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First Chakra –Root, Base or Kundalini Chakra

The first chakra is situated at the base of the spine or tail bone and is symbolised by a snake or a dragon and represented by a red Maladhara mandala (root support), the element of fire.

Chakra SystemThis chakra is the foundation of our physical body – it stimulates the vital forces throughout your body and keeps you grounded to the earth. Your immune system, energy levels, instincts, endurance, basic impulses, fights or flight reactions are all influenced by this chakra.

This chakra deals with the body’s survival, which includes shelter, food and protection. All our relationships in the early stage of our lives influence the balance of this chakra.

The root chakra also helps to stimulate activity by activating our energy through action, exercise and vitality. If damage was caused to the chakra in early life that has not been dealt with and healed, then problems will develop in day to day life that will prevent us from moving on through our development. Achievements in the material world, patience, permanence, strength of character, safety and endurance are all relevant to the root chakra.

When the root chakra is in balance, you feel alive, healthy, free, happy, optimistic, steady and full of vitality. If this chakra has too much energy flowing through it, you experience feelings of irritation, selfishness, an over powering manner, greed, sadism and aggression. If there is too little energy flowing through it then you’ll experience anxiety, a lack of ability to complete things and a lack of confidence, you may even start to feel unloved and masochistic.

If the root chakra is completely blocked then it will negatively influence the bones, legs, adrenal glands, kidneys, colon and spinal column. To unblock, balance and realign the root chakra, we can help by cleaning and cooking in our homely environments, spend time sitting on the ground, walking barefoot and dancing on the ground.

A healing exercise to assist the root chakra’s balance:

Digging a hole in sand and then planting yourself for 10 minutes, or practicing Kundalini Yoga to open up your lower spine. The Bridge Pose is also a wonderful yoga pose for healing this area.

Food that is great for aligning the root chakra:

Any red foods like beets or apples.

Root vegies such as carrots and potatoes.

Animal proteins like eggs and red meat.

Hot spices like Tabasco sauce, red cayenne peppers or chillis.

Herbs related to the root chakra:

Haritaki Myrobalan (Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Reticulata) and Ashwangandha (Withanaia Somnifera, Physalis Flexuosa).

Glands related to the root chakra:


Vowel Sound related to the root chakra:

U (you)

Musical note related to the root chakra:


Element related to the root chakra:


Crystals related to the root chakra:

Agate, hematite, Bloodstone, garnet, red jasper and ruby.

Sense related to the root chakra:


Incense related to the root chakra:


Astrological Signs related to the root chakra:

All twelve

Revitalising Hoogland Health Hydro

The Hoogland Health Hydro was established in 1977 and is located just outside Pretoria on a private 400h game reserve.

Hoogland Health HydroThe Spa boasts hundreds of wild animals such as 17 species of bird life, impala, caracal, zebra and wildebeest.

As a guest you have access to all the hydro therapies, which include a water jet pool, swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms and baths.

There are also an array of tantalising treatments for the mind and body. Heath lectures on diet programmes, exercise and health are also available if you are looking for a weight management retreat.

You’ll be guided by the likes of Dr Heinz Meier who consults at the hydro three times a week, Dr Andre Kruger and one of the Directors of Hoogland.

For more info