonal El Nino shifts all add to the perfect storm. In Zimbabwe reports say that nearly 200 000 tonnes of food aid is unaccounted for – enough to feed 4 million people for a month – probably sent to the black market to fetch 10 times the normal price. Such is the action of despotic tyrants that exploit Mother Earth, as they have done for millennia, except that now the consequences are exponentially increased. Even the relief efforts that do reach their intended goal are like “spitting in the wind” according to red Cross/Crescent workers. “The stark message is this crisis is not going to go away. We will have a perpetual crisis,” said a World Food Programme’s spokesperson in Nairobi, Kenya. “We are seeing a redefinition of famine, of humanitarian crises as we know them.”

Even in my own country, South Africa, the supposed new economic sanctuary of countless refugees from up North, the biggest economy in Africa, just two days after the Earth Day UN signing last week, the municipality of Durban on the East coast, made an unannounced water shut off from 9pm to 4am the next morning. Residents were apparently unable to reduce consumption themselves, so the government, seeing that water could be totally depleted in a matter of months, just cut it off for the night. The next rains are only due in October, six months away. So this is the new norm it seems, wherever you are. Even the recent rain in California is not really enough to ease the water shortage there.

And thus basic human rights like the right to food and water are being eroded by corporate and government leaders unwilling to put human life above personal profit. For the solutions are there for all to see when it comes to saving water, ending fossil fuel dependency and the concomitant air pollution, as well as ending factory farming with its methane emissions and unsustainable water use. It seems famine and starvation are the new norm in this iron age of Kali Yuga, unless we have a global revolution of consciousness, a collective enlightened moment, an insight into our collective humanity, the sanctity of all life as children of Mother Earth, who needs more than just one day, but needs every day to be respected, protected and nurtured, for the sake of the future of all who live here.

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/earth-day-on-full-moon-april-2016-feeling-the-heat/

Kali Yuga and the Great Ages in India – a land of paradox

India is a beautiful and rich land full of ancient wisdom, culture and brilliance. It is perhaps one of the oldest cultures on the planet that still has well-preserved records and writings from its ancient past as well as a civilization that still practices this ancient culture.

AstrologySanskrit is older than even Latin, and can arguably be seen as the actual root of Latin and the entire Indo-European civilization that accompanies it. The Sanskrit texts talk of four great ages, starting with Satya Yuga- a golden age, followed by Treta Yuga – the silver age, then Dvapara Yuga, the bronze age, and finally Kali Yuga, our current Iron age of degradation which began around 5000 years ago. A living tradition as old and wise as India’s is hard to match anywhere in the world today. Yet along with this ancient preserve goes the modern interest in reform and technology, where much of the world’s IT or digital work is outsourced to India – the new Silicon Valley of the East. Just last year the relatively new Prime minister, Narendra Modi, and his government launched an initiative called “Digital India” aimed at boosting the use of technology in rural India in order to link the remaining 1 billion people still without internet access.

Opening up her trade and economic activity to the rest of the world’s capitalist system in recent decades has indeed brought prosperity to this humble third world country. It has inevitably also brought the difficulties of the western lifestyle along with it too. Rape and alcohol abuse are on the increase, greatly impacting on the once pure and pristine lifestyle of the Indian people. Just this week, in the very home state of the Prime Minster – Gujarat, members of the village council in little known Suraj in Mehsana , the home district of Modi himself, met to discuss ways to counter the growing influence of modern problems in their village of 2000 inhabitants. There they openly acknowledged the rise of alcohol abuse as a primary concern. But in a most ironic turn of events, they also decided that just as problematic was the use of mobile phones by young unmarried females. And so they decided to ban the use of mobiles for any and all young unmarried and school-going females in the village. The use of mobiles was seen to be – like the use of liquor – “a nuisance to society” because it distracted them from their studies and carrying out their household chores. If caught owning or speaking on a mobile, the girls could be fined $30. The council even offered rewards for tip offs from informers. If that‘s not ironic then I don’t know what is. This may also come across as sexist, but the village elders are soon to extend the ban of cell phone ownership to young boys too, so it’s not just the females that are being discriminated against. In other words here you have a classic example of the inevitable clash of cultures, where the Prime Minister launches a nationwide campaign to connect everyone via mobile technology, and yet in his own home district, village elders can simultaneously see that very same technological revolution as a nuisance to village life. And can we really find fault with these village elders? Not really.

Many a parent throughout the world has seen the need to restrict their children from mobile phone infatuation, despite the fact that is connects every one of us to the entire world’s information and knowledge. Even this article is researched, written and uploaded onto the WWW with the use of a mobile phone. And yet the zombie generation is indeed a global phenomenon – kids (and sometimes parents) of all ages zoned out of their immediate surroundings and company, and zoned in to their hand held device, whether walking, dining, socializing or anything else. Dwindling are the days when one would zone out of the present company or activity in order to go within and still the mind via meditation on the divine, on the meaning of life, the nature of the self, the absolute, and thereby find peace and become a better person. Now we zone out of talking or socializing with the people closest to us in order to zone into the web, wherein lie any and all imaginable attractions and distractions. And this is just the beginning of the digital era. In years to come built-in or built on devices will outgrow the use of a hand held device altogether, as we become a blend of cyber and organic transhumans or neo humans, with Google glasses or microchip implants to keep us permanently connected, directly jacked into the WWW from our neural networks to the global network in one seamless interface. How will we ever get our chores done then?

Of course this is not the only paradoxical expression of contrasting culture clashes in India. This week also sees the ongoing riots and arson in North India – actually not far from the capital New Delhi in the state of Harayana. The age old concept of caste consciousness has become so distorted with time that it has turned to racism at its worst. The Jat, a rural class or agriculturalists, are protesting to demand a fair share in the job opportunities in government (with all its perks) as well as the right to much coveted university access. Who would have thought that in this most civilized land of Bharat, or greater India, as it was once known in previous centuries, even before partition, that one native would so discriminate against another, when any and all born in the land of Bharat are to be considered worthy of respect. Even the ruling party run by Narendra Modi has had to get involved. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had to concede and reserve by law some posts for this most discriminated against sector of society.

Unfortunately other castes now feel imposed upon, as if another’s gain is their loss. That it had to come to torching shops, burning down 10 train stations and multiple trains in order to get your voice heard and needs met, is testament to a civilization at odds with itself and disconnected from its “civilized” roots. This is of course the inevitable manifestation of Kali Yuga, the iron age of quarrel and hypocrisy. Kali Yuga is the last of the four great ages in the history of the world. Previous ages of gold and silver have come and gone, where civilization was pure and perfect. We, however, are at the tail end of a great history and so it is predicted and to be expected that humans will have short lives, be easily disturbed and manifest just such behavior, even in the glorious land of Bharat. It is but a sign of the times, so don’t lament the inevitable or curse the world or its creator, for you were warned, millennia ago.
Thousands of troops have been helicoptered in with “shoot to kill” orders, and already 10 are dead and 150 injured at the bullet of a soldier. Even the capital, New Delhi, has had its water lines saboutaged and is in a water crisis. Just picture an angry mob storming the streets brandishing swords and sickles, gutting police posts, schools and shops. What mayhem, all due to a misinterpretation of the caste system, a misinterpretation of the sacred texts and the definition of what it means to be a fellow human. What a distortion Kali Yuga has invoked. If we can’t get it right in the very land of the Vedas, then what hope is there for the rest of us in the land of the “mleccha” the savage outposts of the meat eater, who lives by the blood of other slaughtered victims? Here in South Africa we are very familiar with mob riots, looting and “shoot to kill” police orders, but TIA – this is Africa – as they say. It seems very foreign to see the same behavior in Bharat.

Still in old Bharat, though now called Pakistan, militants of the Taliban are busy blowing up more and more girls’ schools, to this day, in their abhorrence for equal education. Such gender discrimination clearly shows the tragedy of what is left of that once noble and divine culture. Hundreds of girls’ schools have already been destroyed in recent years due to the ideology of female discrimination and subjugation. Keep them dumb and they will be easier to control and exploit. That is the Taliban for you, a tribe that thinks it is using religious piety to maintain a distortion in their society. Anyone who can massacre 150 school children, as they did in Peshawar in 2014, is clearly deluded in their interpretation of life, the universe and everything, including their attempt at religion, piety or self-realization. Just last month they stormed a university and killed 21 people. Bharat, how we miss you and your golden years. Fortunately even this current “Iron Age” of Kali Yuga will also come to an end in a few millennia, and after the total annihilation of civilization on the planet a new golden age will start the cycle once again.