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Jupiter’s extended Square to Saturn

Jupiter trine SaturnSince Saturn came to a halt in its forward motion in March, late last month, it has come into a challenging square alignment with Jupiter which, owing to Jupiter’s simultaneous slowdown and station in May, will be with us until the end of May. Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since January and Saturn has also just gone into retrograde motion late last month, joining the cluster of five planets in simultaneous retrograde motion, which is a relatively rare coincidence, occurring maybe once every decade. (See previous article on this.) So the square alignment amongst these two moderately slow-moving planets has been stretched to last much longer that usual due to their simultaneous slowing down even further near there stationary positions in the zodiac.

In other words from mid March through until the end of May we may be able to experience in our lives the conflict between expansive Jupiter and constrictive Saturn, jostling for expression and trying to reach a resolution like two executives around a table at a board meeting with grand ideas but limited budget. The tension will be highest as the planetary alignment becomes exact in late March and again in late May, but they never move more than two degrees from that exact alignment during the course of their tryst.

Jupiter, being the biggest planet in the solar system, symbolises expansion, growth and optimism. while Saturn is the opposite in character, causing contraction, restriction, etc. Optimism and faith may be tested. Responsibility may stifle creativity. Positively harnessed, this time is an opportunity, therefore, to use the challenges of life to further cultivate and refine your own inherent faith in yourself or your mission in life. At times like these hard work, applied with patience and determination, may be required to reap the benefits. And although you may be challenged on your choices or tastes, sticking to your values and standards will benefit you, regardless of any criticism from dissenting parties.

On a practical level the global economic situation is in a slowdown, particularly for emerging economies, like the BRICS, who are all feeling the crunch hugely now. In fact the global economy never really recovered from the 2008 crash and has been tottering along like a comatose patient – “critical but stable” – although this kicking the can down the road may appear to be stable on the outside but those in the know will tell you that it is actually worse now than in 2008. So this season of the Jupiter – Saturn square will certainly challenge us all financially, none more so than those who have debt repayments to service, those who already live beyond their means in the bubble of capitalisms dependency on constant expansion despite living in a world of finite resources. Obviously it is a no win game, a pyramid scheme born to fail.

The solution is the inevitable tightening of the belt. But that is a short-term stop-gap measure for the moment, perhaps even a sinking to the new norm of super skinny, after the years of capitalist super size everything. Simply printing more paper money, as the Fed does in it’s “Quantitative Easing” strategy is the Jupiter balloon set to be burst by the Saturnine pin prick of reality. Us living on credit, when eventually Old Father Time, Saturn himself will one day demand a payback – with interest – is short-sightedness of the worst degree, and this year the chickens are coming home to roost. In South Africa food prises are now rising exponentially, by 30-50% during this very Jupiter Saturn square, and countries north of our borders are worse off. This challenge is a real one, and not simply some philosophical or metaphysical concept we can discuss while seated in our armchairs as an abstract mental construct. That is the nature of Saturn – it makes real and grounds us in the cold, hard facts of our existence in the material world.

How well we navigate this challenge will depend on how much we can handle austerity. How well can you do with less, how well can you downscale. Change is required and a shift in mindset is required. What ever happened to “small is beautiful” or “less is more”? The people who may struggle most here are the ones that have been living an overinflated existence, the artificial first-worlders. That unsustainable American Dream is an illusion. UK will suffer too as their government support in removed in health care, housing, pension and more. As the future seems uncertain and we are forced to re-evaluate our lifestyles or take criticism for our beliefs, those who are adept at adapting will win through. Saturn will oblige us to find new ways of cultivating a sense of prosperity, new ways of having fun. It will urge us to remember our inner treasures, our original value as a human being. Ultimately this human form of life is indeed a rare and valuable opportunity to awaken consciousness like never before, and to evolve, to remember our eternal constitutional position, the one that never changes despite the fluctuations in material facility.

When working harder no longer brings in the results then we need to work smarter. We need to re-evaluate the whole system, change it if it’s not working, and remember that time is on our side. Eternity awaits us. After all, we are not going anywhere. Planet Earth will always be here and so will we, whether in this body or the next (as a reincarnation or a descendant) so those who handle this situation now will go on to reap the rewards of personal growth and achievement, regardless of the challenges required. Real wealth is in character and friendships (consciousness and association), the rest is frills.


Mass retrograde in April ’16 – the times require a changing

Astrology ephemeris Before the days of computer software and phone apps, the most valuable tool for the astrologer was their ephemeris. It is a neatly printed out text book with tables full of columns listing the exact positions of all the planets in the zodiac. So much research and observation of the night skies via naked eye and telescopic lens or mirror, over thousands of years has gone into the ability to predict, like clockwork, where every body will be at any time in the future. By extrapolation that implies the past too. And all these positions of the bodies -at least the most important ones – are listed for every day of every year at midnight (sometimes for midday) for the next fifty years or 100 years, depending on the size of your ephemeris. So anyone can learn the astrological symbols and read the ephemeris to find out the planetary alignments on their birthday or any day for that matter. It’s always insightful to look at the alignments on your birthday every year to see what impression they give for the coming year ahead.

Traditionally in certain older cultures, astrologer priests could wield influence over their village by predicting eclipses for example, but those days are long gone. Doomsday prophets are not taken seriously nowadays. I would be interested though, to know what this year’s mass simultaneous retrograde lineup of five planets might imply. Another happens in July 2018, but then it’s less meaningful because it involves more outer planets and they go retrograde simultaneously quite often. And also their influence is more distant, symbolically more generational than personal in their effects on our horoscopes. But this April 2016, at the next Mercury retrograde on the 28th, we will also have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in retrograde as well. This continues until Jupiter goes direct again on the 9th of May, 12 days later. Pluto may be of lesser significance, and it’s true that all planets go retrograde often enough, but to have a more than usual amount of them synchronise like this may bring about something noteworthy. The only planet not retrograde then its Venus. All the other personal planets (as opposed to transpersonal) are not only in retrograde, but many are moving very slowly, much slower than usual, and all except Saturn experience a complete station or stop during the mid April to mid May period in question. And Saturn moves relatively slowly anyway. This slow and stationary lineup may signify a sluggishness in progress, a pause or impasse in ventures, and it may be wise to suspend or defer any major decisions during this phase.

Jupiter, of course, has been in retrograde since January already, and that’s nothing unusual, and Saturn will station in late March, but by the time Mars, Mercury and Pluto join them in the retro dance in April/May, I can presume that much or perhaps deeper rethinking will enter negotiations. With Pluto involved we can, for instance, except more strike action amongst the masses of labour in our mines. “Strike season” may be heated this year, or should I say protracted, particularly with the mines losing billions already as demand weakens while the global economy slumps. What fertile ground for regime change during an election year. Nothing like a disgruntled proletariat to unsettle the apple cart. When negotiations reach a deadlock then progress grinds to a halt. Mars is still very powerfully placed in Scorpio for some of this retrograde time. In fact in Scorpio, Mars is reputed to be at his most potent, volatile, provocative and persuasive in achieving his desires. The Mercury retrograde will be in the polar opposite sign of Taurus. The tension could be like that of two bulls meeting head on head, butting their way with opposing demands and value systems. The New South Africa is a Taurus sun sign, amongst numerous other nations, depending on their day of independence. The 1st of May, which falls in the middle of this retrograde period, is even called “Workers Day” here, a perfect opportunity to rustle up a revolution. Or maybe not. But whatever happens something has to change. We can’t simply keep playing the same tune as we watch one country or corporation after another fall into junk status.

We may all feel the influence of the multiple retrograde in different ways according to our horoscopes. The Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius for so many months this year can already be aligned to more potential nationwide university mass action, striking and general unrest, as with last year already. Nevertheless there is a flip side to this retrograde alignment, and that is that a concomitant mass direct or forward motion also has to occur at some point, where no planets are in retrogradation, and are all sailing forwards through the zodiac. And that time occurs just after the last Mercury retrograde of 2016 ends – on the 8th of January 2017, for an entire month, until Jupiter goes stationary retrograde once again. Of course this all may mean little of importance at the end of the day, but it does present an interesting pattern for those who like to look for signs in the sky, who keep a weather eye on the horizon for the shape of things to come.

New Moon and the Chinese New Year

New MoonThe new moon today marks the New Year in China, who for thousands of years have maintained a unique lunar calender of 12 years in length. Every year of the 12 years is designated a different animal in the cycle of 12. So today it’s good bye to the year of the sheep/goat and hello to the monkey. Added to that are the 5 various elements of wood, water, fire, earth and metal, so that there are 5 different variations of the 12 animal years, making a total of 60 different annual characters. A system that incorporates a 60 year cycle into their calender must be quite advanced, much like that of the Mayan civilization, with its multi-level calender that stretches over millennia. Curiously the 12-year cycle is just like that of Jupiter who takes 12 years to circle the Sun, although there is no direct correlation. A calender that combines both solar and lunar aspects into its timing and measurement, like that of the Vedic, Hebrew and Chinese to name a few, is far superior to that of our western exclusively solar calender.

Energetically, symbolically and gravitationally the solar/lunar calender is more exact and synchronous with the cosmos and its effects on us on earth. For example there is a distinct difference between the waxing moon and the waning moon and their direct gravitational effects on earth. All life and even the fluid ocean swells are influenced by the gravity of the moon. The fluid in our own bodies as well as that of all plant and animal life is affected. Therefore attuned farmers will plant according to the phases of the moon. Even in the Vedic system of astrology – Jyotish – being born on the day of a waxing moon is superior to being born during a waning moon, and the closer the birth to a full moon the better still. Being born close to a new moon minimises, overshadows or weakens the moon’s influence in a horoscope, just as any planet too close or conjunct the Sun in a natal horoscope will be debilitated somewhat in its expression, being overwhelmed by the power of the Sun so to speak.

The square aspect from Mars to the new moon today may add a degree of tension. Mars is the competitive, assertive, desire-driven archetype in the zodiac and the exact square alignment of 90 degrees to the Sun and Moon suggests a conflict of interests which may become a problem if not properly resolved. Now although the square from Mars may be a source of irritation or tension, that in itself acts as the catalyst to action, as a source of energy for us to take the necessary measures to rise above the difficulty we subjectively perceive. And in fact the square is the most appropriate angle in the zodiac to produce the actual drive to succeed. If there are no tension-building alignments like this, and only harmonious trine or 120 degree alignments, then the situation may simply be too easy-going and thus too passive to take action, tackle problems or stoke up the drive required to achieve the goal. So this lunar month may find us unable to rest until our current difficulty is transcended or solved. Personal selfish desires may clash with collective group requirements under the current circumstances. We all make certain compromises or sacrifices to maintain our jobs and social connections. Sometimes the sacrifice is worthwhile because we need the salary or the cause of the group is ideologically superior. But when the boss or big corporation appears to be exploiting their staff, squeezing more out of them than is morally fair, then the individual will simply revolt or invoke a negotiation which is more just and equitable to all concerned. In South Africa mine workers will and have gone on strike for up to six months when pushed too far by exploitative multi-nationals who treat them like cannon fodder. The workers may even have to sacrifice their meagre salaries during the strike, suffer still more for their fair share, but it is their only channel to be heard, and in so doing they also cripple the multi-national to the tune of millions per day. And eventually they get their way. That is why labour unions are practically banned in places like USA, where the greatest multi-national corporations exist today. They come in to smaller countries in the form of Walmart, for example, which is a giant wholesale supermarket chain, and undercut the small local trader to such a degree that he goes bankrupt. They do this by denying their staff the wages and benefits they deserve and would actually receive in any self-respecting country in the so-called civilized world. They even secretly take out a massive insurance policy on the worker, unbeknown to him or her, so that if and when they die, the corporation actually makes a killing in insurance payout on his demise. How criminal is that? Nobody likes a bully, an economic colonialist, who no longer rides into your country and takes it at the barrel of a gun – like the Europeans of yesteryear – but now uses trade agreements like TTIP, etc, or simply squashes the local industry due to being bigger and fatter. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by ex CIA operative John Perkins if you really want to know how the USA government has been ripping of countries like this for decades, sending in scalpers to corrupt or force the leaders to sell out, or if they don’t, sends in the jackals who use military means to take you out by force and install their own puppet leader.

Hopefully the sextile or 60 degree aspect from Uranus to the new moon will add a helpful, sudden or original way out of any impasse we may be required to confront this lunar month. Some will take a stand when their survival is at stake, while others will even take a stand just for the sake of justice and fairness, or for the collective cause in which they believe. Which one are you?

Mercury still conjunct Pluto exposing the hidden truth for all

Mercury conjunct PlutoSince Mercury is at its slowest now during the stationary phase, it has languished at the same degree or two of the zodiac for the entire last week of January. And that very position happens to be precisely conjunct Pluto. So although I have mentioned the Mercury – Pluto conjunction this past week in a previous article, I want to elaborate still further on this unusually extended alliance and alignment between the closest and furthest planets from the Sun. We are talking about the fastest and the slowest planets in the zodiac coincidentally spending an entire week at such an exact alignment, the likes of which is seldom seen in the history of their liaisons. Mercury, ambassador of the rational mind, and Pluto, ambassador of the Underworld and all its hidden contents, are locked in step having serious negotiations, where the symbolic result on our psyches this week is sure to be a compulsive urge to ferret out those hidden secrets kept in the dark until now. What skulduggery is being perpetrated behind closed doors that needs to be exposed, needs to be made conscious, needs to be made known to the public, brought up from Pluto’s underworld realm so that we can know what’s really going on?

The mind is empowered now as Mercury aligns with Pluto, with the resourcefulness, lucidity and determination to seek the truth, regardless of the illusions it shatters along the way. Mercury may symbolise the investigative journalist, the media, who now expose certain unsavoury truths in their press releases. For example it turns out that the top six banks in the world, the institutions we take our money to for safe keeping, have been found guilty of illegally manipulating the downfall of multiple currencies across the globe, including our humble ZAR. Thus they have been fined $5.6 billion for their criminality, which has been going on for five years, but was only exposed this week as Mercury and Pluto align. In other words the biggest of the big corporations, the ones that are supposed to be the safest and have our best interests at heart, are actually the biggest villains. Therefore how can we take anyone at face value any more? And a little fine is not going to stop them. This is not the first time they have been caught fraudulently manipulating the global financial market to such a degree that entire countries can be crushed at their mere whim. Indeed it was similar financial superpowers that deliberately caused the entire global financial crisis of 2008, the one from which we are still trying unsuccessfully to recover. Certain individuals made piles of profit from crippling the world in that way. And that is precisely the evil that lurks below the surface, the Plutonian shadow banking industry, the Mafia who enslave us, that are being investigated, exposed and publicly shamed in the press today. At least the Mafia are open criminals. These banksters are secret criminals and thus more insidious in their villainy, showing a respectable public persona while behind the scenes they rob you blind.

And where else might this blatant criminality be going on? The rise in journalist assassinations around the globe in the past few years clearly tells us that there are political evils being perpetrated that these journalists wish to expose. We become empowered by such knowledge of the truth. Knowledge will always be power, and that is why those who steal power mercilessly will always try to hide it from the masses to keep us disempowered. Well, there will always be truth seekers who smell something rotten in the state of Terra. We the people are slowly becoming informed, thanks to the internet, and are rising up against the political oppressors of this world – the biggest ones being the worst. Let’s see how long our internet freedom actually lasts.

The compulsive communicator archetype is activated, during this Mercury – Pluto alignment, but superficial gossip will not suffice. At times like these we are forced to realize that life cannot be taken at face value. No one can be trusted any more. We are all under bigger illusions than we realize, thinking our democratic voting system is fair while behind the scenes it’s a rigged game and the house always wins. Yet a bigger illusion exists, and that is the depth of insight to which we should really be diving. The real illusion of Maya under which we all slumber is, of course, the illusion of our actual identity, of who we really are. Schools, colleges, advertisers and politicians are all tools used by Maya to keep us in the dark as to the truth. Those in power have vested interests in the masses remaining in ignorance, for then they remain disempowered, unconscious of their real potential to overthrow their captor, the prison warden, and rise up to the their original glory. Political and economic underworld villainy has been going on since time immemorial, but even more importantly the real truth of our identity beyond this shell of a body and automatic programme of a mind is to be found in ancient sacred texts like the Vedas, where those who wish to go deeper have discovered such revelations as “aham brahmasmi” – I am eternal spirit. I am not this temporary body. And as spirit I have an identity of “sad chit ananda” – eternal, fully blissful consciousness. That is the real secret truth that needs to be exposed and revealed to the world, instead of being suppressed by those in power who wish to keep us in the dark so that we can be exploited for their pleasure. That is what you call going to the root of the matter, the root of life on earth, compared to which the politics and economics of the day are superficial and secondary issues. By diving into the depths of Pluto’s hidden underworld domain, we find not only dark and shady truths, but also the buried treasure more valuable than gold – the treasure of transcendent consciousness. Pluto is the Lord of buried treasure, and so at times like these we have a perfect opportunity to plummet those depths and find out who we are and thus become empowered by that self-realization to such a degree that we once more are able to glimpse the ecstasy inherent in our own selves, the real gold which has been kept hidden from us for the benefit of those that will exploit humanity, whether they be in the guise of politician, banker or even priest. So take this opportunity to get to the root of your identity as eternal consciousness and life will never appear the same again.

Mercury in Capricorn under the whip

Mercury in CapricornWith Mercury in earthy Capricorn for the rest of the month, it’s a good opportunity to organise, plan and schedule our lives, as the mind is more able to add structure, use time-planning and basically run a smooth, results-driven programme, much like a business executive or office planner. The traditional ideas appeal more now and anything tried and tested will resonate more. New experimental ideas may have to wait under this conservative influence. Thoughts may be slower and more carefully thought out, so spontaneous bright light bulbs may be missing, and some may find it a bit boring, but the ability for longer hours of structured thought do have their value in grinding out results, particularly ones that work and that are profitable, and even enhance the reputation in this status-driven sign. Ambitions will drive us to burn the midnight oil, regardless of the fact that it may be holiday season. Long and hard planning can also go into the big festive gathering, for example, where all are invited and the schedule includes a detailed itinerary to be followed with utmost punctuality.

New ideas may not be grasped or taken on board now, but old ones will be remembered in detail, and less may be said in this understated atmosphere. The mind may leave us feeling overly serious if we’re not careful, where duties, obligations and the like – even self-imposed – demand our attention. This is the managerial mind rearing its head during the vacation time, so it’s a contradictory mood overall. Nevertheless, the cautious approach may pay off, especially if the budget is tighter than ever under the current economic trends globally. The normally overextended holiday season budget may be kept in check for a change under the cautious conservatism of Mercury in Capricorn. A stick in the mud is better than a sink hole of debt, which only leaves us with a financial hangover for which there is little remedy other than the same austerity measure we should have imposed in the first place. I know it doesn’t sound festive, but then let’s be realistic, short term thinking is infantile anyway. The business executive who is driven to succeed, to achieve results or reputation, may seldom have time for a holiday, when time is money, time is short and getting shorter, and hay needs to be made, especially here in the sunny south, though ultimately applicable everywhere in today’s internationally connected web of industry called the globalised market place.

Working two jobs or more is the new norm – for both spouses in the family, compared to a time back in the good old days, before I was born, when a single earner per household was adequate. Times have changed and as the middle class gets squeezed out of existence, you either claw your way up by the sweat of your brow, or you sink into poverty with the increasing multitudes. That is how the top 1% are squeezing us 99% into the new slavery to the dollar, while they toy with their stocks and investments and with our pension funds as if we are just numbers in an equation. The masses can only take so much before they revolt. Unless of course you are in China, Japan or Korea for example, where parents drive their kids like sweat shop labourers to achieve, to produce results, to work after school hours at extra caricular studies, all day, every day, lest they fall into the pit of clamouring jobless, bringing their families into shame, and failing to provide for the paternal task masters themselves. The result is invariably a higher rate of mental illness, depression and suicide. But that is how the big squeeze weeds out the weaker genes. These are all Mercury in Capricorn themes and as you can imagine, in a more delicate mindset, attuned more to spiritual pursuits, or skills and talents other than IQ, like EQ (emotional quotient) etc, the strain of excessive pressure, crushing student debt and globalised corporate consumerism, will result in the world losing some of its beauty, its joy and its humanness.

So be very careful of the capitalist machine as it grows ever more powerful in our modern age, for all other values may be ground under foot, as the real mission in life gets swallowed up by a hungry monster of the corrupt capitalist aristocracy, the real mission, which is not about results, but about presence, about consciousness and more about being than doing. We are already deep into the jaws of the monster, and it is only if we see those before us go sliding down the throat of that monster never to be seen again, that those with foresight can grab its tongue and rip it out at the root. The Swiss will know what I’m talking about, for in their capital city is a public sculpture of the thousand year old mythical monster that eats little children. And that capital city is ironically the city of capital, where some of the biggest banks in the world are housed, where all capital goes to hide to avoid taxation or investigation. So take a moment to reflect now on where you stand, and how balanced your stance is in light of the artificial pressures imposed by an unseen force and how real you are compared to the true interpretation of what it means to be human.