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Mutable Grand Cross to slough off the dross

With Jupiter currently square Saturn in exact alignment at present, and within a degree of opposition to Neptune, we have a mutable T-square forcing our hand now, obliging us to make moral judgement calls and confront our ethical or philosophical standpoint.

astrology, Mutable grand crossI have spoken about this in a previous article but a further development this week sees the Sun gradually coming into alignment with the above three planets in what will be by the beginning of June 2016 a perfect Mutable Grand Cross, or Grand Square if you prefer, as all four planets align to be 90 degrees apart from each other, thus squaring the zodiac circle. During that first week in June, Venus will also align in exact conjunction with the Sun and thus provide a fifth planet for the Grand Square in mutable signs.

As Jupiter opposes Neptune and Sun/Venus oppose Saturn, the tension and resonance between the planets linked thus suggests the timing of a noteworthy meeting, or shift, or event of some significance occurring in our lives. Two oppositions like this making up the perfect cross pattern in the square can play themselves out via relationship exchanges, where each person plays out either side of the opposition. Sun/Venus wants to shine socially and feel beautiful or attractive, while Saturn demands rules, like dress code, time constraints or rules to play by. In Gemini both Sun and Venus facilitate socialising, meeting new people, valuable business opportunities, exchange of ideas, a busy mind and speech and a fine time to explore the neighbourhood, meet the neighbours, distribute your message or get your product out there. Wanting to be liked and popular may override any extreme tendencies potentially.

However, Saturn opposing Sun/Venus traditionally implies some degree of self-consciousness, or self-worth issues. This clashes with the desire to shine, like a stern parent restricting or criticizing a young adolescent child, potentially hampering their long-term feelings of adequacy in the world. They may never feel good enough to do anything as a result. Saturn will be the restricting force in our lives now, challenging us to bring our own self-esteem to the table, to prove that we are worthy, to test our patience when progress is slow. Sometimes it is the law clamping down, or an authority figure, whether internal or external, for in time we internalise the authority figures of our youth and they become our own inner voice of reason and conscience, for better or worse.

At this time of the alignment now and strengthening by early June, we may even find ourselves over-compensating or acting tough to hide our own insecurities, which can end up blocking our inter-relationships or business opportunities, especially if we neglect to see our affect on the other party. Retreating into inaction is also to be avoided, unless of course you are a self-realized soul and you are showing by example the futility of engagement with or in the material world due to its tendency to ensnare one in repeated samsara – the wheel of repeated birth and death. But such souls are few and far between. We will all need to conform in some way, modify our self-expression in order to fit in with society around us, with the rules of our culture. But never lose your confidence in yourself and your own unique worth just because your culture or society frowns on your tastes of style. The current clamping down of the police state in the name of our own good is to be questioned, as much as the rule of law is to be respected. This may well be a time where these issues need to be addressed in our lives.

Since this is a mutable Grand Cross, where all the planets involved (5 out of 10) are in mutable signs, the secret to success will lie in one’s flexibility or adaptability. The art of survival lies in the ability to change with the circumstances, to evolve basically. Mutability implies a time of change, even endings in order to facilitate beginnings. Can you handle your new found freedom or restriction? Either way the more flexible your are the better. It will take tolerance, acceptance and understanding, being able to see the longer term rewards of our choices. Sometimes an apparent austerity, like enforced solitude or restricted movement may appear unfavourable, but if seen in a different light may actually be facilitating a time of study and even self-healing. So it all depends on one’s perspective. Solitude also bring peace of mind. Something hard to find in a crowded world some might say. And studiousness is one of the benefits of the solitary, serious mindset that arises during this alignment, studiousness and the ability to climb to the heights of academic success too, where the results of hard mental input are rewarded with acclaim or accreditation. For example the great classical astrologers Nicholas Culpepper and William Lilly were both born under the Sun opposition Saturn influence, and both were anti-establishment, were ridiculed for their discoveries in science, but eventually acknowledged as the scholarly geniuses that they were.

Astrology, Saturn, Mutable grand crossWatch out for depression though at this time, for Venus opposing Saturn is known for limiting the social scene somewhat. Not everyone can handle solitude. To be at peace with one’s own company is a symptom of a healthy mind, as long as one is also at peace with a crowd. At the end of the day, or life, for that matter, a lot boils down to the ability to keep a positive attitude to everything. And that sometimes requires shifting one’s attitude, shifting the “assemblage point” as the shamans of South America’s Toltec tradition call it. Even the Buddha, after years of penance and austerity, had to come to the realization that he needed a shift in consciousness toward a more balanced, middle way. He was able to discard his outmoded preconceptions when they no longer served him, and acquire a totally new perception of reality.

So don’t be afraid to shine in a way not usually condoned by society, don’t be shy to shift. Sometimes, despite our once cherished philosophical outlook or foundation crumbling beneath our world, heaven is still just a shift away, a shift in attitude that suddenly allows the Sun to shine through the clouds of dogma, sentiment or misconception, revealing the truth that was hiding in plain sight all along. The mists of Neptune square Sun now may cloud our better judgement, may bewilder us with superstition or even pseudo-spirituality; the square from Jupiter may incline us to indulge in the rhetoric of moralised scripture, may push us to sip too deeply from the cup, yet clarity can prevail when Saturnine logic, study, observation and scrutiny are added to the mix. Then practical spirituality, heaven on earth, love above the law, all await us like a June bride on a bright summer’s day.

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/mutable-grand-cross-to-slough-off-the-dross/

Jupiter Neptune Saturn in a Mutable T-Square for May ‘16 – The Kingdom is within

With Jupiter station direct now, and Neptune about to station retrograde, they find themselves within two degrees of a direct opposition all throughout the merry month of May 2016. Merry for some perhaps, but not for all.

Jupiter Neptune Saturn T-square

To dream the impossible dream

Because both planets have slowed down so much now, the alignment is much longer than usual. The last time they aligned thus was September ‘15, about 8 months ago. So an opportunity to resolve something from then or to further it, should have its last window of opportunity to play itself out before the planets move away from alignment until next time.

Add to this Saturn making a square aspect to both, situated exactly half way between them in the zodiac wheel, and you have an ongoing T-Square alignment of the three planets, making it one of the most influential astrological aspects affecting us this entire month. Saturn, as the apex planet in the triangular alignment, becomes focal and crucially important in resolving the tension here.

This is a wonderful opportunity to harness the challenge and make it work to inspire creative change. Normally the empty fourth point opposite Saturn in the 360 degree wheel of the zodiac would suggest the solution point by sign. In our case that would the be Gemini, the empty sign opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. For example, Jupiter now in Virgo would be the detailed work required to get an overseas visa. While the opposition from Neptune in Pisces is something like the yearning to see an ideal dream life on an ashram overseas where life will be preferable, particularly considering the dire straits most of the world finds itself in. Jupiter and Neptune are both planets associated with religion and mysticism. When combined in opposition like this we project out there on to the world our dream life in spiritual contentment, in harmony with the earth and her inhabitants, including the cows, a life based on Dharma and principles healthy for a child of any age. The dream is there and the opportunity is there to heed the call of Jupiter in Virginal Virgo, to cross the seas and find the holy land, the dhama, the Neptunian sanctuary, shrine, spiritual home and shelter in this material world.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces, like this, we had the flocking of migrants and refugees to the Americas in a search for shelter from religious and economic oppression. This time round our generation is seeing the flight of refugees “en masse” out of war torn Middle East and into the EU. Or into America from down further south. Similarly among seekers of all sorts throughout the world, there will be the call to come to the holy land, the dream spiritual retreat, the place of learning and study even, and that is an admirable call to heed. With Neptune in her own sign of Pisces this era, we have the opportune time to take up a life of selfless service, collective community or ubuntu. So finding the ideal place to do so overseas may be good. As long as it lives up to what is idealised. Refugees flooding into EU, for example, are facing a negative reaction from locals. Sometimes the hoped for opportunity out there has its own limitations. Ironically it was in September 2015, the last time Jupiter and Neptune were exactly aligned like this, that the stampede outside Mecca killed over 700 pilgrims. Also that same month devastating fires swept through California, as states of emergency were declared. And today, with Jupiter and Neptune identically opposed to the degree, we have almost identical fires raging through Alberta Canada, 8 months later.

Now on a psychological level, with Jupiter opposition Neptune now, we project out there the dream solution or destination, but not all can literally access that envisioned place of sanctuary. They then need to learn the art of internalising the holy land, being able to go within and take one’s mind to a place of sanctuary and shelter.

Jupiter Neptune Saturn T-square

The Astral Temple

The temple within can be built stone by stone, hour by hour, in the mind, and a sense of feeling centred can bring the peace of home wherever one finds oneself, whether on the front line or in a refugee camp or in any urban jungle. Some of the archetypal themes of these planets together include

great idealism, propaganda

the visionary

successful fraud

confidence unlimited

mystic belief (see the charts of popes).

illusionary happiness

big (Jupiter) idol,  deity, hero(Neptune)

great (Jupiter) scandal (Neptune)

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -C.G. Jung

Now Saturn in Sagittarius, square both Jupiter and Neptune can be the key in resolving the opposition. In our above mentioned example it plays itself out as the visa procurement process and the time-consuming detail that entails. Or it is the extra course or college diploma acquired to qualify for the opportunity out there. Certainly when Jupiter gets involved with Neptune, sometimes a degree of deception, self-deception or pipe dreams may occur. For example not only is the allure of the ashram and guru heightened now, but so too will be the call to jihad among other religiously inspired communities. That is when Saturn in Sagittarius can assist by grounding the spiritual quest in actual study and research, so that one’s visions are based on a foundation of academic or educated inquiry, from the appropriate sources. Usually that means literature or other scholars in the field, teachers perhaps, when Jupiter is involved. Disillusion and the ability to become bewildered or deluded is possible now, as well as things not living up to expectations.

Another manifestation is the medical health issue that may need attention and have a chance for healing now. The chance can come when, for example, on 4 June, Venus swiftly crosses the empty point in Gemini, directly across from Saturn and thus completes a Mutable Grand Cross, with the 3 planets of the T – square becoming 4 planets all exactly 90 degrees apart in a square alignment to each other in the zodiac wheel. Pictorially this literally “squares the circle” even if only for a day or two as Venus passes along.T-SQUARE Then again when Mercury crosses that same point opposite Saturn and also forms a Grand Cross with the other 3 during the third week in June, yet another opportune moment arises to resolve the impasse, or attain the required resolution or healing needed. Being in mutable signs, these are the moments when changes can be made, adaptations and moves. These would be good dates to have the interview with the Embassy of your desired country of destination, or with your doctor or teacher at a college.

Famous spiritual inspirations who were born with a Mutable T-square in their charts include Sathya Sai Baba, Baba Ram Dass and Martin Luther King Jr. (the pastor – Jupiter, who had a dream – Neptune). They became spiritual heroes for many by living the archetype themselves, some better than others, of course.

For those who struggle to resolve the impasse, make the change, find the way out, or get the visa, or education, or heal the wound, or who were disappointed by over-idolised gurus in the past, whether spiritual, financial, academic or other, it helps to remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, the holy land, the temple, sacred space. As is the guru, the guide, teacher, and even healer. You have what it takes, and as soon as we remember our own power as spirit souls in biological organic bodies, consciousness in matter, we can give up trying to look out there, externally, via projection, for our goal or saving grace. We can educate ourselves, teach ourselves, and be our own heroes. Of course hearing from the right source is crucial too, so long as that source is a bona fide one, genuine and transparent. And there lies the rub.

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/jupiter-neptune-saturn-in-a-mutable-t-square-for-may-16-the-kingdom-is-within/

Knowing thyself – Comparative systems of personality categorization

Astrology and PsychologyAstrology is popular because people like to know about themselves. There is an inherent desire to know ourselves, whether ego-driven or soul driven in the quest for self-actualization, and the 12 character divisions in the zodiac give us a ready system by which to explore our natures systematically, at least on the material plane. Discovering the real original constitutional identity of our eternal personalities is something else altogether and only a lifetime of deep spiritual practice and introspection will really reveal that true self, the Atma, covered now by the conditioned and karma based zodiacal ego type. Still the astrological system of personality description appeals to the ego in all of us. Astrology, however, is not the only system of compartmentalized character definition. There is also the Chinese astrological division of 12 types, the Enneagram division of 9 types, the esoteric division of the 7 rays, and numerous others. One that you may find interesting is the system of 9 team functions evolved by Dr Meredith Belbin.

Understanding human nature, our own as well as others’, goes a long way in avoiding clashes with co-workers due to simply differing styles of being. And smooth human interaction is the key to success in any field of life. Astrology divides personalities into 6 extrovert ( fire and air signs) and 6 introvert (earth and water signs). Dr Belbin’s system has only 9 types so the correlation is not exact, but 5 of them are extrovert and 4 are introvert, and you might be able to identify with one or perhaps more of the types. Just as in astrology we are comprised of numerous signs in our horoscope depending on where all the planets are located, similarly we can be made up of more than one specific type of worker, although one type may predominate.

The 9 team roles

1 The Plant: They plant the seeds that the team nurture to completion. Serious-minded ideas person, genius with imagination, intellect and knowledge. They solve difficult problems. However, they can be up in the clouds, inclined to disregard minor practical details and protocol, focusing more on big issues; lose interest quickly. Sensitive to criticism and praise, on their own wavelength. Extrovert or introvert and happy to work alone.

2 The Resource Investigator: Takes the ideas and develops them. Relaxed, enthusiastic, communicative and popular. Can contact useful people, respond to challenges, diplomatic negotiator, think on their feet, optimistic, preserving the team from stagnation. However, can lose interest without positive feedback or once initial fascination has passed. Uncritical. Extrovert so need the stimulus of others.

3 The Co-ordinator: Calm, self-confident, controlled. Unifying force within a team. Usually a respected member with natural air of authority. Good delegator, usually team leader, can extract skills from others and keep the focus. Not necessarily exceptionally creative or intellectual. Extrovert.

4 The Shaper: Dynamic, full of nervous energy, outgoing, impulsive, impatient. Drive and readiness to challenge inertia. Achievement oriented so can push others. Secondary team leader, appearing confident but may have self-doubt only reassured by results. Can rise above problems and carry on regardless, handles (and sometimes causes) confrontation or unpopularity. Extrovert.

5 The Monitor Evaluator: Stable, intelligent, though unexciting, unemotional. Can analyse and judge large sums of material or data or others’ contributions with discretion and objectivity. However, can be tactless and damaging to moral, hard to motivate. Introvert.

6 The Team Worker: Supportive, sensitive, social, recognizing emotional undercurrents. Good listener and diplomat, loyal, popular, mild. Good for team spirit, uncompetitive, though lack dynamism. Introvert.

7 The Implementer: Turns plans into actions, organised, self-disciplined, hard-working without self-interest. Like schedules, budgets and systems. However inflexible, slow to change or adopt new ideas. Introvert.

8 The Completer: Painstakingly orderly, conscientious, anxious, perfectionist with a capacity to deliver what they promise. However they tend to worry unduly, reluctant to delegate, nit-picking. Introvert.

9 The Specialist: Highly specialised knowledge in an area, though little interest in other areas. Drive, dedication and single-mindedness, providing rare knowledge but unable to focus on bigger picture. Dislikes close supervision. Introvert.

The introvert/extrovert labels are not always hard and fast so there could be variations but generally a working group functions well with a mix of the above types and not too many of the same type. Some of us can apply our secondary style if this occurs, which may relate to the Moon sign in astrology. To be really successful a team needs at least one good Co-ordinator, and preferably only one Plant. Team size and tasks vary considerably so some may double up and play two roles. Also too many Team Workers, for example, may not supply enough drive. In other words there is an optimal balance of types to really succeed and there are also certain combinations that are less likely to succeed at all. Knowing this really helps everyone involved. And more importantly, when we realize that people are born with and learn certain natures, and that they are unlikely to change their core style of being on an ego level, then we give up trying to change them, but rather learn where to apply their unique style and temperament in the group endeavour. That is a big secret to success in social dynamics and relationships generally. By knowing your skill set and weaknesses you can fit yourself into the right position in the team. Otherwise it’s up to the Co-ordinator or Monitor Evaluator to help you find your position rather than artificially expecting the impossible.

I’m sure students of astrology can see correlations in certain of the above types and certain zodiac signs, and should feel inspired to discover the matches, thereby learning more about human nature and themselves. The Vedas describe 4 fundamental social types, based on your nature and actions, and anyone can be any of the four types, if they inherently manifest, or can cultivate, the qualities of that type, whether intellectual Brahmana, military/political Kshatriya, mercantile/agricultural Vaishya or artistic/crafty Sudra. And all are equally qualified to access transcendence, for ultimately despite the external social ego differences, we are all animated by the same non-different conscious spiritual particle of the soul, the Atma, whose qualities of eternal blissful consciousness are there, even if temporarily covered by the ego types found in the zodiac signs or the system mentioned above.

References: How to build a great team by Ros Jay (2003)

                       Bhagavat Purana Translated by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Source: https://julescape.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/knowing-thyself-comparative-systems-of-personality-categorization/

EQ at the Equinox

Astrology Equinox This immanent bi-annual Equinox is a fired up occasion with Sun and Moon in Fire signs, as well as Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. Ultimately it’s a balanced time, with equal day and night, a junction between seasons, between signs, between old and new cycles of the tropical zodiac. It is one of two times in the year when the entire planet has the same length of day and night. The music of the spheres momentarily synchronises in beat for all of us.

Of course some are coming out of a cold winter and others are approaching one. But still we all meet at the same bridge, the same junction and get to see ourselves in an equal light to everyone else, to see where we stand, how we compare, to others as well as to our former selves this time last year. Looking in the mirror, whether on the wall or in the eyes of our fellow humans, can sometimes be revealing, in fact can be, for some, the only insightful moment on the journey. Especially if our blind spot is bigger than we realize. At this time of balance we can take the opportunity to refresh our vision as equals among equals, one humanity, under one Sun and one Moon. Keeping that vision facilitates the philosophy of “Do unto others…” which is a good one by anyone’s book.

No longer is it enough just to be smart, well-researched in your field, or have many years of experience behind us. Nowadays, in order to survive, we also need to master the skills of our human social interactions. This may more familiarly be labelled your emotional intelligence, your EQ as opposed to your IQ, your social etiquette. This is the true secret to success. And I don’t just mean being nice. Sometimes not being nice is the more helpful behaviour in certain situations. Also emotional intelligence is not just being in touch with and giving free reign to the feelings. It’s more about managing the feelings so that they are expressed effectively, enabling people to work smoothly in tandem toward common goals. Also women are not necessarily smarter than men when it comes to social etiquette or emotional intelligence. Nor are men superior to women. Each has certain strengths and weaknesses of course. Some may be more empathetic but struggle to handle their own stress. Others are very sensitive to subtleties, yet struggle socially. There are many nuances to character, despite the obvious gender stereotypes. On top of that, social intelligence is not genetically fixed. Anyone can learn it and become My Fair Lady. In fact we should all be constantly learning, improving and revising our emotional intelligence. And there experience should be our greatest teacher.

So at this time of equal day and night, we can review just how balanced we are within ourselves, in our eating, sleeping, work and recreation. Every year is different and as the years go by some skills no longer suffice, while others become necessary. Although not as crucial in the seventies or eighties for example, nowadays qualities like team building and adapting to change become more valuable. In the old days you just needed to be educated but lately even the college graduate struggles to keep a job, if s/he can find one in the first place. Technical Merit is not enough to actually thrive, multiple skills and versatility are just as – if not more – important today. Social skills really complete the package of success.

In the past hundred years the average IQ has climbed by 24 points, particularly in developed countries, of course, like where you probably are if you are reading this. This is because of better nutrition, more kids finishing schooling, and the computer age. However, a dangerous paradox has arisen in that while the IQ rises, the EQ or emotional intelligence is on the decline. We are basically more emotionally troubled in the modern world. That means more lonely, depressed, angry, unruly, worried, impulsive or aggressive. And this is worldwide. The times are not improving and kids are growing up in a crowded uncertain world, more so than ever before.

Here are some tips on skills to cultivate, what it means to have emotional intelligence: can you take criticism, can you listen and hear receptively, are you adaptable or creative in response to setbacks or obstacles, do you have confidence, are you motivated or goal-driven and can you work in a group, or even lead an organization? These are the skills required of you nowadays if you want to really succeed in the world. Even a reclusive monk has to manage a monastery or department thereof. Once you master the basics of emotional intelligence, you begin to display emotional competence, which at its heart has empathy – reading others’ feelings – and social skill – handling those feelings artfully.

So at this time of the Equinox, let’s take the opportunity to reflect within and without, and see if our own personal self -awareness, self -regulation and motivation is up to standard, while also constantly refining our empathy and social etiquette. Succeed in those spheres and it won’t matter too much of your technical skills are lacking at all. Even a great leader is simply a greater servant of his people. May you be blessed with balance as you master your service at this Equinox time.

Mass retrograde in April ’16 – the times require a changing

Astrology ephemeris Before the days of computer software and phone apps, the most valuable tool for the astrologer was their ephemeris. It is a neatly printed out text book with tables full of columns listing the exact positions of all the planets in the zodiac. So much research and observation of the night skies via naked eye and telescopic lens or mirror, over thousands of years has gone into the ability to predict, like clockwork, where every body will be at any time in the future. By extrapolation that implies the past too. And all these positions of the bodies -at least the most important ones – are listed for every day of every year at midnight (sometimes for midday) for the next fifty years or 100 years, depending on the size of your ephemeris. So anyone can learn the astrological symbols and read the ephemeris to find out the planetary alignments on their birthday or any day for that matter. It’s always insightful to look at the alignments on your birthday every year to see what impression they give for the coming year ahead.

Traditionally in certain older cultures, astrologer priests could wield influence over their village by predicting eclipses for example, but those days are long gone. Doomsday prophets are not taken seriously nowadays. I would be interested though, to know what this year’s mass simultaneous retrograde lineup of five planets might imply. Another happens in July 2018, but then it’s less meaningful because it involves more outer planets and they go retrograde simultaneously quite often. And also their influence is more distant, symbolically more generational than personal in their effects on our horoscopes. But this April 2016, at the next Mercury retrograde on the 28th, we will also have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in retrograde as well. This continues until Jupiter goes direct again on the 9th of May, 12 days later. Pluto may be of lesser significance, and it’s true that all planets go retrograde often enough, but to have a more than usual amount of them synchronise like this may bring about something noteworthy. The only planet not retrograde then its Venus. All the other personal planets (as opposed to transpersonal) are not only in retrograde, but many are moving very slowly, much slower than usual, and all except Saturn experience a complete station or stop during the mid April to mid May period in question. And Saturn moves relatively slowly anyway. This slow and stationary lineup may signify a sluggishness in progress, a pause or impasse in ventures, and it may be wise to suspend or defer any major decisions during this phase.

Jupiter, of course, has been in retrograde since January already, and that’s nothing unusual, and Saturn will station in late March, but by the time Mars, Mercury and Pluto join them in the retro dance in April/May, I can presume that much or perhaps deeper rethinking will enter negotiations. With Pluto involved we can, for instance, except more strike action amongst the masses of labour in our mines. “Strike season” may be heated this year, or should I say protracted, particularly with the mines losing billions already as demand weakens while the global economy slumps. What fertile ground for regime change during an election year. Nothing like a disgruntled proletariat to unsettle the apple cart. When negotiations reach a deadlock then progress grinds to a halt. Mars is still very powerfully placed in Scorpio for some of this retrograde time. In fact in Scorpio, Mars is reputed to be at his most potent, volatile, provocative and persuasive in achieving his desires. The Mercury retrograde will be in the polar opposite sign of Taurus. The tension could be like that of two bulls meeting head on head, butting their way with opposing demands and value systems. The New South Africa is a Taurus sun sign, amongst numerous other nations, depending on their day of independence. The 1st of May, which falls in the middle of this retrograde period, is even called “Workers Day” here, a perfect opportunity to rustle up a revolution. Or maybe not. But whatever happens something has to change. We can’t simply keep playing the same tune as we watch one country or corporation after another fall into junk status.

We may all feel the influence of the multiple retrograde in different ways according to our horoscopes. The Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius for so many months this year can already be aligned to more potential nationwide university mass action, striking and general unrest, as with last year already. Nevertheless there is a flip side to this retrograde alignment, and that is that a concomitant mass direct or forward motion also has to occur at some point, where no planets are in retrogradation, and are all sailing forwards through the zodiac. And that time occurs just after the last Mercury retrograde of 2016 ends – on the 8th of January 2017, for an entire month, until Jupiter goes stationary retrograde once again. Of course this all may mean little of importance at the end of the day, but it does present an interesting pattern for those who like to look for signs in the sky, who keep a weather eye on the horizon for the shape of things to come.