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The colour Brown/Black in the Aura

Aura interpretationsEarth Aura

This aura type represents wood, plant, mineral and soil. These are very important colours to have in your aura and it’s a very positive sign. You’ll find these colours in the people who spend a lot of time in nature or work outdoors, such as in farming or construction works. The colours reflect a person who is grounded and has a strong love for the Earth.

Light Brown Aura

This aura type indicates a personality that is constantly discouraged or confused. Reflecting a lack of confidence in ones self, the subject addressed or the present situation.

Dark Brown

This aura type indicates a selfish, deceptive, fault finding personality.

Dirty Brown Overlay Aura

This Aura type reflects a personality that is holding on to energies, due to insecurities.

Black Aura

This aura type indicates  a tendency of a miserly, negative, hateful, depressed or an ill personality. Unfortunately this colour is always an indication of a danger.

Dark & Muddy Gray Aura

This Aura type reflects a residue of fear that is accumulating within the body, showing a potential for health issues, especially if one can see gray clusters in specific areas of the body.

Black Aura

This aura type pulls or draws energy towards it and in turn transforms it. It captures the light and then devours it. Usually this personality indicates a long-term of not being forgiving and is directed towards others or other. This energy is stored in a specific area of the body and this can lead to entities within the aura, chakras or body, major health problems; past-life hurts; or unreleased grief due to an abortion if it appears over the ovaries.

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